MST Chapter 109 : Children know to travel in a civilized way

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The next day.

Yiyi with Daddy Liu and Mother Liu went to Liu Chiyan’s grandfather’s house. Liu Chiyan came out to accompany Ye Guang. She always left him alone in the hotel, and Liu Chiyan was not at ease.

Why don’t you feel worried? Not a three-year-old child!

“Where are you going to play today?” Ye Guang couldn’t stand in the house all the time with someone, and wanted to go out with great interest.

Liu Chiyan said: “I will take you to Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square.”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Go to The Great Wall! They all say that it is not a hero not go to Great Wall, come to Beijing, how can I not go to The Great Wall!”

Liu Chiyan: “Ah? The Great Wall? Climbing is very tired.”

Ye Guang patted his chest, “Tired? You afraid of being tired, it’s okay, I’m here, you can’t climb, I carry you!”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “I am afraid you will be tired. You have not been to The Great Wall. I don’t know. This time, my legs can tremble.”

Ye Guang smirked, “I will be tired? What a joke! We are big masters! Go, to Great Wall!”

“Okay.” Since Ye Guang wants to go, Liu Chiyan will follows him.

The Great Wall on May 1st holiday was crowded. Liu Chiyan had to be fully armed, the cap and the sunglasses mask all equipped, and the hairstyles are changed, and the hair was turned up.

The Great Wall is one of the eight wonders of the world.

Ye Guang who has seen it countless times from TV and video, but after truly witnessing its majesty, he still couldn’t help but admire it, and his heart was full of shock.

The Great Wall, which embodies the wisdom and blood of the ancients, seems to be a dragon hovering between the mountains and mountains, rooted in the land of China, silently guarding the industrious people of generation after generation.

Ye Guang cheered and excited like a child, pulling Liu Chiyan and urging her to “go quickly.”

Liu Chiyan followed with a smile.

It turns out that the interest can only be maintained when the energy is full.

After more than an hour. Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan were tired enough.

Ye Guang sat down on the steps and waved. “No, no, it’s too tired, I will rest.”

Liu Chiyan is also tired, but she didn’t sit down. People are ladies, how can they sit anywhere.

Ye Guang knows, she was tired, patted his thigh, “Come, sit here!”

Liu Chiyan face covered by large mask is blushed, shook her head and refused. “So many people.”

Ye Guang looked around and saw a lot of people. This kind of show-loving hobby seemed unsuitable. Maybe one of the single dog’s brains threw a brick at him when he got a fever. Think about it, Ye Guang puts the jacket on the floor. “Sit on the clothes, take a break, and then climb.”

Liu Chiyan thought about it, she was really tired. She didn’t insist on it. She sat down with Ye Guang.

Taking out a pack of wipes, Liu Chiyan gently wiped Ye Guang’s sweat from his forehead.

Ye Guang’s smirk, full of happiness.

Liu Chiyan looked at him like this silly joke. “Aren’t you quite capable at first, it won’t work so quickly.”

Ye Guang glanced, “Who said that I can’t! I am a combination of work and rest, recharge my batteries, and pursue excellence and effectiveness! This is called tactics! Looking down on people, do you believe that I ran up without a breath!” Ye Guang forcibly explained.

Liu Chiyan doesn’t tear him down, sneered, “Oh, OK, you can! Look at what you can.”

The weather in May was very pleasant and the weather today was good. The Great Wall had a great wind, but the weather was not cold and comfortable.

Liu Chiyan leaned her head against Ye Guang. “Last night, my parents and I talked about you.”

Ye Guang was surprised and asked, “What did you say?”

Liu Chiyan: “I didn’t say anything, just say you talked about Journey to the West and there are things like shooting advertisements and writing poems.”

Ye Guang smiled and asked, “Yeah, what do our parents think of me?”

“It’s my parents.”Liu Chiyan snorted.

Ye Guang, laughing, “Your parents are not my parents.”

