MST Chapter 182 : The Biggest Winner of The Strongest Voice

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There have been countless discussions on Ye Guang’s in the Internet.

The most popular is in Ye Guang’s Weibo.

In fact, from the start The Strongest Voice. Liu Chiyan has said Ye Guang is big gifted scholar. Ye Guang Weibo has never stopped. The number of Weibo fans has risen sharply in the past few days. Now there are 1.8 million. Originally, Ye Guang has 500,000 fans. This means, his fans have risen sharply by 1.3 million in just seven days during The Strongest Voice and this number still rising.

Ye Guang is considered big show in The Strongest Voice and the championship trophy was taken away by him. His Weibo fans who claimed to be fifty cents party are now cheering.

I’m a young man : “It’s amazing, my Ye Guang win, haha, laughing at me, the champion trophy, champion didn’t take it, Ye Guang took it, this is the biggest oolong in The Strongest Voice history.”

Joke v : “No one!”

Morning Shadow Star Dream : “My uncle said he will come to help Ye Guang. 2333. ”

Missing words : “I am big, Ye Guang, this is going to be a fire. The Weibo fans have risen too fast these days.”

Qing Wan : “I don’t know if you have noticed it. The charts of major music websites these days are simply very gratifying. Among the top ten, six of the capitals are the songs of Goddess Liu. Visually observe the two songs of Goddess Liu tonight. The song will be on the charts tomorrow.”

Devilg : “Haha, this is the rhythm of the slaughter. It’s amazing for my Goddess Liu. It’s amazing for my Ye Guang big gifted scholar.”

Sken Chen : “The name of big gifted scholar is really not fake, indicating that I want to join fifty cents party!”

I love my family : “Joining fifty cents party +1. First, I said I have not seen Ye Guang’s Journey to the West storytelling. I don’t like storytelling, but I really like the song he wrote. It’s so nice, that Lilac has been looped many times. I cried few times because it. It was so nice.”

Emperor of Truth : “I want to say. The biggest winner of this session The Strongest Voice is not Liu Chiyan, nor Han Yurou, but Ye Guang. The performance of this product in The Strongest Voice is too eye-catching. The key is Goddess Liu hold him.”


Ye Guang’s Weibo is hot, Liu Chiyan is similar, she has more fans, and Liu Chiyan is one of the champions, fans are naturally happy.

The next day, entertainment newspapers and some online media released the reports.

“Surprises!!! The Strongest Voice double crowns on the same stage”

“Unexpected Ownership of The Strongest Voice Champions Cup”

“The most oolong The Strongest Voice in history””

“The Strongest Voice’s Biggest Winner”


There is no doubt. These reports are written for Ye Guang finally won the trophy. These media reports pushed Ye Guang’s topic fever to a new height.

At nights


Liu Chiyan is taking a shower.

Ye Guang was idle, opened the system. There no lottery for a while. In the past few days, because The Strongest Voice. His Prestige points has been increasing rapidly.

Prestige points : 2,219,856.

Disciple points : 521.

Seeing this data, Ye Guang smiled a little.

Finally turned over to be the landlord!

More than two million prestige points, this is new history, is it a flower? Still a flower? Still a flower?

In fact, the most surprising for Ye Guang is disciple points, it’s incredibly rose to more than 500. To be honest, Ye Guang hasn’t figured out how this disciple’s value will rise until now. Originally, when he made journey to the West, one of four great classics, disciple points is risen in turtle speed. But, in this session of The Strongest Voice, he wrote a few songs, it’s make disciple points risen so much, which is really incredible.

Can’t figure it out, simply don’t want to.

Do something he loves to do, um, don’t think too much, referring to lottery.

More than two million prestige points, even Raise lottery stakes is enough to draw seven times.

First use a Good Fortune Pledge to increase your luck. Ye Guang secretly prayed. This lottery can’t be missed. The last time lottery is missed, lost 300,000 prestige points, and he was distressed.

