MST Chapter 179 : Unswerving until death and growing old together

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The audience raised their ears and waited for Ren Keling to pronounce the name that could determine the title of The The Strongest Voice champion, but Ren Keling was abruptly stuck.

Countless viewers glared at him.

“Say it! Say it!”

“I’m anxious! Say it!”

“One word of mmp can’t help it.”

The audience in front of TV and on the scene shouted.

Ren Keling smiled a little, looked at the audience, then looked at Liu Chiyan and Han Yurou, finally put his gaze back on the small card that seemed to be heavy.

Looking at this card, Ren Keling had just read it once, but still couldn’t help to shrink his pupils.

“Teacher Zong Zhengguang supports…”

Everyone held their breaths, raised their ears, and looked at Ren Keling intently.

“……Han Yurou!”

Ren Keling finally said the name.

Ye Guang was dumbfounded, his eyes wide open and his face looked incredulous.

Liu Chiyan’s face also changed slightly.

Han Yurou’s frowning brows dissipated in surprise. She originally believed, she had lost, but Zong Zhengguang had always inclined to Liu Chiyan.

The audience was silent for a few seconds.

After a few seconds, the scene exploded suddenly, for an instant, there were unbelievable shouts and discussions everywhere, and the scene looked a little chaotic.

“Oh shit! How is it possible! How is Han Yurou!”

“…I really got it right, and it really got a tie, my God, I’m just talking about it.”

“How could it be Han Yurou! Not convinced!”

“Han Yurou! Haha, actually it is our home Yurou! Happiness comes too suddenly!”

“I just want to know what program group will do if it is tied now! It’s so funny!”

The audience on the scene and in front of the TV were all talking about it. Originally everyone was looking forward to the result, but 80% of the people almost believed that Zong Zhengguang would support Liu Chiyan. Zong Zhengguang has inclined towards Liu Chiyan since the first game. Moreover, Liu Chiyan’s intention today is to grow old together. It stands to reason that Zong Zhengguang, as an elderly person, must have more feelings for this concept and prefer it, so everyone thought he would choose Liu Chiyan. Unexpectedly, in the end the plot would have such big reversal.

Zong Zhengguang actually chose Han Yurou, who has never been liked by him!

At this moment, countless viewers were shocked and reacted differently. Some were purely surprised, some were stunned, some were exhilarating, some who watched the excitement and liked it, and some who smashed the remote control on the spot.

Ye Guang belongs to stunned member.

Everyone talked for a while,, and gradually, the voices in the field became smaller and smaller, and finally it was basically quiet again, and no one spoke.

Everyone eyes focused on Zong Zhengguang who cast this dramatic vote.

Zong Zhengguang looked serious and sighed, stood up and walked out of the judges’ bench.

On the stage, Zong Zhengguang made an unexpected move.

Zong Zhengguang bowed slightly to Liu Chiyan.

This made the audience stunned.

Liu Chiyan was shocked and quickly moved aside to avoid him, and quickly stepped forward two steps to support Zong Zhengguang, “Old Zong, what are you doing, isn’t this damaging me?”

Zong Zhengguang straightened up, “I’m sorry, this vote was not voted for you because of some selfishness and personal reasons.”

Liu Chiyan hurriedly waved her hand, “It doesn’t matter, Old Zong, you don’t have to be like this. Whoever you vote for is your right. It’s okay not to vote for me. But, you should never do this. We can’t afford it as a junior.”

Old Zong sighed and said, “Actually, I feel that your song is better than Han Yurou’s song, but as a judge, I did not vote fairly. I voted with personal factors. I’m sorry.”

Han Yurou’s eyes changed, and she was puzzled. What’s the situation? The votes have been cast, and now you say something like this. What do you mean?

Not just Han Yurou, Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan, Ren Keling, Yi Shan and several judges, as well as the audience and staff members were all puzzled.

What is Zong Zhengguang singing?

Facing everyone’s doubts, Zong Zhengguang began to explain, “I feel that Liu Chiyan’s song is better. Whether it’s the artistic conception of the song or the intention to grow old, I think Liu Chiyan’s song is a little better.”

What Zong Zhengguang said made everyone more puzzled, so you still voted for Han Yurou? Who is holding a knife holder around your neck to force you to fail?

Zong Zhengguang paused, “I actually voted for Han Yurou for a reason, it is because of my personal reasons. I voted for her because…”

Zong Zhengguang paused again.

The audience was almost impatient.

What is this? Say it quickly, paused and stop for a while, intentionally scratching people, isn’t it?

“…Because of her unwavering determination.” Old Zong finally said the reason.

The director of Zhejiang TV station sitting in the audience sighed softly. He is familiar with Old Zong and guessed some inside story.

Old Zong: “It is because of this, I voted for Han Yurou. This idea reminds me of my lover who has died for many years. She passed away because of an accident when I was in my thirties.”

Zong Zhengguang recalled the past and looked sad.

The audience also understood a little, it seems that there is a story.

Zong Zhengguang continued to preach, “She left when I was in my thirties. I am more than 70 this year, forty years, forty years. For forty years, I have never forgotten her, even though she has gone to another world, but my feelings for her have never been reduced. If I were younger to say this, some people might sneer and think it’s funny, but I have been more than 70 years old, and I have lived for a few more years. No one would laugh at me for saying this now. My feelings for my lover are just like what Han Yurou sings until death!” Old Zong deep muddy eyes were firm.

Zong Zhengguang widowed his spouse in his middle age, but because he always loved his deceased lover, he remained steadfast in his affection for his lover. After the death of his lover, he never married again.

He chose to stick to the love in his heart, lonely and die, and he will remain unswerving to his partner in this life!

Many audience applauded, and then the applause became more and more enthusiastic.

Originally, Ye Guang had some complaints in his heart, but it disappeared in an instant. Although Han Yurou sang like this in her song, there are really not many who can really stick to love like this. Old Zong is worthy of admiration.

Ren Keling: “Old Zong, your affection for your lover is admirable. It is exactly the same as Han Yurou’s song. It will last until death! Old Zong, you are good!”

“Good job!” There are quite a few audiences in the audience who are loud and responsive.

Yi Shan: “Old Zong, it stands to reason that Han Yurou’s songs resonate more with you, and you also chose Han Yurou for the idea of ​​unchanging until death, but why do you say that Liu Chiyan’s songs are both artistically and conceptually? Is it better than Han Yurou?”

Old Zong turned his head and glanced at Yi Shan deeply, and said something that made everyone on the scene think carefully.

“If you can choose, who would be willing to die, rather than grow old together?”

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