MST Chapter 191 :

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It’s not too late to go home, Liu Chiyan is busy with dinner in the kitchen.

Ye Guang opened the door and alerted Liu Chiyan. She ran out from the kitchen to take a look.

The kitchen was hot. Liu Chiyan’s forehead is full of sweat. A few strands of hair are wet and stuck on her forehead. Looking a little embarrassed. When she saw Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan gave Ye Guang a sweet smile. “Come back. Just the last dish. You take Yiyi to wash hands and prepare to eat.” As she said. She quickly ran to the kitchen to work.

Ye Guang suddenly felt warm, looking at Liu Chiyan’s back, “I’m back.”

Ye Guang has been in a heavy mood this afternoon because Teacher Fan’s illness, but when he got home, he saw Liu Chiyan wearing an apron, holding a spatula in her hand, and she was busy cooking in the kitchen after her busy schedule. The gloom in his heart suddenly disappeared and his heart settled again.

At this moment, Ye Guang suddenly understood what the so-called home is.

Home is what you can experience regardless of the wind and rain, what kind of haze, when you come home, it will always let you melt away from the haze, feel warm, and settle down.

At night, Ye Guang ate very fragrant, also ate an extra bowl of rice. I don’t know if it was really hungry because I didn’t eat it at noon, or because Liu Chiyan’s craftsmanship is especially delicious today, or for other reasons.

After dinner, Yiyi was tired because playing for a day. She went to sleep early, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan chatted on sofa while watching TV.

“The card is returned to you.” Ye Guang handed Liu Chiyan’s card to her, “I paid Teacher Fan medical fee and brushed 500,000.”

Liu Chiyan didn’t care, took the card, “Well, is your teacher’s illness, okay?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “Not too optimistic, Lung cancer, surgery, but it seems to have no effect, maybe…” Ye Guang can’t say it.

Liu Chiyan sighed, “Oh, good fortune and misfortune are unpredictable, people will always have such a day, if you want to open a little bit, you also do what you can do, don’t be too sad.”

Ye Guang nodded, “I know, I just feel sorry, how good is Teacher Fan, why can’t he live forever?”

Liu Chiyan: “There is no such thing to say. Cancer, such a thing, may have a chance to heal if discovered early, but if discovered late, it must fight with god of death.”

Ye Guang is silent.

Liu Chiyan: “Does your teacher usually smoke? How did it cause Lung cancer? ”

Ye Guang shook his head, “He shouldn’t smoke. I knew it when he taught me, but I didn’t know it later. However, Teacher Fan always very restrained to himself. It is a person who is strict and self-disciplined. No, he won’t.”

Liu Chiyan: “Since you don’t smoke, your teacher’s job will not suffer from Lung cancer because of professional factors. Probably caused by the environment or physical fitness.”

Ye Guang nodded, “Who said no, now Air Pollution is serious. Many places have exceeded the standard of PM2.5. If you don’t pay attention to protection, you will get sick easily if you live in this environment for a long time.”

Liu Chiyan gave a hum, then asked, “What is PM2.5?”

Ye Guang: “You don’t know PM2.5, you are too…”

Ye Guang suddenly stopped.

For a long time, Liu Chiyan saw Ye Guang thinking about things in a stupid way, and stabbed him, “What do you think, so absorbed.”

Ye Guang came back to his senses “Nothing, just think of a problem.”

Liu Chiyan: “What is the problem, talk about it.”

Ye Guang shook his head, “Forget it, let’s talk about it later.”

Liu Chiyan nodded, didn’t ask much, moved to Ye Guang, found a comfortable position, and continued to watch TV in his arms.

Ye Guang hugged her lightly and stared at the TV, but his thoughts had drifted away.

During Ye Guang University, because I often entered Dream World in my sleep, many places were imperceptibly affected by Dream World. In many cases, habitual substitution occurred.

Just like this time, he blurted out PM2.5, Ye Guang is subconsciously thinking this concept has been popularized by the public, but Liu Chiyan asks him what is PM2.5, which instantly makes him react. The only thing that popularizes PM2.5 is Dream World. This world, no one has proposed the concept of PM2.5 to the masses and people. Only researchers and a small number of people known it. Most of them don’t know what concept of PM2.5 Air Pollution is.

When the concept of PM2.5 in Dream World rose, it also caused some public opinion storms, but fortunately, there was no big problem. The state paid more attention to the issue of environmental pollution. Later, various laws and regulations was introduced to prevent and control PM2.5 Air Pollution. And the concept of PM2.5 Air Pollution is fully popularized by the masses.

But in the current world, people still unknown about PM2.5. I can’t even find any reports on this aspect, Ye Guang can’t help thinking about the fact that PM2.5 air pollution has existed as legacy of the rapid industrial development. This can’t be changed, but why no one introduced this concept to the public?. Let the people write more preventive measures, even if they just wear a mask when go out.

Is everyone still not aware of this problem, or is there any other reason?

If everyone hasn’t realized it, it’s easy to handle. Ye Guang only needs to spread the concept of PM2.5 to public, but if there are other reasons, the concept of PM2.5 is deliberately concealed so the masses don’t know… Then… Ye Guang is extremely terrified.

In the meantime, Ye Guang is a little dazed. He is a little bit uncertain. It seems there are two roads in front of him. One road is muddy. If you step in, you will probably get deep in the mud, you can’t pull out your legs, and the other is dark.I didn’t know where to go when I wailed.

Where should I go?

Where to go?

Ye Guang is just an ordinary person. Of course, he is still somewhat different from ordinary people. He has system and has memories of Dream World. But strictly, he is an ordinary person. He is like normal people. He has normal advantages and disadvantages. Can embarrassed and timid.

His thoughts were upset, Ye Guang shook his head, “Liu’er, I am a little tired, go to rest first.”

Liu Chiyan raised her head and looked at Ye Guang, “What happened?”

Ye Guang shook his head, “Nothing, it’s a little tired.”

Liu Chiyan let out a cry and got up from his arms, “I don’t want to watch TV anymore, just go to bed early.”

The two got up, ready to go back to the room to sleep. At this time, Ye Guang’s phone sounded.

The caller is Jiang Fengxian.

Ye Guang picks up the phone, “Hello, Old Jiang, what’s the matter?”

“Ye Guang, you haven’t watched TV.” Jiang Fengxian tone is a bit anxious. Usually called Ye Guang as Advisor Ye, now he called his name directly.

Ye Guang didn’t care, he asked, “Look, boring TV series, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Fengxian at the end of phone said, “Not this, news, you can see the news from Jiangxi satellite TV, fast!” Jiang Fengxian’s tone is full of anxiety.

Ye Guang wondered. He quickly took the remote control and transferred to Jiangxi Satellite TV, which was broadcasting the evening news.

Just changed to Jiangxi satellite TV, I heard voices in the news

“It’s all him! He is the one who harmed me. I don’t live anymore. Don’t come over!” Ye Guang looked at it and understood it roughly. There was a middle-aged man standing on the bridge. Under the bridge was a turbulent river. Someone wants to jump into the river to commit suicide.

The phone hasn’t hanged yet, Ye Guang asked, “I cut to Jiangxi Station and saw someone jumping into the river. What’s wrong? So anxious? You know this person?”

“He just mentioned you! Say you hurt him!” Jiang Fengxian shouted anxiously.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were both surprised.

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