BTC Chapter 118 : There’s another one that’s not introduced

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Duan Chi sorted out his clothes and went into VIP lounge behind Tian Xiangshan. When everyone settles, they begin to know each other.

“General Tian, ​​hello, my name is Duan Chi, your schoolmate.” Duan Chi stood up and greeted, and respectfully reached out.

Next to him, Pang Xing said: “This schoolmate is not simple. The company he created was just over a year, and the market value is over 100 million.”

Tian Xiangshan also stood up and shook hands and nodded: “It’s very good. I always think that everyone who dares to try to start a business and achieve certain success is not a simple character!”

“There is a prize.” Duan Chi said, “It’s too far from you. Right, this is my business card.”

“Sit down, don’t stand.” Tian Xiangshan accepted his business card, Duan Chi’s heart is happy, this is also to know Tian Xiangshan?

Next, Duan Chi has always wanted to continue to communicate with Tian Xiangshan, and sell his own blockchain concept stocks. However, Tian Xiangshan does not catch his meaning.

Tian Xiangshan said: “Today, I am mainly invited by the old principal to see the schoolmates of the alma mater and exchange ideas with them. Don’t talk about business matters, let’s go to the lobby to see?”

Other entrepreneurs naturally greeted and they got up and went to the hall.

Before they rushed, Tao Fang came out and said to her students: “They will come over immediately, and when thry come, I will introduce you a few… you are ready, don’t humiliate the teacher.”

Everyone is envious of watching the students she named, how good this opportunity is for myself!

Tao Fang deliberately saw Su Zhirong, she should have had this opportunity, but this student is too rebellious, now regret it?

However, Su Zhirong expresion is calm and does not see any change.

“Pretend, she must have regretted it!” Tao Fang thought, feeling happy again, she was waiting for an apology, seeing Su Zhirong when to apologize to herself.

Wu Wenwen is also a student who has not been recommended by Tao Fang. She lowered her voice and said in Su Zhirong’s ear: “Mrs. Tao is too eccentric. Some of the students who are like her are willing to flatter!”

Su Zhirong comforted: “Nothing, you are also a master’s student at Jiangcheng University, but you are afraid that you can’t find a job? It’s really not have, just working for our company.”

“Okay, then I will mix with you later.” Wu Wenwen thought she was joking, and she joked.

Tian Xiangshan and others have finally arrived. He is easygoing. He also responds to all the students who have asked questions. The outstanding students recommended by the teachers, he is also willing to exchange one or two, and even let the secretary leave their contact information.

Soon, it was where Tao Fang’s students were. Tao Fang quickly smiled and said: “These are my students, I will introduce you to you.”

“This is Chen Hao, Master of Economics…”

Every time she introduces one, Tian Xiangshan or the entrepreneur next to him will ask a little. One of them was also valued by Tian Xiangshan and said: “If you are interested, you can go to our Rice company for an interview.”

Duan Chi followed, and had the opportunity to insert a few words to increase his sense of existence. He saw Su Zhirong, his look was slightly smug, and now he is standing among these successful people, enjoying everyone’s look, which is a hundred times stronger than her boyfriend?

When he arrived at Su Zhirong, Tao Fang did not introduce her. She said, “It’s almost like this.”

“Mrs. Tao, you are stingy, and there is a good student who you will not introduce to me?” Tian Xiangshan started playing with a smile. He has seen Su Zhirong and recognized her.

Because of some business negotiations, Su Zhirong has been to Rice company and has seen Tian Xiangshan. Others are easy to forget, but Su Zhirong’s looks and identity are very characteristic, so Tian Xiangshan still remembers her.

Tao Fang asked, “Who?”

When she spoke, Su Zhirong had already greeted Tian Xiangshan. “General Tian, hello, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

As soon as she spoke, Tao Fang was not happy. Who did the student think she was? Also add yourself to yourself!

Wu Wenwen is even more nervous. She admire Su Zhirong’s courage. At this time, she dares to say hello.

“No, why should she say it again?” Wu Wenwen was very surprised.

Everyone else looked at Su Zhirong with a puzzled look, especially Tao Fang. His eyes were harsher and the scene seemed awkward.

Tian Xiangshan lifted his hand and wanted to say something, but he spoke.

Duan Chi took a step forward and wanted to make a clearance for Su Zhirong. He said: “I introduce, this is my schoolmate, she is called…”

Before he finished speaking, Tian Xiangshan stopped him: “Wait, don’t say it!”

Everyone was puzzled and looked at Tian Xiangshan. Duan Chi’s words were also stopped. Until two seconds later, Tian Xiangshan suddenly said with a smile: “haha, I remember, Su Zhirong, right? Sorry, old, Memory can’t keep up.”

Tian Xiangshan suddenly said the name of Su Zhirong, and he was shocked Duan Chi, Tao Fang and Wu Wenwen. How did he know Su Zhirong?

“The name is right, your memory is very good!” Su Zhirong said with a slight smile.

“General Tian, do you know her?” Tao Fang asked.

“Of course I know.” Tian Xiangshan said with emotion, “little Su is actually our Jiangcheng University student, and we are really talented!”

After he finished, Duan Chi and others were even more aggressive. This level of praise, Tian Xiangshan said for the first time today! The key is why he knows the name of Su Zhirong, and so?

An entrepreneur next to him asked: “General Tian, your excellent schoolmate, don’t introduce us?”

Tian Xiangshan said: “I told you, you don’t want to see her young and look down on her. Now she is the executive vice president of Red Letter Group!”

“Red letter? Which red letter?”

“Is it a strong rise in the game industry, and launched the Cloud host to defeat the Qibao 330, and also sell that the mobile phone bet with you?” a company CEO asked some unbelievable.

“Yes, that’s Red Letter.” Tian Xiangshan affirmed his conjecture.

His voice fell and the silence was immediately around. Those entrepreneurs looked at Su Zhirong with amazement, and they were filled with emotions. This graduated school girl is actually the executive vice president of Red Letter Group!

At this age, they are the fledgling hairs! And now, some of them are not as good as Su Zhirong!

Red Letter, but recently a well-known company. In the field of games, computer butlers and mobile phones, all have gone to great results, many people predict that the future red letter is likely to become another big giant Internet!

Su Zhirong is actually the executive vice president of Red Letter, the core management staff!

Duan Chi stunned, he absolutely did not think that Su Zhirong actually has this identity! At this time, she is very dazzling.

Tian Xiangshan didn’t know him, but he knew Su Zhirong, which is enough to explain everything. He was ashamed of the scene, thinking that he was behaving oneself infallible in front of her.

As Su Zhirong is now, the president who is ten times stronger than him has seen it. What’s more, his company’s market value of hundreds of millions is also blown out. The so-called blockchain concept stock launched by Speed ​​Confidence is a concept product following the trend, a financial bubble. Real products, they simply don’t. So he only needs to make Tian Xiangshan and try to pull the investment.

In other words, compared to his, he is not as good as Su Zhirong, this is really a sad reality!

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