BTC Chapter 377 : What should it look like?

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“Contact this research center right away!” George hurriedly called the assistant. “Look, can we visit in the past!”


Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and other countries in the quantum field are at the forefront, and the scientific community has seen this report.

For a time, the application letter received by Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center flew like a snow flake. They all want to know if the world’s most advanced quantum computer is hidden here!

In the field of quantum computers, United States is undoubtedly the world’s top country. There are quantum computer research teams at several top universities such as Yale University and the University of Michigan, and they have also successfully produced quantum chips.

National Security Agency’s own research department is also studying quantum computers based on quantum communication.

And in those giant companies that have been monopolized in the computer field for a long time, such research has already started more than a decade ago, and now they have the strength to launch commercial quantum computers, but in performance and cost. In terms of aspect, it is not suitable for the general public.

IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) is the world’s largest information technology and business solutions company with more than 300,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 160 countries and regions.

And their achievements in quantum computing of superconducting integrated circuits are undoubtedly the best in the world.

In other laboratories or companies, they can only operate superconducting quantum computers at ultra-low temperatures or severe conditions. They have been able to run superconducting quantum computers at room temperature.

It is also an important project of IBM to popularize the commercial operation of superconducting quantum computers.

IBM, New York-based Armmonds Headquarters, the Quantum Computer Projects Department is discussing the issue of this issue of Science.

“According to them, they will soon be able to make quantum computers as popular as traditional computers.” A senior executive frowned. “This will be a disruption to the computer industry, as well as to our traditional computer machine manufacturing and information. This is serious blow of technology vendors, we must take precautions!”

“I think the facts may not be that serious!” Said a quantum computer expert confidently. “It’s just twenty quantum bit superconducting quantum computers. We made it ten years ago! Their achievements, Not worth mentioning!”

“No, Lester, we can’t underestimate them! This research institute is Red Letter Group!” A vice president and board member seriously said, “Apple and Qualcomm have told us with terrible facts, the end of underestimation this China company!”

“We can’t step into their footsteps and see them grow and expand in our field and occupy our market!”

“Dr. Becky, you are an expert in the field of quantum computers. What do you think?” someone asked.

Dr. Becky, who has white hair, pushed his glasses and analyzed: “I read the contents of Science five times. What is certain is that they do have the technology to make commercial superconducting quantum computers.”

“With such superconducting quantum computer, as long as it reaches fifty qubits, the computing power is called the world’s first computer! According to my estimation, it should not take long before they reach fifty.”

Everyone listened to him saying that they were surprised. Doesn’t that mean that in a few years, China will be able to have the best performing computer machine in the world?

“Everyone doesn’t have to worry too much.” Dr. Becky continued to analyze, “It’s very difficult to achieve this level.”

“For the commercialization of superconducting quantum computers, I don’t think the situation is as optimistic as they think. The cost of making a superconducting quantum computer is absolutely unaffordable for ordinary users.”

“So I think that they should first cooperate with Chinese military to create some quantum computers for military production. In terms of civilian use, it cannot be completed within five years.”

“If that’s the case, we still have time to deal with it!” The vice president’s brow stretched a bit. What he feared most was that the industry’s transformation came like a storm and didn’t give them enough time to react.

“Now, we need to know more. Maybe we should contact Red Letter Group and their quantum computer research center.” Dr. Becky said.


Intel and AMD, the two giants that have monopolized computer chips for decades, are also nervous because of a report in the journal Science.

They have built up high barriers in core technologies such as computer chips for decades, keeping all other countries and companies out.

Now that Chinese are not convinced and want to overtake in another field, how can they allow it? If you really let Red Letter do it, how can they make money in the future, how to maintain their status as aloof and remote industry leader?

Therefore, Intel and AMD have disclosed in public or private situations that their company has a higher level of superconducting quantum computer chips. Some authoritative sources also said that in the “Science” journal, some reports about China Red Letter Quantum Computer Research Center are not true. At the same time, their achievements are not unique, but the way that companies such as United States have already passed, and there are suspicions of exaggeration.

The related effects are limited to scientific community. For the masses, they will not care about what is published in the journal Science.

The news they can see is that Red Letter Group announced that Red Letter Electronics Co., Ltd. will launch Red Letter computer business. It is expected that the first computer of Red Letter brand will be launched within one or two years!

“What is the computer of Red Letter?” This is a sentence written by Lu Zixin in the main conference room of Red Letter Group Building.

He asked everyone to discuss what kind of products Red Letter should make, what kind of features and designs.

“Of course, Red Letter computer with Red Letter’s independent operation system!” Tang Gang said first, “Since it is our independent computer, we must have our own System like Red Letter’s smartphone. We don’t need Microsoft’s WINDOWS operating system, and not like Apple’s IOS operating System, designed it’s own Red Letter computer operation System!”

“Our is a quantum computer, and the computing power is stronger!” said Liang Song. “Accordingly, our computer is better at AI intelligence. So we should not only design a more intelligent operation System. Also design intelligent computer applications!”

“Join the virtual projection function!” said Zhu An, “Let the quantum computer use a virtual screen, which makes it lighter in size and weight!”

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