Liu Chiyan has a red face and no rebuttal.

Ye Guang: “Come on, how is their impression of me?”

Ye Guang still very concerned about Liu Chiyan’s parents attitude, joking, the future father-in-law, can you not care about their attitude?

Liu Chiyan chuckles, “My dad said that you are a bit talented.”

Ye Guang shouted, “Just this? Is it a bit talented?”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “It’s very good. You don’t know my dad. It’s not easy to praise people. He can say that you are a bit talented, it’s already very good.”

Ye Guang, “Is that right? That feeling is good, it seems that I have to work harder, and strive to make our parents have a better impression of me!”

The future father-in-law had a good impression of him. Ye Guang was very happy. He suddenly have strength and was full of blood.

“Go, let’s climb! I feel that I can climb up now!”

“Do you not rest?”

“Do not rest! Are you tired? Want me to carrying you?”

“Cut, you can do it.”

Although Daddy Liu impression of Ye Guang is good. Ye Guang is excited as a chicken. His spirit was full of fighting spirit, but he was still tired enough to choke, and Liu Chiyan is also a bit overwhelming. The latter half is Ye Guang half support and two talents to climb up.

After going down the mountain. Both of them were tired enough. They didn’t want to go to other places to play, and went back directly to hotel for rest.

Liu Chiyan accompanied him to stay at the hotel quite late, but she didn’t dare to stay overnight. In Beijing, her parents were in charge. If she stayed in the hotel for no reason, her parents might have found them.

The next day, on the last day of May Day holiday, Liu Chiyan took Yiyi and Ye Guang to see Tiananmen Square and then went to Forbidden City.

I have to say, there are so many people who come out to travel during May Day holiday. Liu Chiyan identity is very sensitive. With so many people, she can’t play, but it’s the first time Ye Guang interested, Yiyi also very interested, as long as she has fun to play.

“Ye Guang, Ye Guang, there are many people, let’s go and see!” Yiyi yelled.

Ye Guang looked in the direction she pointed, and sure enough, many people gathered around to watch the excitement, and suddenly curiosity also came up, “Go, go, to see! Liu’er, you are going to keep up. ”

Liu Chiyan shouted behind them: “You slow down, Ye Guang, you are holding Yiyi.”

Ye Guang directly picked up Yiyi and held it? It’s too much trouble, so hugged her directly.

Squeezed into the crowd, the entrance is a big tank.

Ye Guang curiously asked the person next to him, “What’s wrong with this?”

Next to him is a very old uncle, “Just the tank. I saw it, it was engraved!”

Ye Guang and Yiyi both looked in the direction pointed by the uncle. Sure enough, the big cylinder is engraved with a few words. There’s a name of two people, one is ‘Zhang Tao’ and the other is ‘Liu Ya’, there also engraved a love symbol to circle the two names.

“Oh!” Ye Guang, “Who is doing this, this tank is a cultural relic, look at some years.”

Grandpa: “Isn’t it? This tank, I heard from the tour guide when I came two years ago. It has been more than three hundred years, but it is not a cultural relic. You said, this thing is done. There really no shortage of virtue.”

Ye Guang nodded. “It’s quite wicked. Even if you want to show love, how can you not be civilized when you travel. The name still engraved. This is not a shame.”

Grandpa nodded. “Who said no. Young man now, every day is love and love. Everything done with little civilized morality. Watching it makes people angry, you look at this tank, what a pity!”

Ye Guang: “Hey, Grandpa, you can’t kill all young man, I am also a young man, but I will not do this kind of mixing!”

Grandpa laughed. “I don’t mean that. It’s just mad.”

Ye Guang: “I know you don’t mean that. This is indeed uncivilized. Don’t say I won’t do it. Even children know that they can’t do this, right? Yiyi.”

Yiyi nodded affirmatively, “Yes! I won’t do it. ”

Ye Guang: “Look, kids know that they want to travel in a civilized way!”

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