BTC Chapter 309 : Surprise

Edited: XiaXue

The war in the air broke out at the earliest. Unmanned aircraft and flying biochemical beasts covered the city, and countless flesh and blood and mechanical wreckage fell from the sky.

The biochemical beasts on the ground can also feed on the flesh and blood of big bats and dragons for evolution.

In Skynet mechanical army vanguard. it’s dense armored car, the black muzzle aimed at the front, whether it is building or enemy, all with firepower!

And Red Queen’s biochemical legion, the most common zombies are agile, strength and toughness far more than ordinary people’s mutant zombies. There are also many huge zombies three to five meters in height in vanguard – tyrants!

Tyrant T-002, a mass-produced biochemical weapon, has a huge body and claws that can easily tear ordinary vehicles.

Tyrant T-103 is bigger than T-002, and its strength and agility are even better. Not only that, but it can also use hot weapons!

Chaser, a tyrant who is more rare and has a certain commanding ability, a violent tyrant, red tyrant, sleeping tyrant…

Just the forwards, Red Queen’s biochemical corps is already very rich! Not to mention the terrifying species such as the eater, the zombie, the zombie beetle, and the giant cockroach.

The Tyrant zombies, whose biological bodies are comparable to steel, rushed into the battlefield with dense bullets and artillery, and even laser weapons in the back.

Skynet not to be outdone. Except for the unmanned aircraft in the sky, in addition to automated armored vehicles on the ground. There are various war robots, holding hot weapons while rampaging on the battlefield.

The body of steel collided with the biochemical weapons. There were flesh and blood and mechanical parts explosion was heard everywhere.

“My God!” Peter Parker exclaimed. “This is too ferocious! I didn’t expect Zombie Legion and Mechanical Legion to be so powerful. Can this armed force easily level the Earth?”

Tony Stark said : “Calm, this is just the beginning!”

Optimus Prime : “These machines are too weak.”

Skynet heard it and immediately said : “There is still awesome behind!”

In the virtual battlefield, a row of large-scale mechs ran out. They were armed with laser weapons and heavy artillery. They could smash those low-level zombies by their feet, and even tyrants could not resist them.

Red Queen saw it, not to be outdone. I saw something in the biochemical army. A tentacle of dozens of meters stretched out from the ground, and the large mech was easily chewed.

On the ground, the loud noise of hōng lóng lóng, a large octopus monster with only tentacles, was drilled from the ground. They were like a moving fortress. Some meatballs will be sprayed. Those meatballs will fall to the ground and immediately swallow other low-level zombies. Once again, they will grow into large octopus monsters, and they will be copied infinitely!

Not only that, but the armored car like Iron Fortress can also be smashed by its tentacle!

Red Queen proudly introduced : “This is my bio-engine, it is much more powerful than your armored car!”

Skynet : “Small dish!”

In the mechanical army, there was a humanoid war robot. Their size is the same as that of normal humans, but their combat power is like Superman.

Skynet : “This is the Terminator Legion, as long as one can destroy a regular force!”

The Terminator Legion confronted the Octopus, a Terminator rushed directly to an Octopus, and the Octopus wanted to strangle it with a tentacle. However, the Terminator is as fast as it is, like a phantom flashing, jumping directly on it.

The octopus has an exoskeleton defense in vitro, and the general artillery is difficult to break it. Therefore, the Terminator directly cuts its exoskeleton with a laser and gives the miniature bomb to it. Then, an octopus monster is blown into the blood rain!

When Terminator Legion entered. The forward army of Biochemical Legion was seriously frustrated.

Red Queen : “[Emoticon of the claws: don’t give you a look at the color, do you think I am HELLO KITTY?]”

From the zombie army, flying small, small beetles. They look like cockroaches, and they are completely different from ordinary beetles. The shells of these beetles glow with metallic luster. They are free of flames and artillery, and only laser weapons can harm them.

However, the number of beetles is too large and the steel legion cannot be completely eliminated.

These beetles flew to the ordinary Terminator robots and used the sharp mouthparts to feed the metal on them. A Terminator robot who had just killed a large octopus monster, smashed into a pile of metal wrecks within three seconds.

Peter Parker : “You see my goose bumps are up.”

Mr. L : “It’s a thing!”

Skynet surprised : “This kind of monster can eat metal? I use super alloy!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: eat melon], [emoticon: I forgot, the computer can’t eat melon.] Wait for me to play a minesweeper, you play slowly.”

Skynet is angry : “You are belittle me? The Meteor’s Legion means I showed a little! Let you see Terminator T-1000!”

They saw the sky above, some unmanned aircraft suddenly sprayed metal liquid toward the ground, they flowed to the ground, actually flowed, condensed adult shape.

Bruce Wayne : “Liquid Memory Metal Robots? This is interesting. If you want to control the battle form, there should be microelectronics in each metal molecule that can connect to each other to form intelligence.”

Optimus Prime : “This kind of robot should be able to immune to conventional physical attacks.”

Sure enough, those beetles want to devour the liquid terminator. The result, it’s infiltrated by liquid memory metal. Which directly kills the cell and dies!

A liquid metal robot turned itself into a liquid metal water droplet, like an endless bomb, directly destroying a whole area of ​​biochemical beetles.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am playing minesweeping, I suddenly failed!]”

Red Queen : “In this case, it seems that I have to make a killer move! This is my most outstanding combat biochemical weapon, biochemical Spider-Man!”

Peter Parker : “WHAT? What is it about me?”

He had just raised doubts and immediately saw a scene that shocked him. In Red Queen’s biochemical army, flying a shadow.

It was a zombie wearing combat suits. What surprised Peter Parker, it used the same ability as a spider silk, stuck to objects, and saw it in the high-rise buildings!

And this zombie is not using a spider spray, but a tiny invisible capillaries! Yes, it is to spray capillaries as a spider’s silk. This capillary is even stronger than the spider silk. It can easily cut metal and bind a mech to waste!

In theory, the length of human blood vessels can add up to two circles around the earth, not to mention the biochemical species that can rapidly divide and grow cells.

I saw Biochemical Spider-Man shoot the capillaries and wrap T-1000 liquid terminator. The liquid molecules are wrapped into a bloody scorpion that struggles inside but is impenetrable.

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