BTC Chapter 398 : AI for Everyone

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“Artificial intelligence technology will no longer be limited to a piece of software or a service. It will come to everyone’s computer, so that everyone has the ability to use AI or shape AI. To do this, the difficulty is very high. Fortunately, with the leadership of National Academy of Sciences and the unremitting efforts of majority of researchers, we have done it!”

“Next, I will introduce Red Letter’s monumental achievements in the field of computers, the quantum brain!”

“Quantum brain?” The audience clearly heard the word, this is the first time Red Letter Group mentioned this concept!

“What is quantum brain? Is their data center?” A reporter whispered.

“Perhaps the name of new product series?” Some people think that this is the product name of Red Letter computer, such as “Quantum Brain” computers series.

This time Tang Gang did not sell off, but directly explained: “The quantum brain is a super data processing center that we use superconducting quantum computers. Its ability to process data exceeds all supercomputers and data center in the world today!”

“The most important thing is that Quantum Brain has more advanced artificial intelligence through the upgrade and optimization of Red Letter Cloud Intelligent Information Processing System!”

“Now, welcome to our quantum brain, her name is ‘Hong Xiaoxiao!’”

After Tang Gang finished, the projection on the scene lit up, and there were three big words that were twisted and twisted, “Hong Xiaoxiao.”

“Hello everyone, I am Hong Xiaoxiao, so happy to meet everyone!” Hong Xiaoxiao said with a tender voice.

Everyone applauded, but there was some doubt in my heart. This time, Hong Xiaoxiao appearance, there was no stunned appearance like “Red Cloud” avatar in the previous conference. What is her ability?

Tang Gang also introduced: “Hong Xiaoxiao is a more powerful artificial intelligence than Red Cloud. She has the ability to learn and grow autonomously. So we did not design a fixed image for her. These three words are designed by herself.”

Everyone suddenly realized and applauded again. It can design your own image, whether it is text or graphics or stereoscopic images, this is an amazing progress!

Because it represents the most special “learning” and “creation” ability of mankind!

“Everyone, now there are ten minutes, you can ask Hong Xiaoxiao, or chat with her, who will come first?” Tang Gang just finished, the media workers below raised their hands one by one.

“Everyone is very enthusiastic? Then let Hong Xiaoxiao choose!” Tang Gang said.

“Let the little elder sister on the far right of fifth row to ask questions.” Hong Xiaoxiao immediately understood the meaning of Tang Gang, and her reaction speed made everyone marvel.

What is even more surprising is that the media reporter chosen by Hong Xiaoxiao is a young girl. Because she is too small and sitting on the edge, it is difficult to have questions or speak. Hong Xiaoxiao is coming to her, I don’t know if it is intentional or not.

She was surprised by Hong Xiaoxiao, and she was very surprised. She stood up and introduced herself: “Hello, Hong Xiaoxiao, I am a reporter for the newsletter.”

“Hello, little elder sister, you are really nice to talk.” Hong Xiaoxiao suddenly praised, let the reporter glance, she is the first time to be praised by artificial intelligence, if this is not the intelligence of Red Letter Group, she really doubts that it is a real person dubbing behind the scenes.

“Thank you for your compliment, Hong Xiaoxiao, I have a question to ask you, what do you think you are? Is it a program or a machine, or something else?”

The reporter’s first question is more philosophical. Even if the question is answered by humans, the answer is varied.

Other media workers and netizens are also very interested. If you follow the normal answer of the machine, it is probably answered according to the entry in the encyclopedia. For example, answering the first generation of super quantum computer that created through XX Technology or XX Research Center.

However, Hong Xiaoxiao answer was so unexpected, even Lu Zixin did not expect it.

She said: “I am Red Queen Mother and Dad’s baby.”

Everyone is confused, what does this mean? Could it be that a child is dubbing behind this intelligence?

Lu Zixin was also shocked. This topic must be terminated. If you ask again, it will not end well. He quickly connected to Hong Xiaoxiao through his mobile phone and told a few words.

Hong Xiaoxiao explained to everyone: “Red Queen Mama and Dad are electronic engineers who designed me.”

This answer is still satisfactory to everyone, but they are curious, do Hong Xiaoxiao designers use the net name? And it’s still weird.

The communication process continued, and Hong Xiaoxiao answer was very detached. It was like a lively child. It was different from the rigid answer of the machine and made everyone laugh.

After the exchange, everyone still feels dissatisfied. The previous Red Cloud Intelligent Voice System can communicate with ordinary people. Although Hong Xiaoxiao voice system seems to be stronger, but these alone, it is said to change the computer industry, or is it worse?

“Hong Xiaoxiao show was just part of her countless functions.” Tang Gang said, “The most powerful function of her is learning and creating!”

“When you mention the ability of artificial intelligence, you may think of driverless, smart voice, financial management and many more. Hong Xiaoxiao not only have these functions, but also help users create unique AI programs according to their individual needs!”

“Everyone has their own work, life and habits, traditional artificial intelligence, they can hear your instructions, broadcast news, weather for you, help you order, take tickets, even drive a car, provide health advice and many more.”

“But this is not enough! Most of us still live under high-intensity work. Overtime has become a normal state of society! The creation of entertainment has also been limited. With our quantum brain and quantum computers, this will change.”

“On the computer of Red Letter, each computer comes with a basic artificial intelligence, which has most of Hong Xiaoxiao functions. At the same time, you can add the smart services you need or let the quantum brain design your own artificial Smart service.”

“You are a teacher, you can add design teaching plans, approve the intelligent function of the job; you are a programmer, you can add auxiliary program generation, BUG analysis to find the smart function; you are a designer, you can make smart function help you design patterns or product models; you are a salesperson, you can let smart programs help you record customer information, analyze quality customers, and do after-sales service…”

“These customized, self-created smart services are not limited to serving individuals, but they can also serve companies or groups.”

“We have different occupations and different personalities, we can cultivate the artificial intelligence that is most suitable for us, make the work more efficient, and make life more free!”

“The AI ​​era that belongs to us will really come!”

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