MST Chapter 112 : Fifty cents Party

Edited: XiaXue

Jiang Fengxian has black line, but he has nothing to say.

Liu Chiyan came over with curiosity and looked at what happened. After reading it, she looked at Ye Guang strangely.

“Can you also… write it like this?” Liu Chiyan said indefinitely.

“Yes.” Ye Guang, “Why can’t, Old Jiang, you are going to send it, you can find a water army! I can spend a few dollars.”

Jiang Fengxian didn’t dare to pick up and looked for Liu Chiyan for help.

Although Ye Guang said this matter is not difficult. Jiang Fengxian really didn’t dare to take over, and this thing has been sent out? Although Ye Guang explanation is the truth, but how to look at it is also the title party to deceive the ignorant mass, and… some are insults.

Liu Chiyan is silent. Ye Guang wrote this really eye-catching. Someone clicked for sure, but written like this…

Ye Guang seeing the two people can’t decide, “Oh! What are you still pondering? What do you pondered? I don’t kill people and don’t break the law. I don’t writing out of the ordinary, but you are still thinking about it, hurry up!”

Jiang Fengxian still looking at Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan crossed her shoulder, but she nodded slightly.

Jiang Fengxian bites his teeth, “OK! Send it!” Jiang Fengxian frowned and turned away, did not say hello.

Ye Guang smiled smugly.

Nothing happened, the recording of program was suspended. Ye Guang took advantage of the free time, took Yiyi out for a lap, and went out to play with Yiyi for a few days.

Fortunately, Yiyi is sensible, not as noisy as other children.  She can play well for a day alone. Of course, she is very happy when she is accompanied. There are a lot of employees in Studio. Yiyi is bored, so she goes out to make fun of the staff.

In Ye Guang eyes looked like this. On the one hand, Yiyi was sensible and very happy. On the other hand, Yiyi somewhat distressed.

This is not the life of a five-year-old child.

She should be happy to play with her friends at the same age in school. She should have an innocent childhood.

Ye Guang thought to himself, Yiyi’s schooling should be put on the agenda as soon as possible.

After taking Yiyi to walk around and going back to the office, Ye Guang looked at Weibo and was happy.

Awkward big man : “You blame me for being ignorant. The original storytelling program is good to see!”

More and more beautiful : “Not a good show, the story is too good, mythology, oh, my brother.”

Angel Knight : “Please take my knees!”

Hairi : “Grand Mist has no original name, breaking the stubborn air, and a Sun Wukong.”

A lot : “I have served.”

Point : “I’m served.”

Takagi : “Get out! Let me play Ye Guang! What the ghosts are talking about, I can’t understand them.”

The truth brother : “The upstairs visual test primary school did not graduate.”

Let me make up a knife : “Kindergarten education.”

Crying to the toilet : “Don’t insult the intelligence of Kindergarten?”

Ye Guang looked at the lively Weibo message area and returned a message. “You can’t beat me if you can’t beat me. This letter, tell you, I blocked the fifty cents. You want to gamble and lose. I don’t want your fifty cents, go and give me a propaganda and spread it.”

Some netizens responded immediately.

I am an elf : “Haha, this is fine. After the reading, Weibo is sent.”

De : “Oh, save fifty cents and eat more buns in the evening, this is what I did!”

Involuntarily : “It’s not fifty cents money, how big! Just for you, I want to help you publicize? Humph! Have called friends to see together.”

The Red Revolution : “Promotion, propaganda, guarantee propaganda, such a good story, definitely publicity.”

Terraced pigs : “Don’t say anything else, you have to do this for the big money of fifty cents.”

Angry King Kong : “There is a reason to say upstairs, everyone propaganda! For fifty cents! ”

Awkward big man : “Haha, Fifty cents … Or do we have a fifty cents party! I will fly Ye Guang later, and the fifty cents party is the name of our fans!”

Gian Wafer : “Fifty cents party… Good low name, but I like it!”

Little Orange : “It’s such a happy decision, the fifty cents party is officially established!”

Ye Guang is not happy, relying on you, I haven’t promised yet. It’s called a Fifty cents party. It’s a Fifty cents party. It doesn’t sound like people have any relationship with themselves. Look at Liu Chiyan’s fans, called Liu Xu, are more appropriate. Immediately, Ye Guang issued an objection, “What is Fifty cents party, I don’t agree! I object.”

Awkward big man : “The opposition is invalid! I want to ask how to get the round and get you to say hell.”

In the midst of it : “No, opposition is invalid! Just called fifty cents party, more personality!”

Rain in June : “Only this one, no semicolon.”

Temper tantrum : “Do you dare to oppose? Believe it or not, the minute powder turns black?”

Truth : “I announced that fifty cents party was established!”

On this day. A group of fans who were invincible on the Internet and unstoppable in the future was established.

Many years later. Many old people talked about when the fifty cents Party scenery with their grandchildren, and warned grandchildren, fifty cents plus fifty cents is a piece, is a whole. If met someone claiming to be fifty cents party and have difficulty, we must lend a helping hand. If oneself have unexpected situation and need help, loudly tell people you are fifty cents party and someone will give you help. This is group rule set by our old brothers together!

At the same time, an article that looks blushing appears in the forums.

A otaku who is in the forum.

“How do hundreds of women who have no husband are pregnant? Why are monks surrounded by many groups? Why isn’t the big brother not at home?”

“Oh, look at it.”

Click on the link below and the screen will jump to a video site and play a video of a storytelling program.

The otaku saw it for less than half a minute and closed the video directly. He still angered in his mouth, “Mad! Liar, deceive Laozi’s feelings, pants are off, just show me this!”

There are also such cases.

A otaku was attracted by the post of a very blogger’s eye, and he couldn’t resist the intense curiosity in his heart and clicked on the link.

“The storytelling program? It seems to be cheated again, still too young, can not believe everything.”

However, the otaku’s patience is a little bit better. I didn’t immediately close the video. The show hasn’t started yet. Let’s take a look at it. Anyway, it’s all open. What if people say no?

As a result, the otaku was out of control, and the first phase went down one after another. Completely immersed in the story of Journey to the West. As for why he came in, he forgot it.

In a home.

A man is eager to see Journey to the West storytelling in his chair.

Why are you squatting? Because I watched it for a long time, I’m tired.

“Dear, you can go shopping with me.”

“Not Going.”

“Dear, let’s go eat delicious.”

“Don’t go, don’t go.”

“Dear, you can buy a bottle of beer, I want make a beer duck.”

“Don’t go, you can change the way.”

“Dear to eat.”

“No! Forehead, you can come over to me.”

“Reverse you! What are you doing this day and night! This does not go! That doesn’t go either! Don’t eat rice too! Look at a broken computer all day long, you have to live with the computer!”

The man’s object is angry.

“Don’t make trouble. Wait until I finish watching this issue, it will be finished soon.” The man is careless and does not return.

The woman is even more angry. “What are you looking at! Have a look all day!”

“Journey to the West!”

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