MST Chapter 70 : Hard Road

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Because you have talent?

This is too direct, too shameful, even if you are telling the truth, people are not convinced, the employees are disdainful, we look forward to it for so long, you tell us that answer?

Several reporters are also a bit embarrassed.

Jiangxi Daily reporter whispered, “Is this?”

Ye Guang: “Well.”

Jiangxi Daily: “Nothing else?”

Ye Guang: “Nothing else.”

“Well, please continue to answer other questions.” Jiangxi Daily reporter has some helplessness.

Ye Guang continued, “As for the jumping off the day before yesterday, I don’t have much opinion. It’s just that a young man can’t think of it, and because he’s hit the wall repeatedly, he’s just drilled the tip of despair. I go to save people just because it happened when I was around, I believe that if the same thing happened again, every kind of people will not stand idly by, that day with me have few of them to save him, and the crowd of onlookers are also very kind, has been for the young man jumping out of fear, and finally because they cooperate to let the young people back to the brink.”

“These poems are indeed my originals, including those originally published by President Liu. They were also accidentally heard by president Liu, she feel like just send to Weibo, The level is limited and they are all masterpieces, I’m grateful to President Liu for giving me a platform, of course, this is purely because I am the employee under her hand, President Liu to every employee is very good, can say, she is the staff of our company, not just a good celebrity, but also a good boss, we have such a good boss we feel proud!” Ye Guang also praised Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan is really good for the staff. Otherwise, there will not be such a group of people who have left their hometown and went to Nanchang with her. The employees around the company also nodded and agreed to Ye Guang.

“How to treat young people’s disappointment and even despair in society.” Ye Guang has been indulging for a while, rightly said. “This is a society’s sorrow, a country’s sorrow, and even the sorrow of the whole world. What prompted these young people hate and even hate this world? We now more and more developed in the economy and living standards are getting higher and higher, but there are frequent such human problems. In the final analysis, I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because the current social life is too fast, materialistic cross-flowing, indifferent, almost everyone is focused on the interests!”

“For the predecessor who was going to jump off the building the day before yesterday, he was born desolate, from small to almost never felt the warmth of society, and because of the prison, everyone with tinted glasses to see him, refused him in thousands of miles away, no one willing to give him a little chance, let him feel a trace of warmth, I think this young man, he is seeking a life, ask for work, even if only one person, even if only a good attitude to him, can give him a chance to try, can give him a way out, then he will not finally want to go to the extreme! I believe that everyone has a good side, but sometimes they choose to hide because of their interests or their scruples. Of course, this is a social problem. I have no position to say anything. I can’t change the world. Changing the world requires the whole society, and even all mankind to work together. I can only appeal to everyone, more tolerance, more care, more kindness, and as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will become a beautiful world!”

Several reporters and the staff around are serious listening to Ye Guang said, Ye Guang say this paused, “Now there is fierce competition in all walks of life, especially for young people of new generation, road difficult to find, road difficult to go, the future is confused, I can not help them, I’m trying to move forward. We don’t know the way forward, but we can not give up, as long as you are willing to go forward, I believe, there will always be a dispel the cloud! Finally, I will also give you a poem, I hope everyone can encourage each other.”

Several reporters and the surrounding employees are a glimpse of each other. Then listen to Ye Guang read it.

Gold cup and ten liter pure wine for ten thousand coins, jade platter served delicacies worth ten thousands too.”

but I put down the cup, drop the chopsticks, got no appetite, I draw my sword and look at surrounding blankly.

Try to sail across the Yellow River, but ice seals its surface, Try to climb The Great Column Mount, but snow blankets everywhere.

Or relax, drop a line fishing above the lime creek, But all of a sudden I again dream myself in a boat, rocking by the sun side.

O, Hard Road, Hard Road, Everywhere there are hard rugged roads! Where I’m at now? Where I can rest?”

Steady wind breaks the waves, that should happen, Full sail into the clouds, to calm the troubled oceans!” [X-N: Original Here.]

After Ye Guang reading a poem, the surrounding staff immediately applauded.

“Advisor Ye, that’s good!”

“Steady wind breaks the waves, that should happen, full sail into the clouds. Advisor Ye, this poem is great!”

Everyone is applauded. Several reporters are also smiling. I didn’t expect this Ye Guang to be a bit talented. Actually, he can still make ancient poems. As a reporter, the literary skills will not be bad, although I only listened to it once, but this poem appreciation and understanding are also roughly there, this is definitely a good poem! Don’t say anything else. Just relying on this poem today, they are not afraid to write anything.

Modern talent newspaper, “Advisor Ye, this poem is really very good. What is the name? Can I put it on the newspaper?”

Ye Guang: “Ah? Reporting? Ok, ok, of course no problem! This poem is called “Hard Road”. I hope that all children will make unremitting efforts for the people who fighting for their dream. Although life is difficult, although the ideal is difficult to achieve, please don’t give up, believe in yourself, believe in the future, believe in hope, as the poem says, I hope that when you ride the wind and waves, there will be time, full sail into the clouds!”

The interview with Ye Guang is over.

Several reporters asked a few simple questions several other employees in Studio.

Among them, a reporter from People’s Daily Jiangxi Branch asked an employee: “Excuse me, what kind of person is Advisor Ye in Studio?”

Employee: “Ah? Scourge Ye, he is a…” The staff realized that they had made a mistake.

Ye Guang is a black line, who is Scourge Ye? Who is the scourge! If there are not many people now, there are reporters, Ye Guang can marry him on the spot!

The other employees smirked one by one, and several reporters also reacted, knowing that Scourge Ye is the nickname of Ye Guang, and they are all cold and can’t help. Although each company has to the boss or a leader to take nickname behavior, such as what Zhao cold noodles, money bitter gourd, sun salted duck, Lee Tiger, Zhou Mr Skinner and so on, but take a nickname called Scourge Ye, hey, this is really rare, generally to a person to take a nickname, and that person’s image or behavior has a close relationship, Ye Guang nickname Scourge Ye, also do not know Ye Guang how to harm them, it seems that there is material can dig, have to find a secret opportunity, find a few employees burst material!

The employee who said the wrong thing is now bitter face, and the intestines are remorseful. How is your mouth so fast? Usually, privately, I am used to it. My mouth opens Scourge Ye and Ye Guang is right next to him. In front of him, he calls him a scourge, hehe… the employee shuddered.

Ye Guang has a black line, and a god in the heart is rushing past, the fan is not allowed to end up. The whole process is self-confident, calm and self-confident, no problem, the image is sunny and handsome, how come out such a pig teammate? A mouth shuts down the sly person, what is it!

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