MST Chapter 122 : CCTV Premiere

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Time passed quickly, a week passed.

Ye Guang has been busy recording the show these days, and has recorded 50 issues in a week. Studio employees are tired and choking.

Ye Guang’s neighbors also have a lot of unwillingness to come, some of them feel embarrassed because they come to eat and drink every day, some are also because they are too troublesome, and some are because of work.

Uncle Zhang is the most active, every day must come, and the spirit of enthusiasm is no less than Yiyi.

Sometimes there are fewer people coming, and studio employees go up and make up the numbers. When there are so many people, Ye Guang thinks of another way. The security and cleaning aunt of Time’s Square property are shifts, it ’s okay, let them come to have a cup of tea, eat a snack, watch a show, and by the way, personally, yes, by the way it’s also very good, the people in the property have this good thing and responded, they should work when they are working, when they are fine, they will run to studio to listen to the story and drink a cup of tea. Some owners even knew that they did not take the initiative to come to the door. Ye Guang were not rejected the visitors, because there were more people coming, and they added an extra dozen tables.

Today, May 19, Friday.

The date of Journey to the West officially registered on CCTV.

After a hard week of recording the program, it was finally time to test it.

Journey to the West this topic because in CPPCC conference was named, among the people have been fire, plus CCTV these days is also a strong propaganda, fame should still be good, but Ye Guang and studio employees are have some feelings, how do they feel good, in how to think the program can fire, but this is after all a storytelling program, how many people really willing to see it, do not know yet.

After all, it is a work named by CPPCC General Assembly. CCTV still attaches great importance to this program. The schedule of the program is still very good. It is arranged behind the golden drama in the evening. At 21:20, broadcast every day. Ye Guang is expected to broadcast a total of 100 episode, which will last for more than three months. In this case, in fact, CCTV 20 million to buy the program copyright is still very cheap, only 200,000 in each period.

In the evening, many families are waiting in front of TV, wanting to see what the boisterous Journey to the West during this time.

Studio employees are also in front of TV in the staff apartment. Of course, they are also very concerned about the first TV station broadcast of Journey to the West. The TV station is watching the ratings. At this time, do n’t turn on the TV to contribute a little ratings, What are you doing? It’s hard to know that Journey to the West is not just Ye Guang’s hard work. They have paid a lot of sweat and painstaking effort during this time, although there are still some concerns that Journey to the West is just a short-lived named at the CPPCC meeting, but the big guys hope that Journey to the West storytelling program will be able to fire the same mood.

They are all children of their own, and they must love even if they are ugly.

When the show time is up, after an advertisement, “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West” is officially broadcast.

“I’m coming.”

“I don’t know if it’s good, I am really worried.”

“Worry is useless. Anyway, it is already on the scene. The results of the program will be known tomorrow.”

“You still see? I have seen it two or three times, and I have got the TV contribution point rating.”

“Look, why don’t you watch it? I don’t feel tired after listening to this story for a few times!”

Many viewers who have not seen Journey to the West are waiting for TV. They are still very curious about this program that was named at CPPCC assembly and has recently been sizzling.

There are also unknowns, so just the audience watching TV, after the two episodes of the TV series, “Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West” was broadcast, seeing that it was the storytelling program many was immediately bored, and directly changed the channel. There audience who was curious why CCTV actually broadcasts a storytelling in this sub-golden time. They patiently wanted to see what they said first.

In the parent’s home, father and mother is also on the TV waiting for Journey to the West storytelling to start broadcasting, they looked forward, their son was on the show on CCTV. What a big face! Speaking of, these days my dad who loves to show up often calls relatives and friends, talks about family life, talks about life, and then accidentally, yes, accidentally, it pulled to Ye Guang, so, father pretense was calm, and the wind and the lightness of the story about Ye Guang’s program blew up.

So, Ye Guang’s relatives and friends at home have hardly noticed that Ye Guang’s program was broadcast on CCTV Friday night. Father’s cell phone bill for the first time broke through 500 yuan mark, a year-on-year increase of 2000%.

On the contrary, it was Ye Guang, when his friends and family are very concerned about Journey to the West on the first day of broadcast, but he did not even turn on the TV at night, and has been playing games with Yiyi.

Liu Chiyan: “The show aired this evening. Don’t you go see it?”

Ye Guang is playing with Yiyi, without looking up: “Why do I see what kind of program I shoot myself? I don’t see it. I don’t see it. The key is to see the masses of people can see it or can’t see it.”

Liu Chiyan: “You don’t worry about the poor ratings of the program?”

Ye Guang: “Worry? there is no worry. I have already rushed the ducks to the shelves. Just look at the ratings on the CCTV side tomorrow. It’s useless to worry about it now. It’s good or bad to watch the market inspection. Let him go.”

“You must be thinking about it.” Liu Chiyan smiled. “Yiyi, don’t play, take a shower and sleep.”

Yiyi shook her head. “No, Ye Guang will die right away, and it will be my turn to play.”

“……” Ye Guang, “Hey, hey, what are you talking about, how can I die, childish words, and my childish words. It’s coming soon.”

Yiyi cooperated with two voices.

The next day. 20 May, Sat.

Originally planned to be on vacation today, but because Journey to the West was broadcast yesterday, the employees also wanted to know the ratings of Journey to the West in the first place, and they came to work as usual.

Ye Guang was woken up by Liu Chiyan and told him that the employees had arrived at the company.

Ye Guang got out of bed, and finally took a day off, didn’t sleep well, didn’t give a good sleep, and muttered in his mouth, “Why, isn’t it just a rating? They also ran to the studio, and makes a phone call. Not on the line.”

Liu Chiyan gave him a white look. “This is your show. You don’t care about ratings. If the show is not good, you cry.”

Ye Guang is a careless grin, is he worried? He is not worried about it.

Ye Guang was a little worried before the show was released last night, but Ye Guang was not worried after the show aired.


Ye Guang received a prompt from system after the show aired.


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