BTC Chapter 485 : Doubt about life!

Edited: XiaXue

After a while, Tony Stark said : “Everything has to start from scratch. I know, it’s difficult to restrain superhuman beings, but someone must start to do this!”

Bruce Wayne agreed with him very much, saying : “There are something that must be led by someone.”

They are all outstanding people, have their own thoughts, it is difficult to be moved by others.

Red Queen : “[Emoticon: I will take the lead in eating melons!]”

Mr. L : “[Emoticon: You are really drifting, man.]”

Red Queen : “[Emoticon: eyes gradually sharper.]”

Red Queen : “Owner, do you still want your titanium smelting materials?”

Mr. L : “[Emoticon: Wash the boss.]”

Red Queen was very proud, and sent : “[Big brother emoticon: Red Queen Corleone admires you very much.]”

When got here, Red Queen finally sent out the information. She said : “I have improved the smelting procedures and methods, and there’s also an intelligently controlled fully enclosed high-temperature electric furnace. It’s estimated purity of the high-titanium slag can increased to more than 95%!”

Group reminder : “Red Queen sent you an exclusive red envelope, please click to claim.”

Lu Zixin immediately received the red envelope, and the contents of red envelope went directly into his personal group space.

Group reminder : “You have received the exclusive red envelope from Red Queen. Congratulations on obtaining a copy of ‘Titanium Smelting Technology Complete Solution’ and a copy of ‘Intelligent Control Fully Enclosed High Temperature Electric Furnace Design Drawing’.”

Mr. L : “[Fisting expression: Young hero, thank you for that.]”

Red Queen : “[Fisting expression: there will be no future.]”

Lu Zixin quit the group chat and immediately took out the information he received. He called Zhang Qiang, asked Zhang Qiang to read the information, and then started manufacturing intelligently controlled fully enclosed high-temperature electric furnaces in Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd.

There are industrial robots, and it only took a few days to manufacture this electric furnace. The problem that has plagued Guangtu Mining for more than ten years has been solved.

At Guangtu Titanium Smelter, they received a notice from the head office. Today, the factory stop operating to replace old equipment with new equipment.

“What’s the matter? Old Guo, why did we stop production today? Our equipment is in good condition. Why are we suddenly changing the equipment?” A supervisor in factory curiously asked Guo Min.

“The company ordered new equipment from Red Letter Group. Saying it is a more advanced electric furnace, and we need to replace it.” Guo Min said, a trace of worry appeared in his eyebrows.

“Electric furnaces? Haven’t we been experimenting with higher power electric furnaces? Why do we need to change someone else’s. Can Red Letter Group build smelting electric furnaces?” The supervisor is very puzzled. Their smelting electric furnaces almost impossible to hand over to other companies to manufacture because they involve technical secrets.

And over the years, except for mining companies, other companies have no idea about smelting electric furnaces.

“I don’t know, they scanned some data last time and left.” Guo Min said worriedly, “I didn’t see them experimenting, just made it.”

“You said, isn’t this a madman?” Guo Min isn’t assured of the so-called new electric furnace. Since the establishment of Guangtu Titanium Smelter, they have been experimenting and developing new smelting electric furnaces.

From the original 1800KVA to the current 4300KVA! These are the results of their countless experiments and learning.

But now, people from Red Letter Group just came to the factory for a walk, and they worked out an electric stove and install them. He didn’t doubt it, impossible, is this really useful? I am afraid that not only will it be useless, but there will be some safety accidents!

“President Sheng and President Lu is here.” Guo Min was notified, and Guo Min hurried over.

“Old Guo, look, our new equipment arrived so soon, did I lie to you?” Sheng Wenyan said jokingly.

Guo Min couldn’t laugh, and asked, “Will they install it? I have to go and stare at the scene!”

“No.” Lu Zixin waved his hand, “Don’t worry, with our instructor Zhang, you don’t have to worry about everything, it will good soon.”

Guo Min saw a burly man was directing the workers to install the equipment.

He was secretly amazed, this director is so strong, not like a technical coach, but like a weightlifter!

Under Zhang Qiang command, a few hours later, the old equipment was replaced and the new equipment was installed. In addition, Zhang Qiang also made changes to the original production process and procedures plus teaching the workers.

“Don’t break these equipments, they will be kept in the warehouse!” Guo Min asked to keep the old equipment for backup, if new equipment malfunctioning, and there is still room for salvation.

“President Lu, we can start!” Zhang Qiang came to report on the progress.

“Okay, Master Guo, you can let the workers prepare and start the smelting of high-titanium slag.” Lu Zixin ordered.

“I will make this arrangement.” Guo Min started to command, and Sheng Wenyan waited.

After they got everything ready, they finally started experimenting with new equipment. Put iron-titanium ore into high-temperature electric furnace, heated quickly, and melts into a liquid.

“It’s already 5000KVA!” Guo Min looked at the display in surprise, the power of this electric furnace is really higher than their original!

“Five thousand? More!” Lu Zixin smiled.

“Is there 6000+?” Guo Min asked in surprise. Pancheng Iron and Steel Group next to them has a self-baking electrode semi-closed electric furnace with a power of 6000+KVA. The high-titanium slag extracted by them has a purity of 92%, which is the best quality titanium industrial raw material in China.

“Look again.” Lu Zixin said, and Guo Min watched. When he was talking, the meter data was still going up. Soon, it exceeded 6000KVA!

“If the current is too high, the electric furnace may explode!” Guo Min was not surprised, but rather scared.┬áIf this high-power electric stove is a fryer, the risk factor is not so big!

“Don’t worry, even if it’s 10,000KVA, it will not fry. All data will be transmitted in real time.” Zhang Qiang said.

“Ten thousand?” Guo Min’s eyes jumped, “Can it reach ten thousand?”

When he said that. The data on meter display had soared to 8000+, surpassing the highest power titanium smelting electric furnace in China!

Under the action of ultra-high temperature. The impurities in the ore are stripped and purified step by step through various processes.

In the end, the power of this intelligently controlled fully enclosed high-temperature electric furnace exceeded 10,000KVA!

“It actually reached ten thousand!” Guo Min was really shocked this time. Domestic titanium industry has been developing for decades, from 500KVA open electric furnaces to 6000+KVA semi-closed electric furnaces. It took more than ten years!

And Red Letter Group, without any titanium industry foundation. Only took less than half a month to develop a fully enclosed electric furnace with more than 10,000KVA. Suddenly he was a little skeptical about life, what the hell has he been studying all his life?

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