BTC Chapter 387 : Quantum Hegemony

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“Mr. Plit?” Bai Chenghui reveals confused look.

“Oh, I welcome you to visit our IBM Computer and Technology Exchange Conference in the next few days…” Plit forced himself to calm down and sent away Bai Chenghui.

“How can it be true? There are already such powerful quantum computers in the world?” When Bai Chenghui left, Plit immediately dialed the phone.

“I know that you are very surprised, but according to our latest information, this is true. The information submitted by Red Letter Group is accurate, and they also bring the test record of quantum computers!” At the end of the phone, it is one of American Computer Society core members, and is also an in-service electronic technology engineer at IBM.

“Where?” Plit had to see it with his own eyes before he believed it.

“Not here, the audit team sent people to go, if you are interested, you can go together.”

“Of course I have to go. This must be a lie. I have to pierce it!” Plit immediately set off, filled with anxiety.

More than one of his thoughts, the IEEE and American Computer Association each sent members to the audit team to verify the authenticity of Red Letter quantum computer.

However, this is a true and true thing. With the support of perfect materials and data, and even video demonstrations, they can only confirm that the quantum computers submitted by Red Letter Group have indeed reached the publicity in their materials and performance, the computing speed is more than 10 billion times faster than the current top computers!

“This… this… they have used their theory to achieve it, and it took less than half a year?” Tolan Bell remembered the paper in Journal Science, and it was not very helpful.

He remembered that when he discussed with Academician Rand and other colleagues, he thought that this was just a new theory, describes a possible way to achieve superconducting quantum computers, but who knows how long this has passed, it has been made by Quantum Computer Research Institute of Red Letters!

“10 billion times! Oh God!” Plit repeatedly looked at the data, exclaimed: “It can complete the calculation of our supercomputer 317.09 year in one second!”

“The whole country… No, the supercomputers around the world are not their opponents!”

“Miracle! I saw a miracle!” The team leader of audit team was excited. “I have participated in the audit of world supercomputer top 500 for more than ten years, but this year, the speed of this quantum computer is the highest I have ever seen of!”

“The gap between it and other supercomputers is like the gap between a supercomputer and a regular computer, just like Mariana Trench!”

The other members were all sighed. “This result is really amazing!”

“This year’s, the first super-calculation, it is none other than it!”

“I originally thought that IBM and Intel’s quantum computers have changed the landscape of the computer industry. Who knows that there are still such monster machines!”

“Compared with it, other quantum computers can’t be called quantum computers at all!”

“With it, does our super-calculation ranking still make sense?” Suddenly, someone raised a question that made the entire audit team silent.

Yes, the performance of this superconducting quantum computer is too strong. What list, the first place can exceed the second place by 10 billion times? Does that list still make sense?

The significance of the original rankings is to encourage the research institutions to develop a stronger supercomputer. Now that we have seen such powerful superconducting quantum computer, it is estimated that other research institutes will abandon the manufacture of traditional supercomputers and turn to quantum computers.

After a while, a senior executive from American Computer Association said: “Maybe, quantum computers should not be included in this ranking list!”

“Yes, this is the supercomputer leaderboard. Quantum computers as a new type of computer, should not enter the list is a problem that needs to be discussed, our rules need to be improved.” Plit immediately agreed.

“But in terms of computing speed, it is indeed the first to be truly.” Someone stressed.

“Conceptually, quantum computers are also supercomputers, and it should be ranked first!”

The audit team is arguing internally, and Tolan Bell said: “We need to have a meeting to discuss this issue. The rules for this year’s supercomputer rankings must be changed!”


In the New Orleans Convention Center, scholars and experts from all over the world are visiting a new technology product show.

The latest superconducting quantum computer from Intel Integrated Electronics!

On the stand, a blonde is introducing their products.

“This is the latest superconducting quantum computer we developed with our partner QuTech Quantum Computing Lab. In this superconducting quantum computer, we manipulated hundreds of bits of quantum bits and overcome the superconducting quantum chip at room temperature interference and accidental effects in the environment.”

“It has been able to implement programming, mimicry, learning, etc., and will be further refined, completely beyond the current supercomputer.”

“In the next few years, we will increase the quantum bits of quantum computers to thousands, or even tens of thousands. It is foreseeable that commercial quantum computers are close at hand!”

pā pā pā” There was a round of applause from the audience. Experts and scholars from many countries looked at this superconducting quantum computer with a look of curiosity and admiration.

“Ah, it’s been less than a month since Google announced the development of the latest superconducting quantum chips. I don’t think I’ve seen Intel’s technological achievements here this year!” a Chinese scholar said, “In the battle for quantum hegemony, we, China is falling behind!”

He is a quantum physics expert from a top university in China and has been very concerned about Quantum Science and Technology products in the industry.

“Teacher Tian, ​​you said, do we still have the opportunity to compete for quantum hegemony?” asked a Chinese expert next to him.

Referring to this, Teacher Tian showed some anxiety and said: “In the early years, the computer field will have a technology that can control fifty qubit computers. This is called quantum hegemony. So far, China has not yet reached it.”

“But Intel, Google and IBM have already reached this standard. I personally think that the current quantum hegemony should mean that the company first developed a commercial quantum computer.”

“Whoever does it first, who can set the standards and rules in this field and occupy the market. On this road, China is still trying to catch up. I hope we can catch up fast enough. In the traditional computer field, we have been ruled for decades, as for quantum computers, don’t repeat the same mistakes!”

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