BTC Chapter 386 : Is This True?

Edited: XiaXue

“What? The computing speed is more than 10 billion times faster than world’s first most powerful quantum computer?” Tolan Bell received the latest news from the audit team, and his face was somewhat rude.

“10 billion times? Vice President, what happened?” Someone next to him asked.

“Oh, nothing, a little thing, I have to deal with it.” Tolan Bell thought it was ridiculous!

If someone tells him that there is a stronger supercomputer, he may just feel a little surprised, but not so surprised. But now they dare to say that this quantum computer can exceed the second-order computing speed by 10 billion times!

What is this concept? This means that the supercomputer of the world’s top 500 is not enough to compete with it! When did computer technology leap so big? As the world’s top computer technology expert, why didn’t he know?

So Tolan Bell decided to go to the examination in person, or avoid jokes in front of world’s peers!

More than Tolan Bell, the core members of several American Computer Associations also looked ugly and hurried away.

And in less than ten minutes, everyone was notified that the supercomputer ranking job had an accident and it was estimated that it would be suspended for a day or two.

“What happened?” asked a Chinese computer expert wondering.

“I don’t know, it seems to be a super-calculation.”

Wu Zhigao seemed to realize something. He asked Lu Zixin with suspicion: “President Lu, I seem to hear someone talking about Red Letter Group. Are you having any major breakthroughs?”

“Which do I know what happened, they are the organizers.” Lu Zixin pretended not to know, but Wu Zhigao was still suspicion.

Bai Chenghui, who is next to the group, did not agree. He did not think that Red Letter Group could have any shocking discoveries in computer industry so that could make the organizers unprepared.

“Two, I am sorry. I still have some work to be busy, you talk first.” Bai Chenghui and the two bid farewell, he made an appointment with IBM’s Plit, to discuss the cooperation between the two in quantum computers.


In the private reception room, Bai Chenghui has waited for Plit for ten minutes, and Plit has arrived.

“I am really embarrassed, something happened, I have been waiting for a while, and I have been waiting for you.” Plit said sorry.

Just now the audit team had an exaggerated thing and scared him, but there was news that it might be a misrepresentation. A more rigorous review is underway, and he just let go.

“It doesn’t matter, the coffee here tastes good.” Bai Chenghui said generously.

After a little polite, they formally negotiated. In addition to the existing business cooperation, the content of talks is a new type of quantum computer business.

“We have been working with Lianxiang Group for many years. We have been providing you with excellent technical support and hardware supply for many years.” Plit said, “In terms of quantum computers, we can also cooperate.”

“Mr. Plit, I have a problem that must be clarified.” Bai Chenghui asked seriously, “How long do you think the mass-commercial quantum computer will take time?”

Plit said with a confident smile: “Thirty years ago, our IBM company first commercialized computers and made it go to thousands of households, becoming an indispensable tool for human beings now.”

“For more than 30 years, we have been at the forefront of the computer industry. Now that we have the strength to introduce commercial quantum computers, we will once again be the leader in the computer industry, bringing the world to era of commercial quantum computers!”

Bai Chenghui is faintly sighed, in the computer field, they have been catching up with the world’s frontier and seeking to master the core technology. But today, we still have to seek technical support from an industry giant like IBM.

In the field of quantum computers, even Lianxiang Group is far behind.

Plit continued: “As far as I know, now I think most of Lianxiang group’s computer products, the main chips are provided by Intel. Now you have one more choice, in the superconducting quantum computer chip, we can do better!”

“Superconducting quantum computer chip?” Bai Chenghui’s heart has been a monopoly in traditional computer chips. Take advantage of this core technology to snatch high profits from these computer companies.

Although IBM is also a computer company in United States, if they can put pressure on companies such as Intel, perhaps even Lianxiang group can reduce the chip cost, compress costs and increase profits.

A few hours later, Bai Chenghui got a piece of information, which is some reference data of IBM’s important accessories such as the superconducting quantum computer chip.

Just a little bit of it, he frowned. This is totally different from what he envisioned. The cost of this superconducting computer is too high! More than a few times higher than the traditional computer!

And if you want to work with IBM, even if Lianxiang group has to pay high intellectual property fees, then the cost is even higher, which makes him unacceptable.

“In terms of the cost of quantum computers… I think this information is not detailed enough. Is it costly in some places?” Bai Chenghui asked.

Plit shook his head and said vowedly: “In this field, we have invested a lot of money and technology, and we have spent countless efforts to achieve today’s achievements.”

“It can be said that we are unique in this field now! And in terms of materials and manufacturing, quantum computers are more complicated and demanding than traditional computers, and of course the cost will increase.”

Bai Chenghui did not answer. In this field, the other party mastered the key technologies, and they can explain as much as they want. Now he can’t decide, he has to wait for the end of this global super-computing conference, and compare it with other companies superconducting quantum computers.

But there is no doubt that neither IBM nor Intel, Google or European technology will be cheaply authorized or sold to them. This knife seems to have been slaughtered.

“Mr. Bai, this information will be given to you. If you want to talk about the follow-up, IBM welcomes it…” Plit did not worry about IBM’s quantum computer information being announced because of this global super-computing conference. They are going to announce their latest achievements!

Suddenly, Plit mobile phone on the desk popped up a message that was sent to him by a member of American Computer Society.

Plit’s eyes were just a sweep, and he picked up the phone with amazement and opened it.

“Is this true?” His emotion has changed and is full of incredulity.

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