MST Chapter 69 : Interview!

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Yiyi little princess has not spoken.

Ye Guang raised his heart.

Is it really going to be exposed?

Liu Chiyan still knows Yiyi, sticking out three fingers, “Three ice creams.”

Ye Guang stunned, what about this?

Yiyi Look at Liu Chiyan and shake her head.

Liu Chiyan: “Take you to an amusement park again.”

Yiyi still shakes her head.

Liu Chiyan: “Then you open a price!”

Yiyi looked at Liu Chiyan and showed a little fox-like smile. “Three amusement parks, nine ice creams!”

Well, it has tripled.

Ye Guang is speechless. How do you feel that this smile has been seen?

Liu Chiyan gritted her teeth: “Two amusement park, five ice creams!”

Yiyi thought about it with her eyes open, then nodded, “Deal! Pull the hook!”

“The hook is not allowed to change for a hundred years… stamp.” One big and one small beauty transactions are completed.

Ye Guang is dumbfounded, lying trough, this is really true!

In the evening, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang walked around for a while with Yiyi. The children were easy to get sleepy. Yiyi walked and screamed to sleep, so Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang took her back.

Liu Chiyan took a shower for little girl, and the little girl ran to second bedroom. Liu Chiyan quickly called her. “Yiyi, aunt’s room is master bedroom, next to it, this is Ye Guang’s room.”

Yiyi little princess turned and said unbelief, “Cut, you still pretend, I have seen it. This room quilt is new, the wardrobe is empty, no one has ever lived, I Just sleep here, not your light bulb!” Saying, she went into the house and went to bed.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan look at each other and smiled, this child is too smart.

“Right, Liu’er, Yiyi doesn’t have a household register book, then how did she get on the plane?” Ye Guang suddenly asked.

Liu Chiyan blinked a bit, smiled and snorted. “Secret, don’t tell you.”

Ye Guang didn’t ask, he estimated that this is also the reason for Liu Chiyan’s family background. Can’t have house register book, but can fly? Oh, to be honest, Ye Guang can’t figure it out.

It seems that this wife’s home background is not easy, Ye Guang feels some pressure.

Ye Guang talked with Liu Chiyan in the living room for a while, and most of them said about Yiyi.

That night, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan slept in the same room, but Ye Guang had some guilty tonight, Yiyi was in the neighbor, and he was sleeping in a room with her aunt, although the two were legal couples who had already been certified, but still a bit…

Next day.

Yiyi also saw Liu Chiyan’s skill in making breakfast. Looking at a delicious and nutritious breakfast at the table, Ye Guang mentioned that he was worried that this snack would have been eaten like this and what to do in the future.

However, Yiyi eyes looked at Liu Chiyan’s more resentful, cooking, breakfast, these Liu Chiyan did not give her, but was robbed by Ye Guang, the heart was not flat, and glanced at Ye Guang. It’s make Ye Guang unknown.

After breakfast, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went to work with Yiyi. No way, she didn’t go to school, and they couldn’t leave her alone. It is normal to take her to work with them. Moreover, today Yiyi is going to shoot advertise with him.

For the advertisement, Liu Chiyan told her when she was in Beijing. Little girl didn’t have any resistance, but it seems that interest is not too high.

“Hey, little princess is coming.”

“Oh, really! Yiyi little princess!”

“Little princess, I want see you.”


The staff saw Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang bring Yiyi, one by one, the eyes are shining, the excitement is very strong, and they come together to greet Yiyi, even the two top leaders, Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are forgotten.

Ye Guang secretly slandered, this little girl is so popular in studio, how can I not be seen? Even the lower level dared to chase him, thinking, Ye Guang also glanced at the last time chasing him, did not know which army.

Yiyi Little Princess is indeed very popular in the studio. She was led by the studio employees to play for a while, then taken by those employees to buy snacks, so that the little girl always regretted eating too much, after Ye Guang brought her, let alone let her shoot advertisements, even he could not see her, Ye Guang see her happy, also did not immediately let her to shoot ads, it is not bad for this moment, first let her play!

“Advisor Ye, Advisor Ye.” Yu Xuejia ran up, came in without knocking, panting. “There are several reporters outside.”

Ye Guang: “Reporter? Come to President Liu? You tell them to disappear.”

Yu Xuejia shook her head again and again. “No, no, they are coming to interview you!”

“I…” Ye Guang glanced, “Oh, then I have to go see it, walk around, where?”

In the downstairs hall, several reporters are waiting, followed by three or four photography.

See Ye Guang down, several reporters went around.

“Hello, Advisor Ye, I am a Nanchang Daily reporter.”

“I am the Jiangxi Daily.”

“People’s Daily Jiangxi Branch.”

“Modern Talent Report.”

Several people have reported themselves their homes.

Ye Guang: “Why did you come to our studio? Is there any problem?”

Nanchang Daily reporter: “Advisor Ye, we want to make a simple interview with you. Are you convenient now?”

Ye Guang: “Ah? I, ok, convenient, convenient, what are you asking?”

Jiangxi Daily: “Advisor Ye, what do you think of the jump event that occurred the day before yesterday, and what prompted you to stop trying to save people?”

Nanchang Daily: “Advisor Ye, I heard that you have no sign of entering Youxianqi Entertainment as general counsel. Can you disclose some insider information? Do you have any special relationship with Miss Liu Chiyan?”

Modern Talent Report: “Advisor Ye, in jumping off building case, you read two poems on the spot. Are your original? Also, Goddess Liu Weibo claimed that the poems she published some time ago were from your handwriting and personally stood for you. What do you want to say about this?”

People’s Daily Jiangxi Branch: “Advisor Ye, how do you think about the young people’s disappointment and even despair in society? I believe that young people jumping off the building are definitely not a case. Please answer.”

A few people have a series of questions like a bamboo tube. If Ye Guang not have amazing memory, he can’t remember what they said.

There is a camera on the back and the camera is always on. Ye Guang has a smile on the whole face. Facing the camera, the performance is very calm, and then answer the questions from reporters one by one.

Ye Guang coughed and smothered them. “First of all, thank you for coming from afar. I am the general counsel of Youxianqi Entertainment, Ye Guang.” Ye Guang pointed to the reporter of Nanchang Daily. “Just this reporter comrade asked me if I have any special relationship with President Liu. Why did I become the general counsel when I entered the company? I don’t know if you are, I think, it is our Studio. My own staff also has doubts. I will explain this opportunity with you.”

The employees around are also very eager to know the answer, erect their ears one by one, and want to listen to Ye Guang’s explanation.

“I and President Liu have a chance to know each other. There is no special relationship. If there is anything to do with it, I am still her driver. Of course, these are work relationships. As for why President Liu asked me to be the company’s general counsel, it is because…” Ye Guang deliberately paused.

“Because I am talented!”

Everyone is absolutely down! Do you dare to point your face?

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