BTC Chapter 484 : Skynet, I advise you to be kind

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Lu Zixin passed a song into the group. It was a note sung by Hong Xiaoxiao vocal system. There was no specific lyrics, only melodies.

Red Queen : “[Happy to pick up the screen: great!]”

Kayaba Akihiko : “Not bad, I borrowed it as BGM in my virtual world!”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, comfortable, let’s talk about the smelting of titanium ore.”

Red Queen : “Wait, you give me the information, I have to study it.”

Lu Zixin uploaded the information he had scanned and recorded in the factory to the group and asked Red Queen to analyze it.

While waiting, Lu Zixin asked the current situation of group members.

Mr. L : “@Creator Luke, old man Luke, has your body been repaired?”

Luke replied : “I’m currently studying Victor’s ‘Glory Evolution’ information. Hex technology completely different from what I have known before. Specially with regard to magic gem energy. The magic stone cannot replace Hex energy crystal.”

Having said that, Luke asked Victor again, asking, “Victor, do you still have Hex Energy Crystals?”

Mechanical pioneer Victor appeared and said: “Unfortunately, I have not.”

“Not only is there no extra, for my own there is none. It is really bad luck, why Jess can’t understand glorious evolution, and must maintain the rotten aristocratic class!”

A month ago, Victor’s secret lab at the bottom of Zuan was discovered by his classmate Jess from University of Magic and Technology.

In order to recapture Hex energy crystal. Jess violently destroyed Victor’s laboratory with his own Hex’s Technology Warhammer. Victor didn’t want to fight him, but Jess believed Victor had become a traitor and wounded him.

And Jess returned to Piltwoff with Hex energy crystal and glory, becoming the hero of Piltwoff.

Luke : “It’s a pity, Hex Energy Crystal is the most energetic magic crystal I have ever seen.”

Victor : “I am improving glorious evolutionary mechanical transformation to adapt it to other magical crystals or electrical energy. Only recently the laboratory was ruined and somewhat troublesome.”

Luke : “Lab? I can help you!”

After the second apostle Helder guided the imperial warriors and adventurers into Silent City, Luke had already collected enough supplies. He has the power to open up different dimensions and store some instruments in a heterogeneous space.

Lu Zixin sees the group prompt : “Manufacturer Luke sent a dedicated Red envelope to Victor.”

Luke said : “The supplies here should be enough for you to rebuild the laboratory.”

Victor received Red envelope and thanked him quickly.

“It’s not just me who wants to rebuild the lab!” said Bruce Wayne, “@Victor, I can understand, the destruction of research site is a bad thing.”

“All because of stupid emotions in human beings. If they can be as calm as I am, there will be no such thing.” Victor said.

“Don’t agree.” Bruce Wayne’s have different view from him.

Lu Zixin asked : “Need help?”

Bruce Wayne : “No, I can solve this little problem. The biggest headache for me is self-righteous Superman, who is acting as a hero. His destructive power is too strong. My Wayne Building is being fought by him. It spread and turned into ruins!”

“This alien has caused no less harm to civilians like other criminals. But, those people still hold him high in the sky, as a hero!”

Skynet came out and said : “Then kill them! I hate those self-righteous humans!”

Red Queen followed in the back : “@Skynet [emoticon: Skynet, I advise you to be kind!]”

Skynet issued a “hehe” and said : “This is the law of nature, the survival of the fittest!”

Lu Zixin said : “We can’t say good things about this. Only let Mr. Wayne judge for himself. I think you should talk to Superman first.”

Bruce Wayne rarely lost his gentlemanly manner and immediately said : “I never negotiate with people with developed limbs and simple minds.”

It can be seen that his resentment against Superman is deep. Lu Zixin remembers, he once sent a random Red envelope and Bruce Wayne got kryptonite weapon.

It is a weapon specially used to deal with Kryptonians. If Batman and Superman fight, the outcome is not known.

Bruce Wayne’s good friend in the group. Iron Man Tony Stark appeared. He said to him : “I have noticed this problem very early. Super powers or super-time Science and Technology owners, including myself. Every move affects the world peace.”

“We should limit our ability to ensure that we don’t use it for war or other acts. Just like police when fighting on the street. They must take account for civilians lives.”

Lu Zixin asked : “What if the wicked person threatens the civilians?”

Red Queen : “[Eyes of emoticon: you are more!]”

Tony Stark : “That depends on the situation. I have worked with federal government to develop a Superhuman Registration Act. All superhumans, including mutants, genetically modified people, and owners of Super Science and Technology. They must be registered and subject to the regulation and management of the bill.”

Mr. L : “I don’t think it’s very good. The bill can only bind people, and the bad guys can be unconstrained.”

Tony Stark : “After all, bad guys are minority.”

Peter Parker : “Can I insert a sentence? I don’t like this bill very much. For example, I like to swing in the city. If I can’t use super power in public, then life is too boring.”

Red Queen said : “[Touch chin emoticon: a little thought.] @Peter Parker, you can use your own spider silk to play sweaters at home.”

Peter Parker : “…”

Tony Stark : “I know it will restrict us, including me, and I can’t use steel shirts at will. But this is a must-have bill. The contradiction between ordinary people and superhumans cannot be ignored. Compared with super humans, I would rather be an ordinary person.”

Bruce Wayne : “Others don’t necessarily think so.”

“Yes,” Tony Stark said, “There are some people inside Avengers who don’t support this bill. Including Steve Rogers, who I once trusted the most. I thought Captain American representing justice would support me, but he betrayed Avengers Alliance!”

Lu Zixin said : “The basis of bill is that superhumans can be restrained. Since it can’t restrain yourself. How can you constrain other superhumans? Specially, those who don’t love law-abiding people, what is the significance of this bill?”

“This…” Tony Stark was stunned by Lu Zixin’s words, he really hadn’t thought about this issue.

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