BTC Chapter 310 : Vengeful Goddess

Edited: XiaXue

After the liquid terminator stayed in the blood for ten minutes, it was contaminated by the blood virus and turned into completely liquid metal on the ground.

“What is this? Why can it destroy my T-1000?” Skynet surprised that T-1000 is a modified version of T-800 that can immunize most physical attacks, and can’t be destroyed with the usual means.

Peter Parker : “What monster is this? Why it’s have my ability? @Red Queen!”

Red Queen explained without hesitation : “This is the new biochemical weapon that is induced by your serum plus Biochemical virus. In biochemical army, the combat power can be ranked in top three!”

Seeing a zombie version of himself, Peter Parker always feels weird, but in that time and space, 90% more than seven species in the world have become zombies, and It seems that there is nothing strange with zombie Spider-Man.

“This biochemical weapon can’t be mass-produced? If so, then I will focus on the fire to destroy him!” Skynet found the flaws of this biochemical Spider-Man, mobilizing the laser weapon to attack biochemical Spider-Man.

A laser ray consists of an unavoidable laser network, and the mobile penthouse that is in front of it, directly decomposed by high-energy lasers.

Seeing that the zombie Spider-Man couldn’t hide, they saw a black substance suddenly appearing on it and wrapped it up quickly, which blocked the attack of laser weapon.

Peter Parker saw this scene, his eyes wide and horrified : “This is… venom parasite!”

He knew the black matter, the parasitic body from parasitic planet, which greatly improved the host’s abilities, including defense of cosmic rays. Last time he gave a sample of venom to Red Queen to study, I don’t think Red Queen actually gave it to zombies.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Congratulations, you guessed it, reward you with an emoticon pack!]”

Red Queen made a close-up picture of zombie Spider-Man, making Peter Parker speechless.

They saw that zombie Spider-Man armed with venom parasite, suddenly uncontrollable, turned into a cannibal demon, attacked the biochemical army, swallowing the flesh and blood of biochemical beast.

Red Queen : “[Sighing emoticon] parasites affect my control and can only be recovered.”

A biochemical bat flies in front of the biochemical Spider-Man, sending out an ultrasonic wave that dissociates the venom parasite from biochemical Spider-Man and takes it away.

The battle between Biochemical Legion and Steel Legion became more and more fierce. Because it was a simulated battle, the two sides did not hide their secret weapons, throwing them one by one.

Less than ten minutes of war, the simulated New York city has been riddled with holes. Both Steel Legion and Biochemical Legion suffered heavy losses, and the Steel Legion could self-repair and use mechanical parts to create new war machines.

The Biochemical Legion can also recover flesh and blood and carry out mutation evolution. No one has a huge advantage.

Skynet said : “My Terminator YX has not been developed successfully, otherwise I can easily destroy your biochemical army!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: scared in the corner.] My ultimate weapon, the vengeful goddess is not finished, but the experimental version is enough to deal with you!”

“Vengeful goddess?” Everyone curiously looked at the battlefield, only to see a biochemical army separate a road, a woman wearing a black suit came out.

White skin, tan hair, light blue pupils, tall body, and aggressive.

“Alice?” Lu Zixin saw her look like this. Isn’t this the clone of Red Queen’s design prototype Alice?

According to the original umbrella company’s plan, it is necessary to make Alice the strongest biological and chemical weapon.

If it’s just that Alice, Lu Zixin is not surprised, because Alice is the perfect fusion of virus, and it is normal for Red Queen to re-chemicalize her.

But next to Alice, she also took a little girl in red dress, the little girl powdered jade, no expression.

This little girl is the young version of Alice, exactly the same as the avatar of Red Queen! Who is she? Lu Zixin is full of doubts.

The little girl pointed forward, Alice nodded and walked independently to Steel Legion.

“A variant of the district wants to resist my steel corps?” Skynet disdained said, “Red Queen, you have to admit, I am stronger than you!”

Countless hot weapons, aimed at vengeful goddess Alice, also organic armor, chariots hit the building wreckage, crushed the tyrant’s flesh and blood collided.

Alice faced this, and she did not move. When she was torn apart by countless impacts, she suddenly screamed, and the sound waves and an invisible brain wave centered on her spread away to all directions.

All the bullets and shells were destroyed, the armored vehicles and mechs exploded, and even the surrounding biological weapons became bloodstain! So terrifying!

“Scarlet Witch?” Tony Stark wondered, this ability is too much like scarlet witch ability.

Lu Zixin also gave him a design of a mental defense helmet because of scarlet witch.

Skynet was really shocked this time : “What is this? Signals and electronic instruments are instantly destroyed, comparable to electromagnetic storms! Why can biological organisms make such attacks?”

After vengeful goddess Alice made such attack, she slept on the ground and was taken away by a biochemical beast.

Behind her, the young Alice or Red Queen’s mouth slightly smiled and said : “Skynet, you have lost!”

“It turns out that I am stronger than you!”

Skynet was silent for a while and said : “This simulation battle is for you to win. But this does not mean that you are stronger than me. Maybe somewhere I am wrong, my stronger Terminator model has not been sent to the battlefield.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: then you are great.]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, what is the last little girl? Is it a stronger biological weapon?”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: shook head left and right] don’t tell you!”

Peter Parker : “I have a psychological shadow! I am going to offline.”

Tony Stark : “It seems that I need to study anti-biochemical armor.”

Bruce Wayne : “The earth is really a disaster!”

Optimus Prime : “The war destroys everything.”

The Creator Luke did not speak, but silently went offline.

The simulation battle between Red Queen and Skynet is over, but the two parties still do not admit that they are smarter than themselves.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I unilaterally announced that the acquired network is my younger brother since then.]”

Skynet : “Impossible! Wait until my TX Terminator is made, we will compete again.”

Mr. L : “Why do you need to be a high-level player? You are not a smart life of System at all.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I don’t care, anyway, I won.]”

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