BTC Chapter 215 : Comes with BGM

Edited: XiaXue

The game is finally about to begin, Lu Zixin becomes an audience, next to Xu Wenbin and his wife, the daughter contest, they also came to support the encouragement.

This competition is a race and obstacle crossing, the distance is long, so they can only wait at the end, in the middle of the time, will watch the game through real-time monitoring.

On the starting line of the competition, dozens of motorcycles and players have already sat down and ready to wait for the firing of guns.

Xu Xiuying rode on iron head, holding her breath, nervous, ready to start the engine. Next to her, Hong Zhen rode his own repaired motorcycle, which claimed to be his most proud work, which cost nearly two million Taiwan dollars.

The other players, who are also riding the race motorcycle, are also dyed with different paints and signs, and they are handsome.

Before the game, Xu Xiuying had already known these opponents. There are certain levels of participation in the competition, in addition to members of private clubs, as well as professional racing drivers of big brands, such as Honda, Harley, Yamaha and so on.

In particular, there are opponents like Cao Qing who are very strong and despicable. If this guy’s team really buys a peripheral bet for the game, then he will definitely use the means and be careful.

“It’s up to you!” Xu Xiuying clenched the handlebars, and the iron head said with a smile: “haha, it’s time for this uncle to show his talents! These slags dare to compete with this uncle, I want to hang Hit all!”

The sound of iron head attracted the racing drivers around and looked at it. What doubts were made.

“The game is still open, is this a children’s playground?” Cao Qing said with a smile, the surrounding racer’s face also showed a smile, the game can not be distracted for a moment.

Because this is a speed sport, if you are not careful, it will be dead! In the motorcycle races over the years, there have been cases of injuries and deaths.

“What is the difference between this simple game and the children’s playground?” Iron Head said, “To win you, it’s as simple as playing a game.”

It speaks without going through the brain, or its brain is not normal, and all of the hatred of everyone is attracted to Xu Xiuying.

“A big tone, who is talking?” A professional racer said with a sneer, he is a celebrity in the racing world and has won many honors in world-class competitions.

Xu Xiuying secretly annoyed and whispered to Iron Head: “Don’t you talk nonsense?”

“I am just telling the truth, let them prepare for the loss.” Iron head continued.

“The big words don’t hesitate!” The other players looked at Xu Xiuying’s eyes with hostility. This player didn’t know who to talk to, and he was too mad.

Xu Xiuying is really helpless. She really wants to ask, how can I turn off this smart voice.

In the audience, Xu Xiuying’s companions are also heartbroken. Can the motorcycle with intelligent voice really work?

The game started, and the event commentator was already excited: “Begin! This is the biennial island motorcycle racing competition. You can see that all the players have started the motorcycle and started a new challenge! No, there is one The player is a little slower, it may be a bit nervous… Is there a problem with the motorcycle?”

I saw that all the players had already set off on the broadcast screen, but Xu Xiuying still stayed in place. She is anxious to start the engine, but the motorcycle does not move.

“Bad luck, is it really broken at this time? I have checked it!” Xu Xiuying rushed her sweat on her forehead.

Seeing this scene, Lu Zixin is also confused, what kind of ghost is this Iron Head? This guy is really not worrying.

“Sisters don’t worry, let them be a little for a while, otherwise it will be too simple to win.” Iron Head said without hesitation.

“Nervous disease! Quick movement!” Xu Xiuying shouted.

“Hey, since you have taken the initiative to ask, then I will move, screaming!” After iron head finished, the engine made a roaring sound.

The motorcycle in front has gone far, and the commentator said unfortunately: “It is a pity that the 15 player may have a problem with her motorcycle. It seems that she has no chance to compete in this game.”

When his voice fell, he saw a motorcycle shadow smashing out and chasing the motorcycle in front.

The acceleration of Iron Head is too fast. From the perspective of the audience, only a shadow flashed through the picture and quickly chased the past.

“My God, this startup speed is too fierce? What kind of motorcycle is this?” Someone in the audience exclaimed.

“I didn’t see it clearly! Just like the rocket launch!”

“She is going to catch up so soon? This is opening!” Everyone clearly saw that the distance between Xu Xiuying and the former player was close at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The narrator was also excited and said: “What did I see? The #15 player motorcycle is almost unbelievable, and she will soon be keeping up with the team!”

When he finished this sentence, Iron Head had already chased the big troops with Xu Xiuying. The player behind is heart startled. How do you catch up with it so fast?

“Hello, everyone, I am coming!” Iron Head said, “Yes, the strong players should play BGM, I will sing a song for everyone!”

“The direction of the road, shining on my heart; the distant frontiers, as I go to the far side…” The iron head “the melodious singing” sounded on the track, almost letting a few drivers distracted.

“Rely, neuropathy, actually put this song, still so ugly!” Immediately could not help but swear.

Fortunately, the audience can only see the picture, listening to the voice of the commentator, or let them hear the BGM, I am afraid that they will stand up and can not help but yell, and quit the ticket.

Xu Xiuying didn’t have time to stop the Iron Head, because the speed of Iron Head was too fast. She held the handlebars tightly in her hands and noticed the direction in front. Moreover, the airflow resistance encountered is too great. If you are not attentive, you will be blown off directly.

In the BGM of Iron Head, Xu Xiuying’s position has been counted from the bottom, directly into the top ten.

“So fast!” Hong Zhen looked at Xu Xiuying over the side, full of horror. Generally, overtaking also requires a certain distance to complete, but Xu Xiuying’s overtaking is completely done within a short distance.

It’s like a motorcycle is easier than a runner, but they are not passers-by, they are racers, and they are still driving at high speed!

The narrator is crazy: “The speed of the #15 player is too fast. She is like a lightning bolt, passing through the traffic! Now she is already the ninth. If this continues, she will be in the first place in a few minutes!”

“I explained the game for nine years. For the first time, I saw the motorcycle that accelerated so fast! What kind of motorcycle did she drive? Is it the latest world-class racing motorcycle?”

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