MST Chapter 111 : Ye Guang damage

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Today, Ye Guang’s main task is to continue to record the storytelling of Journey to the West.

Journey to the West was originally a hundred times. He just recorded twenty-seven times, and the recording will take a while.

Since Journey to the West has been online, it has been tepid, almost nobody cares, and Ye Guang has some secret urgency.

Is it difficult to be a story-telling program?

He also pays attention to the click traffic of “Ye Guang narrative Journey to the West” in major websites. Several mainstream sites click only hundreds, small site click only dozens or hundreds, can be said to be poor mess. The only thing let him feel gratified is, in several mainstream video sites, although the click is not much, but still have someone to watch. Below the video message area also some people leave a message, and there is some praise.

The applause is good, but in the end it is a small number of people, only a dozen or twenty. In this huge sea of ​​information, a dozen or twenty people couldn’t even turn a wave.

You have to think of a way.

Should we post a wave on Weibo? Let Liu Chiyan publicize a wave? Should it be a bit effective?

Ye Guang did what he wanted to do. He and Liu Chiyan spoke about his thoughts at noon.

Liu Chiyan thought about it and nodded. “Then I will publicize it. If I promote it, the effect will still be a little bit, but then we will lose a bit. In disguise, I advertise Fruit Run, 5 million, let me advertise,they made a lot of money.”

Ye Guang was stunned, thinking about it, changed his mouth, “Or not?”

Liu Chiyan: “No, how to say it is our own program. I should help with propaganda, but next time you pull the advertisement, it is best to discuss it with Jiang Fengxian. This time it is cheaper.”

In the afternoon, Ye Guang didn’t continue to record the program. He had a bit of time when he was eating. Even if we recorded all programs now, there would be no ratings. It would be a good idea to get the ratings first.

He has confidence in Journey to the West, but the story-telling program has prejudiced in public eyes. No one is willing to click to watch. If he can raise the click-through rate, he will not believe that he will rely on Journey to the West. The show won’t fire!

Liu Chiyan also sent a Weibo immediately after eating:

“Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West”, our Youxianqi Entertainment new program, especially good-looking, friends have more to join the game, currently uploaded on major video sites.”

Liu Chiyan has a lot of fans, Weibo has sent out, and fans have responded immediately.

“Goddess Liu has made another new one.”

“I haven’t seen Goddess Liu’s work for a long time.”

“It should not be the show of Goddess Liu. The program host is Ye Guang.”

“Why is it a storytelling program? There is no love at all. ”

“Take him, as long as it is the show of Goddess Liu, or the program of Goddess Liu Studio, I support it!”

“Yes! I don’t even say it, let me see it!”


Ye Guang also sent a Weibo:

“My friends like Ghost Blows Out The Light, my new work Journey to the West is fresh, and the story is just as exciting! No! The story is more exciting! Classical mythology, you haven’t heard it, hurry to see it! Each video site currently has free resources. The program name is ‘Fruit Run Ye Guang Narrative Journey to the West.’ You don’t like, you beat me!”

“Once again, catch a wild Ye Guang!”

“Journey to the West? What the hell? The storytelling program is not interested.”

“Is there a new work? Then I have to go see it!”

“Ghost Blows Out The Light is so wonderful, he dare say it is more exciting than Ghost Blows Out The Light, I have to see it!”

“Is it really hard to beat you?”

“Haha, I want to ask this question too.”

“Let’s go and have a look together, it’s not good to block Ye Guang!”

“I don’t want to watch the storytelling program, but I want to play Ye Guang, I want to beat him, I doesn’t know him, go with him.”

“Ye Guang, this is a pit for myself, haha.”

Ye Guang did not retreat after sending Weibo, and looked back at the comments of netizens.

I’m happy, he returned with a hand, “I bet fifty cent. You will not come to beat me after watching it, unless you speak with no conscience.”

Ye Guang responded, and the active netizens in his Weibo instantly exploded.

“My god, a big tone.”

“Fishing and stocking Ye Guang again!”

“I still don’t believe that I will like to comment on the book, you wait, I will go and see, come over and hit you!”

“There is a kind of waiting to run, be sure not to kill you!”

Ye Guang returned, “Don’t run, wait online, go and see, read and talk. ”

Weibo is even worse.

“Go! You wait!”

“Wait for +1”

“Wait for +1”

“Wait for +10086”

Ye Guang smiled, cut out by the Weibo interface, and did not go offline, waiting to wait, who is afraid of who!

I still don’t believe, Journey to the West will not conquer you!

At the same time, Ye Guang also thought about a loss to increase the click traffic on the video site.

Create a new document on your computer.

Ye Guang thought for a while, then began to write:

Why is the stone bizarrely pregnant? Why do hundreds of mares scream in the middle of the night? The seven girls in the garden were fascinated by who, what exactly did the black hands behind the scenes do? Who did the stolen person in the big brother’s house do? What is the match of the girl in the flower season as a pig? A family of three was serially killed by one person.

Why is it so bad next time? Why do hundreds of women get pregnant without a husband? Why is the monk surrounded by flamboyance? Who was so lost while the eldest brother was not at home entering his sister-in-law’s body? Behind all this, is the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality? Is it a sexual outbreak or a hungry helplessness? Please watch Youxianqi Entertainment’s latest big show: “Fruit Run Ye Guang storytelling only Journey to the West” This is a bizarre story of a monk who robs two beasts, let us follow the story into the inner world of perverted madness…

After writing this paragraph, Ye Guang’s mouth smirked a smirk.

“I don’t believe, you are not hooked! Haha.”

Yiyi: “Ye Guang, you laugh so stupidly.”

Ye Guang: “Go, go, you are stupid!”

I found Jiang Fengxian, Ye Guang sent the article to him. “Old Jiang, you are looking for someone to send this to traffic-intensive posts, forums and other places to go, oh, remember to add a link to our video.”

Jiang Fengxian sighed. Then looked at the article written by Ye Guang, and then “cough cough, cough cough cough cough cough, you… cough… what ghost things are written!?”

Ye Guang is happy, “I am relieved to see you reactions. I don’t believe, no one is hooked.” Then saying seriously, “Old Jiang, you must be jealous. I can write the story of Journey to the West.”

“Fart story!” Jiang Fengxian, this kind of steady person has been mad at him. “You are writing a plot? Play? Is there such a thing? This… This… Unbearable!”

Ye Guang: “Hey, why are you in a hurry, come and come. I will come and talk with you.”

“Look, this sentence, why is the stone bizarre pregnant? This is the birth of Sun Wukong.”

“And this, why are hundreds of mares screaming in the middle of the night? It’s just he is riding a horse.”

“This, the seven girls in the garden were fainted by who, what did the black hands behind the scenes do? Sun Wukong stole the peach, and the big shot behind it was stealing the elixir.”

“Here is Gao Laozhuang, this is three dozen white bones.”

“There are daughter countries, silk holes, and bananas.”

“Look, these plots! Is there something wrong? Can you write?”

Ok, no problem!

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