BTC Chapter 105 : Going to learn from who?

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Big aunt whispered to big uncle: “What happened? How do I feel that they know Lu Zixin? Why don’t our family Xiao Jun speak?”

Big uncle shook his head, and his heart was full of puzzles, but still warned her: “Don’t talk.”

Lu Jun himself did not figure out what was going on. The other party did not come to him, but to find his cousin? How is this possible? He is a college student who just graduated. He is a foreman of an engineering team. How can he have more weight than him? And Chairman Jia, Mayor Tang and Chen Governors will ask Lu Zixin to drink tea together? This… this doesn’t make sense!

Lu Zixin glanced at his parents, and Lu Yue quickly said: “It’s okay in afternoon. If you have something, you should be busy first.”

Lu Zixin asked: “Don’t bother you?”

Mayor Tang said with smile : “Do not disturb, do not disturb. New Year, many people lively. We also want to get to know General Lu!”

Chen Governors nodded and said: “Yeah, I didn’t know that in the past, we had a person like General Lu. Meet you today, we must have a cup of tea together!”

“Jokes, I am only to do Internet.” Lu Zixin said modestly, talking and laughing with them.

At this time, it is the fool who can see that the “General Lu” that the Mayor Tang and others are looking for is Lu Zixin instead of Lu Jun!

Lu Jun is stunned and doesn’t know what to say. He absolutely did not think that his cousin is really such a cow, can become the guest of these big brothers!

In comparison, his “identity” is nothing at all! Seeing Lu Zixin and their jokes, Lu Jun thought that he had been ignored by them before, and that he was bragging in front of Lu Zixin, suddenly his cheeks were hot and too shameful!

Originally, I wanted to dress up in front of my cousin. Who knows that the cousin is a big boss!

And Lu Zixin big uncle andbig aunt, are even more surprised. The hairy brat in their eyes, now has this identity?

Big aunt really wants to ask, what is Lu Zixin doing? I have taught him so much just now, it’s really stupid to think about it now! Unconsciously, she looked at Lu Zixin’s eyes differently and brought awe.

Now let her teach Lu Zixin again, she doesn’t necessarily dare to say it.

The shock of three uncles is not smaller than them. He is a small civil servant himself. He can’t even see Chen Governors. Now Chen Governors and Mayor Tang is here, talking with his nephew, this is just like a dream.

Three aunt slightly opened her mouth, and the words stuck in her throat could not be said. She just wanted to swear Lu Zixin’s behavior, now dare to say?

She glanced at three uncles and found that her husband was no better than her. Three uncles are more than forty years old, and now they are still a little nervous.

He adjusted his mood, and then he smiled and said hello: “Mayor Tang, Chen Governors, Chairman Jia, happy new year.”

Mayor Tang and others looked at him doubtfully. Naturally, they did not know who it was.

Lu Zixin quickly introduced: “This is my uncle, and he work in agency.”

“Oh, it’s General Lu three uncles!” Myor Tang just reacted, this is General Lu relative. He reached out and shook hands with three uncles. Three uncles responded quickly, and he wished he would never wash his hands early.

Later, Chen Governors also shook hands with three uncles, and three uncles were full of red light, and their hearts were excited. Today, he actually shook hands with Mayor Tang and Chen Governors. When he went back to boast with his colleagues, they still couldn’t envy him. The leader who is on his own, does not seem to have received such treatment?

Mayor Tang also asked with a little concern: “Which unit is Mister Lu in?”

Three uncle quickly replied: “The staff of Social Security Bureau.”

“That work can be hard.” Mayor Tang said, “Is it okay?”

“Okay, okay, many thanks to mayor.” Three uncle respectful reply, how can you have a arrogance?

After a few chats, Lu Zixin said: “Elders, I have something to do with them. I can’t go back with you.”

“You are busy, your business is big!” said three uncles.

“Nothing, nothing, let’s go back!” Big uncle also said quickly.

Lu Zixin entered the hotel with Mayor Tang, Chen Governors, and Jia Hai. Big uncle and others looked at their backs until they disappeared completely.

Lu Jun asked in a dull way: “My God, what did Zixin do? How He can drink tea with some of them?”

Relatives are looking at Lu Zixin parents, and Lu Yue is still very proud. Said: “He just did business in Jiangcheng and met some friends. I don’t know exactly, that brat wouldn’t say.”

“What business is this? Even the mayor must take a high look!” Big uncle surprisedly said.

“Yeah, scared me!” Big aunt was still amazed.

Shen Man saw their emoticon, and her heart was finally comfortable. You also educated my son one by one, now you know the cow?

She said with a smile : “Isn’t that said before? It’s the Internet, it’s pretty good.”

“Which is this? It’s just a fork!” Lu Jun said with emotion. “Zixin can drink tea with them at a table. I don’t necessarily qualify for a few years!”

Three uncles also nodded: “My nephew is not simple! Just now Mayor Tang and Chen Governors are all polite, and our leaders have no such treatment!”

“It’s really good! My uncle is not as good as a nephew!”

“It’s all family.” Lu Yue said.

Big aunt said with emotion: “Is still reading a lot of books! I have seen that your children are not simple. When you read, you are smarter than Xiao Jun. Now it is!”

She said that Shen Man is a little speechless. She has just known that she is a strong Lu Jun, and now she has become Lu Zixin supporters.

Lu Jun himself is speechless, but he does not have a rebuttal. He is more aware of the weight of this project.

He also estimated in his heart that he would ask cousin to ask questions. If he could get a little relationship, he would be able to mix in rivers and counties.

Three aunt did not know what to say, but had to educate his son and daughter: “If you don’t see it, you should study hard, take a good university, and have the same interest as your cousin!”

The son said with dissatisfaction: “You just let us learn from Brother Jun! Going to learn from who?”

When he said this, the scene was a bit embarrassing, and she said: “You, this child, is awkward!”

Shen Man smiled and said, “You have to learn, both big brothers have a good time!”

When the people returned, the relatives were still curious, what did Lu Zixin do? Lu Yue and Shen Man had no choice but to talk about Lu Zixin Red Letter Company, but did not say that the entire company was Lu Zixin personal, saying that he is top of Red Letter.

A few relatives simply don’t know what Red Letter is doing, but there is always a feeling of unclearness.

On the other side, Lu Zixin and the three went into He County Hotel and opened a tea room to have a tea chat.

They come here, naturally it is not a chat, but for something. The main transaction is the investment project and investment amount of Baijia Real Estate in He County this year.

This is an important economic activity for He County, which are important economic activities that can drive economic growth, increase employment, and increase GDP. Therefore, Mayor Tang has attached great importance to it.

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