BTC Chapter 216 : We’re different

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The audience was also shocked by this speed, the sprint time is too amazing, the game has just begun!

“She caught up!” The world-class racing player who had just dismissed Xu Xiuying was already nervous. He was already a top-class racing motorcycle, and he was technically world-class. How could he be so easily overtaken by the other party?

“The in-laws-in-laws riding on the motorcycle, keeping zero distance on the highway…” Iron Head changed another song, letting Xu Xiuying listen to him.

At this time, she has already sprinted to the top three, in front, it is Cao Qing and others.

“Damn, how did she catch up?” Cao Qing was shocked. In the rearview mirror, it can be clearly seen that Xu Xiuying’s motorcycle has been shrinking at a distance from his motorcycle.

In this competition, he and the club behind him pressed a big bet. If he can get the first place, he will make a big profit. Even if he is second or third, he can make a lot of money.

But if the first three can’t enter, it is blood loss!

Cao Qing’s eyes were cold, and the motorcycle was shifted a little, blocking the front of Xu Xiuying. Xu Xiuying is preparing to overtake from the other side, but there is another motorcycle in front of which adjusts the direction in front of her. This racer and Cao Qing are a club.

A long road, every time Xu Xiuying wants to overtake, will be blocked. The iron head was dissatisfied and shouted: “The first two girls dare to block the road, sister, I will bring you super god!”

OM”, the acceleration device of Iron Head opened, the fire in the exhaust pipe, rushed up.

“The front is a sharp bend!” Xu Xiuying’s eyes widened, and the sharp bend also accelerated the overtaking, 99% will roll over! This kind of thing is so common in the motorcycle race!

“Playing games, how can you not surpass the gods?” Iron Head did not accept control at all, but continued to accelerate.

The player behind was overjoyed and wary of keeping a distance from her motorcycle. Such a sharp bend is too large, it must be highly inclined, and the motorcycle has only two wheels. Once the angle of inclination is large, it will definitely roll over!

“It’s naive!” Cao Qing smiled in his heart, while controlling the body to lean and prepare to bend.

The narrator also shouted: “To be bent, the #15 player is still accelerating. If she wants to overtake, she is not afraid of rolling over?”

Xu Xiuying grabbed the handle, and the foot stepped on the pedal to clamp the body. The iron head had tilted the body to the level close to the ground. She could not control it. In her experience, it was necessary to roll over!

“Ying sister!” A Jing stood up nervously and looked at the picture with concern.

“She is too anxious!” The companions frowned. “This road should not be overtaken!”

However, when Xu Xiuying felt that she was about to overturn the motorcycle, a stream of air was sprayed on the side of the body to support the motorcycle body. This was the balance device that Lu Zixin added when it was designed, and it was started by the Iron Head.

They saw the super sharp turn on the track, Xu Xiuying’s motorcycle drifted almost in the way of the ground, wearing the past from the motorcycle of Cao Qing and others, to achieve the corner overtaking, rushed to the first!

“What? Is there such an operation?” the commentator shouted: “It’s so wonderful, this corner overtaking can definitely be listed as one of the top ten exciting moments of the island’s motorcycle racing!”

“Now #15 player is in the first place and has an absolute advantage!”

“Ying sister, beautiful!” A Jing and others excitedly stood up and cheered Xu Xiuying.

“Is it more than gone?” Xu Xiuying herself is a bit embarrassed, this operation is definitely not what she can do, relying entirely on this motorcycle! This motorcycle is simply God!

“Hahaha, now the first!” The iron head cried. “What about this baby? Just dare to block me, let them see and see my iron head!”

Said, the iron head changed its direction, just in front of Cao Qing’s motorcycle, but also slowed down so that he could not accelerate forward.

Cao Qing complexity changed, the other party with him? He looked at the track ahead because there was only one Xu Xiuying motorcycle in front, the motorcycle was wide and there was enough space for overtaking.

He moved a little on the side and wanted to speed up the overtaking. However, Iron Head blocked him in real time and synchronized it in front of him.

Moreover, the iron head is not blocking him. The motorcycle of his companion is also blocked by the iron head. It is super.

And the motorcycle that came later, Iron Head let them go over, this time, Cao Qing and his companions, ranked fell to the tenth. The players behind are overjoyed and just took the opportunity to overtake.

The audience watched it, and the #15 motorcycle was worn and worn on the track. The snakeskin was in a position, and there was nothing to say!

“I rely on, #15, this is a trick show operation!” The audience spoke.

“Is this guy too skinned? Not afraid of falling behind, not afraid of being hit?”

“I saw this scene for the first time after watching the game for a few years. It was so funny, Hahahaha…”

Cao Qing’s temper is not light, and his heart is awkward: “Damn it’s brain-dead, you don’t play and drag on Laozi!”

But how urgent is he, how to operate the motorcycle, is beyond the iron head, unless he dares to hit it directly. However, his speed could not touch iron head, and he could only be anxious.

Not only that, Iron head also sang a song: “We are different, everyone has a different situation, we are here, waiting for you here!”

Hearing the voice of the five-tone insufficiency, Cao Qing almost vomited blood! But he has no choice but to play so many times, this is his most awkward one.

Iron Head suppressed him for a while. Seeing that Cao Qing had already distanced himself from the motorcycle in front, it was difficult to get a place, and then he accelerated again. He overtook the motorcycle in front and quickly reached the first place.

The end point is close at hand!

A red line stopped in front, Xu Xiuying’s eyes widened, that is the end, she will be the first? Her thoughts couldn’t keep up with the speed of the motorcycle, and the iron head had already crossed the finish line, and the whole audience screamed and shouted.

The narrator is also excitedly said: “#15, #15 won the first! She not only won the first, but also broke the history of our island motorcycle contest! This is the speed!”

“Ah!” The audience shouted for the champions, and Xu Xiuying’s teammates also stood up and shouted at her excitedly.

“Ying sister, good!”

“Ying sister champion!”

“First! You have succeeded!”

Everyone is excited and can’t be self-satisfied, and Xu Xiuying, who has just stopped slowing down, is still a bit stunned. Is this the first? Just like dreaming!

The Iron Head is enjoying the cheers of the audience. It is proud to say: “Isn’t the strength of this uncle not blown? Now I just want to sing high songs!”

“How invincible, how lonely! How invincible, how empty!”

In Iron head song, the players behind them broke through the end, but they all gathered their attention on #15 player Xu Xiuying.

The experience just made Xu Xiuying not only a little embarrassed, but also caused a lot of heart shadow on them. Is there still such a game?

Let them wait for a few minutes, then sing songs, while the snakeskin walks, swings left and right, and bends over the extreme to overtake, easily get the first, I feel that these people, they are simply not regarded as opponents!

This is too difficult for them to accept! I got the second and third professional players, and I feel very wrong, because the gap between them and the first is too big!

The most uncomfortable thing is Cao Qing and his companions. Because of the revenge of Iron Head, they didn’t even enter the top ten. There is no doubt that the external bet must be lost! Blood loss to the explosion!

“What motorcycle is that? Our motorcycle definitely can’t do this! Acceleration and balance are too strong!” The players focused on Xu Xiuying’s body.

Xu Xiuying’s technology is certainly possible, but without the performance support of the motorcycle, it is absolutely impossible. Not only them, the audience, the event commentators, and the practitioners of the motorcycle are very curious, in the end, which company’s Black Science and Technology can actually do this. If this kind of motorcycle is on a world-class stadium, it will definitely win the championship!

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