BTC Chapter 159 : Nosy

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Lu Zixin immediately called the company’s people to ask about Zuo Qiuting. The person in charge said: “Endorsement? It is this. We have drawn Zuo Qiuting as the spokesperson of HX2 MOUDLE mobile phone, but have not yet negotiated.“

“Ding Yiran’s endorsement fee is only 10 million, Zuo Qiuting has to quote 12 million, so it is still under negotiation.”

Lu Zixin directly pointed out: “They are both at Yinhui International Hotel? I am also, I said that I have to see them in advance, at four o’clock.”

“Well, General, I will arrange it now!”

On the other hand, Zuo Qiuting’s agent Hu Jing returned to his room.

She said: “My big Young Master, you almost got into trouble today. So many reporters, be careful when doing things.”

Zuo Qiiting disdained snorted and said: “A group of madmen, dirty my clothes, and I have to change one.”

“Is things handled well? No reporters will burst out?” he asked.

“No.” Hu Jing said, “Now you are popular, which media will explode your negative news? As long as there is no actual evidence, your fans can kill them!”

When he heard Hu Jing, Zuo Qiuting showed a smug look on his face.

Hu Jing also spit out: “There was a neuropathy downstairs, saying that you should apologize to him before the afternoon, otherwise you will be at your own risk. Hey, are people now so bullish?”

“Want me to apologize? I still have the consequences!” Zuo Qiuting laughed and said: “If he is in the entertainment industry, I can let him not eat!”

They are laughing, Cheng Ying is knocking at the door and said: “Senior Brother, Sister Hu, I am back.”

Zuo Qiuting’s laughter suddenly stopped, slightly frowned, and it seems that she doesn’t like Cheng Ying.

Hu Jing whispered: “Just before Cheng Ying took the fallen girl to heal.”

Hu Jing opened the door and Cheng Ying came in and said hello to Zuo Qiuting, but Zuo Qiiting’s eyes made her very uncomfortable.

It’s like a woman jealous of her beauty, cursing her in her heart. Cheng Ying did not know why she felt this way, but Zuo Qiuting gave her the feeling.

She is also a beautiful woman with a tall body and a high value, otherwise she will not be spotted. Usually everyone’s attitude towards beautiful girls is not bad, except for women and Zuo Qiuting. She even suspects that Zuo Qiuting is not annoying women?

“Senior Brother, just me…”

“What are you?” Zuo Qiuting interrupted her words and said, “Are you busy?”

Cheng Ying has some grievances and said: “But if it is not handled well, what if there is a negative impact?”

“Hehe, negative impact?” Zuo Qiuting sneered and said: “I think you want to show the limelight in front of the media?”

“I tell you, you follow me honestly, and when you have a chance to show your face, you will go up. Give me a little more time, don’t think about some messy thoughts.”

“That is, how do you have a little bit of eyesight? You don’t know who taught you.” Hu Jing is also used to drinking and drinking.

Cheng Ying felt very wronged, but she knew that as long as she could not offend the two men. I can only apologize silently: “I’m sorry.” Then she leave the room.

“This little girl, want to be famous, want to be crazy?” Hu Jing looked at her away, disdained said, “Nothing can be done, the last time a boss let her accompany the wine, she actually slipped, no rules “

The two were chatting. Hu Jing suddenly received a call. After a short while, she said to Zuo Qiuting with surprise: “Haha, our chance is coming! Red Letter just called and tell me that their boss is also here. Let’s talk in the past in hotel.”

“I told you that the CEO of Red Letter Group is a very bad person. If he is optimistic about you, don’t talk about the endorsement fee, it is not a problem to invest hundreds of millions to make a movie. Let’s prepare, we will pass!”

Zuo Qiuting is also a little excited, saying: “This is not a white city!”

Although he is a popular star, with millions of fans, he can earn more than one billion a year. But he knows that he and the big names in the business world are not at one level.

Once a star has no exposure, it will soon be over-excited, and the business will be able to win a star with their ability.

It can be said that the first-line stars from the fun of the entertainment industry will have such a background of one or two business circles. If you can rely on the CEO of Red Letter Group, let alone the Red Year, the Red Year is not a problem.

They quickly packed up and were ready to meet the CEO of Red Letter Group.

Lu Zixin is not in a hurry, everything is arranged by the company’s people. Now Lu Wei’s leg is hurt, and she can’t go out shopping. She can only play mobile phones in the hotel.

At the end of the day, Lu Zixin said: “Go, before the concert begins, let you see the individual, you are not even white.”

“Who?” Su Xiaomeng said curiously.

“Confidential!” Lu Zixin said.

“Brother-in-laws, you sell off!” Su Xiaomeng shook his arm and asked: “Tell me!”

“You’ll see right away, you’re going to help Lu Wei,” Lu Zixin said.

They went to the first floor of the hotel, where Ding Yiran and Zuo Qiuting had been waiting for him, and there was a minister of Red Letter Mobile Marketing Department, called Xie Gan.

At this time, Ding Yiran and Zuo Qiuting are talking and laughing with Xie Gan. At the same time, they are also very curious. Why do the CEO of Red Letter suddenly want to see them, is it their fans? Still talking about business?

They are in the room inside, outside the room, Ding Yiran’s agent, Hu Jing, Cheng Ying and others are waiting quietly.

When Lu Zixin and others arrived, Su Xiaomeng saw Hu Jing and shouted: “The nasty woman is also!”

Hu Jing saw the three people, suddenly face turned cold, questioned Cheng Yingdao: “You are not saying that it is handled? How do they find it here? You tell them?”

“I don’t know.” Cheng Ying quickly stood up and walked over and asked, “How come you are here?”

“Sister Cheng, why are you here too?” Su Xiaomeng asked.

“I… Hey, this is not a public area. I will take you to another room.” Cheng Ying said in a hurry.

However, Hu Jing has come over and said: “This is not where you can make trouble, hurry out, or I will let the security guards to take you!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “Hurry? Are you afraid that you are not clear about the situation? I ask you, why didn’t Zuo Qiuting apologize?”

“Apologize to you?” Hu Jing said with a sneer, “A group of neuropathies. On this occasion, I don’t want to argue with you.”

She shouted to Cheng Ying: “What are you still doing? Call people, take these three away!”

Su Xiaomeng is uncomfortable: “You are a neuropathy!”

Lu Zixin looked cold and said, “I want to see, who wants to drive us away!”

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