BTC Chapter 388 : Proof!

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He was barely fell, and suddenly found the crowds was noisy, many people shouted excitedly with various language of each country.

“What are they excited about?” One expert asked.

“I am going to ask.” Someone asked the staff at the venue and got the answer. It is said that there is a technology that can change the industry pattern on display, and everyone is rushing to watch it.

“What exactly is it?”

“I heard that it is a superconducting quantum computer of Red Letter Group.”

“Red Letter Group? Superconducting Quantum Computer?” Teacher Tian said with a bright eye. “Did they have made a superconducting quantum computer that can leave the laboratory? Let’s go and have a look!”

The usual superconducting quantum computers, which need to operate at extremely low temperatures, if can operate at room temperature, which is a very big improvement.

However, when they arrived at the scene, they discovered that the facts were more exaggerated than they expected! More amazing and crazy!

The exhibition venue of Red Letter Group is together with a group of China enterprises. There are some small Science and Technology achievements from China enterprises, but the viewers are embarrassed.

Now, computer industry experts and scholars from all over the world have come over to watch the so-called superconducting quantum computer that changes the computer industry.

On the display stand, there is a silver metal box. The box is flat, like a safe for secret information or documents.

Dai Liang served as a commentator and explained to the experts and scholars who came to visit. The venue also has a free translator that allows guests from different countries to understand what he means.

“Everyone may be very curious about what this is. I want to tell you that this is our superconducting quantum computer!” Dai Liang announced loudly.

“What? This is a superconducting quantum computer? Such a small size?” The crowd looked at the silver box.

They used to watch IBM, Intel, and Google’s superconducting quantum computers. The smallest one is as big as a cabinet. Even if some accessories are removed, the size is larger than the current desktop computer.

Those who are not as good as them, the quantum computer is even bigger than a house!

And Red Letter Group showed this, just a suitcase size, is this really a superconducting quantum computer?

Dai Liang saw everyone look, and his heart was slightly proud. The volume alone surprised you. If you know it’s performance, should it you scare?

He opened the silver metal box, which didn’t have the screen and keyboard that everyone imagined, but something like a folded metal bracket.

Dai Liang explained: “In order to reduce the volume and lightness, this sample superconducting quantum computer discards the physical keyboard and the physical screen. Of course, if necessary, it can be installed at any time.”

When he spoke, the folded metal brackets automatically bounced to form a hexagonal orientation for a full-scale virtual projection, and a three-dimensional operational virtual screen appeared in the field of view.

As a superconducting quantum computer, of course, it is somewhat different from ordinary computers.

First of all, the functions of ordinary computers are all owned.

Second, it’s best performance, computing power!

“Don’t look at the size of this superconducting quantum computer, but its computing power is more than any supercomputer in the world! And it is more than 10 billion times!”

“10 billion, is this quantum computer?” Some foreign experts screamed, with doubts in the voice!

Some of them have already heard the wind, and it is said that this year there is a trans-episode superconducting quantum computer with computing power that can surpass all supercomputers.

In their imagination, such superconducting quantum computers, at least as large as a basketball, combined with various sophisticated accessories, maintenance personnel will reach dozens of people…

And now, what they saw was just a silver metal suitcase! Just a little bigger than a traditional laptop!

“Impossible!” an expert from Australian computer field questioned on the spot, “The quantum computer is extremely demanding on hardware. This kind of computer can only load ordinary integrated circuit hardware, and it can reach the computing speed more than 10 billion. It is simply impossible!”

“This is too computer, just a virtual projection device? Real computer, in your research center, link to it via wireless network!”

He said that he immediately got the approval of many people.

“Yes, this is definitely an external device. Where is the real quantum computer?”

“10 billion times is too exaggerated, need proof!”

“Is Red Letter Group not a Chinese company? I remember that six months ago, they were able to make 20 qubits of superconducting quantum computers. Now that one billion times ahead of the latest supercomputer, the qubits must reach at least tens thousand or even millions! This is impossible!”

There are also several foreign experts who solemnly said: “We are a strict global academic discussion conference, not a commercial conference. Wanna brag and exaggerate data, please don’t bring it to the academic forum!”

“The organizers should review it, what about American Computer Association? How can they make them nonsense here?”


It is also because the elites and experts are present, so their questioning sentiment will be so enthusiastic! According to the development of Earth Science and Technology tree, how can such a thing not be created in five or ten years?

But because of the advent of Lu Zixin, this leading-edge machine appeared at once, completely beyond their expectations.

“Everyone seems to have some doubts about our products,” Dai Liang said. “But we can break the external network and perform calculations on the spot. Not only that, but the honorary vice president of American Computer Association, Academician of National Academy of Sciences, Nobel Physics Award winner Professor Rand can prove it for us!”

Dai Liang said that and white-haired old man came to the stage.

Seeing him, everyone was even more surprised.

“Is this not Professor Rand? Pioneer in the field of quantum!” These foreign experts and scholars do not know Dai Liang, but definitely know Professor Rand!

In the field of quantum, his research results are used in almost every research institute.

“Thank you for participating in our exhibition.” Dai Liang shook hands with Professor Rand, Professor Rand said with a slight smile: “I am also very lucky to participate in this historic moment!”

When the audit team heard the news, Professor Rand was the first to go to understand. When he discovered that Red Letter Group really created such a powerful quantum computer and turned the theory into an actual product, he was very excited. He could not think of a great progress in the field of quantum in his lifetime, and immediately contacted Red Letter group wants to know more about it.

Red Letter Group did not refuse, so there was such a scene.

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