[Raise lottery stakes]

The pointer rotates at rapid speed.


Ye Guang stunned. He almost smashed the table!

“Fuck!” Ye Guang blurted out, the first time is missed. What about good luck? Is it expired? Are counterfeit and shoddy products? One sentence of mmp is unbearable.

Liu Chiyan, who was taking a shower in the bathroom, heard Ye Guang’s movement and shouted, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Guang hurriedly said, “Nothing!”

Liu Chiyan replied, “Ye Guang, you gave me a pajamas, this set accidentally got wet.”

Ye Guang sighed, paused lottery and went to find Liu Chiyan pajamas.

Bang Bang” Ye Guang knocked on the door of the bathroom. “The clothes are brought.”

The sound of water inside became smaller, and Liu Chiyan opened half of the bathroom door with two clicks. Only her head stuck out, but her body is hidden behind the door.

Ye Guang handed the clothes to Liu Chiyan and whispered, “Hidden? It’s not that I haven’t seen it.”

Liu Chiyan’s face was red, and she glanced at Ye Guang. Taking over her pajamas and ignoring Ye Guang.

When Liu Chiyan reached for her clothes. Ye Guang made a bad one. He pushed the door with a little force.

Liu Chiyan’s delicate body emerged from behind the door.

Suddenly, Liu Chiyan dumbfounded.

Ye Guang also dumbfounded.

There is a pink scent in the air.

A few seconds, Liu Chiyan closed the door with a “bang“, “Ye Guang! You hoodlum!”

There was a smirk at the corner of Ye Guang’s mouth, and the glamorous and alluring picture just lingered in his mind.

Shaking his head, Ye Guang tried to dispel the picture in his mind, I can’t think about it anymore. I think that somewhere should be congested… Oh, it’s already congested. Can’t think about it anymore, think will have nosebleed again.

Continue lottery.

[Raise lottery stakes]

The pointer rotates again at rapid speed.

After a few seconds, the pointer stopped at the position of treasure chest.


Ye Guang went to the storage and looked at it, “Ah! Just one, it seems to be a skill, is this direct second-level skill?”

Quickly open the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, You obtain Photography Knowledge 10”

Sure enough. It’s a skill and it’s directly promoted to second level. Photography knowledge, Ye Guang feels it have no great use. However, it’s always good to have more skills.

Draw x1


Ye Guang looked at the storage bar. There is only one treasure chest. It seems the luck is getting better now, a treasure chest means that it is a second-level skill. I don’t know. If it’s the role played by Good Fortune Pledge or it is because I just saw Liu Chiyan’s fruit.

In other words, seeing Liu Chiyan’s fruit has something to do with the lottery?

Click to open the treasure chest.

“Congratulations, You obtain Vigorous Pill 1”

Ye Guang was startled, what is the situation? Vigorous Pill? Consumables? Why is there only one consumable? Also, what the hell is this Vigorous Pill?

Ye Guang quickly opened Vigorous Pill description.

Vigorous Pill: One-time consumables. After use, it can permanently increase the host’s strength by 1.

Seeing the permanent increase, Ye Guang understands it. No wonder this thing worth 10 treasure chests, it can permanently increased and superimposed. That’s to say, Ye Guang can accumulate and make all aspects of his body far more than ordinary people.

But why only increase 1 point? Just 1, this is not bluffing!

What’s the use!

300,000 prestige points in exchange for 1 point strength attribute.

Also called Vigorous Pill. How can there be a sense of sight Vigorous Pill sold on the street in ancient times. They are all the same spicy chicken.

It’s really… mmp can’t bear it. [X-N: mmp is 媽賣批 [mā mài pī] <Expletive>This is a sexist expletive phrase from the Chongqing dialect. It means “Your mom is a prostitute.” The alternatives are mmp [pinyin acronym] and X賣批 [mā mài pī].]

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