BSI Chapter 128 : Shunkō: Raijin Senkei

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Soi Fon shakes Yoruichi fist, looks at Yoruichi, and frowns and asks: “How come you are able to use Shunko?”

“Of course I will.”

Yoruichi said with a smile: “If you have it, the back and shoulders of the criminal suit are exposed, just to use Shunko”

“I see.”

Soi Fon eyes glanced, coldly said: “How about that, even the same Shunko, you can’t beat me.”

Soi Fon voice fell, her figure glittering, appeared in front of Yoruichi, punched out.


The two fists collided, the thunder burst, and the surrounding trees were touched by thunder directly shattered.

One touch burst.

The two were once again turned into two afterimages, and their bodies were constantly staggered, leaving only shadow in sky.


Soi Fon foot kicked Yoruichi and Yoruichi up again, but the thunder on Soi Fon’s back burst, the body rotated in the air, and the other foot slammed again.

This foot not only borrows the strength of the rotation, but also the thunder on back can transfer energy into the leg and kick the foot out.

In the face of this foot, Yoruichi raised her arm, but a huge force came and kicked Yoruichi out.

Yoruichi appeared not far away, rubbed her arm and said: “Your moves are really weird.”

Soi Fon combat style, which is use all over the body, is constantly adjusting Kido direction.

Soi Fon and Yoruichi Shunko are the combination of Hakuda and Kido, providing energy to the limbs using Kido energy.

But Soi Fon’s is still a little different. She will change her energy to change her body to Stamina, and then make a lot of moves.

In this way, her Hakuda can be perfectly integrated with Shunko to form an excellent combat style.

And Soi Fon height is relatively short, only 150cm, small and flexible, faster and more explosive.

“It’s just that you are out of date.”

Soi Fon coldly snorted, rushed out again, and the palm of her hand stabbed Yoruichi.

Yoruichi raised her hand, her palm held Soi Fon right wrist, and Kido on the right side of Soi Fon’s back burst out with stronger energy. The next moment, Soi Fon slammed to the left, with the rotation, and the left arm pulled out.


Yoruichi stretched out her arm, but the next moment, Soi Fon, was on one side, along with the sideways body, and the both legs slammed out.

“I have already expected it.”

Yoruichi leaned back and Soi Fon legs just crossed from above. When crossing Yoruichi, Yoruichi reached out and hugged Soi Fon boss legs and threw her away.

Soi Fon was thrown out, her body was slightly stagnant, she was about to adjust her figure, and her eyes were black. A figure appeared above Soi Fon and fell.

“Not good.”

Soi Fon twisted her body and raised her right foot, just against the ankle that Yoruichi had kneel down.

Yoruichi other foot wanted to lift, but was stomped by Soi Fon’s left foot.


Soi Fon uses her body to seal opposite side body.

Soi Fon’s body is small, so it can be tight and short, just like squeezing into someone else’s arms, using her body to support other people’s body.

Yoruichi feet are supported, and Thunder Attribute Kido on Soi Fon back turns into a whirlpool that provides a rotating force.

The next moment, Soi Fon rotates in the air, holding Yoruchi both legs, letting her head and feet go to ground.


Yoruichi’s face changed and she wanted to reach out to attack Soi Fon, but she was buckled by Soi Fon both hands and continued to fall.

Just four or five meters from the ground, Yoruichi’s right hand suddenly filled with electric light, and the last Thunder shot at Soi Fon.

Not good

Soi Fon quickly released her foot and ducked sideways, avoiding the blow.

Yoruichi also regained control and appeared in the distance.

“What is this trick?”

Soi Fon looked back and saw that the trees behind it fell and the ground turned into scorched earth.

If she didn’t escape, Soi Fon would be seriously injured, but even then, her cheeks showed a fine blood mark.

Yoruichi said: “This is Thunder strike. Someone helped me with the moves. He is very smart.”

Yoruichi uses Thunder strike, borrowing an arm to release thunder and form a flaw, which is extremely costly.

And this move is exactly what Xia Yan helped.

But Soi Fon after listening, her face was full of coldness. “How does Kisuke Urahara help you? I have to see how strong it is.”

As Soi Fon words fell, her figure disappeared.

“Do you want to run?”

Yoruichi looks at Soi Fon and disappears, asking with a smile.

But only in an instant, a thunderbolt came through and shot at Yoruichi front.

So fast.

Yoruichi hides sideways, and thunder energy wipes her cheeks and burns part her purple hair.

“This is?”

Yoruichi looks at Soi Fon, both hands are wrapped in special armor, the calves and feet are all wrapped in it, the arm and both hands are covered by the armor, but the tail of the left hand is conical. The right hand is a pair of iron claws, only Suzumebachi in index finger is exposed.

“This is what my favorite person designed for me, and then it was created by technical departement, killing you with it, it is also a good result.”

This iron armor was made by Xia Yan, and Soi Fon found the technology departement, departement Mayuri, to help her make it.

The latter was very reluctant, but when he saw the drawings, he was very excited and helped Soi Fon to make this armor and help her test it.

Soi Fon said that the spiral on the arm of the left arm suddenly had current flowing in it and finally concentrated at the tip of the left hand.

The next moment, Soi Fon raised her left hand and aimed at Yoruichi.


After the current is applied through the spiral, it is turned into a thunderbolt and fired at Yoruichi.

Yoruichi quickly evaded and laughed: “You can shoot a thunderbolt, a very powerful weapon. However, with such a heavy armor, will your speed slow down?”

The voice fell, and Yoruichi body flashed and appeared behind Soi Fon.

But Soi Fon turned back to Yoruichi with armor.


Yoruichi double fists were in front of her, but they were thrown straight out and smashed into distant trees and broke the trees.

“The degree has not slowed down, it has also accelerated, and this destructive power.”

Yoruichi bit her teeth and slowly climbed up from the ground, her arms felt painful.

Soi Fon looks at Yoruichi, saying: “These spirals can not only shoot Kido, but also allow thunder to blast on it, providing strength to the arm. You have to know that people’s tolerance is limited, and you can’t let thunder appear in every part of body. Once the whole body is covered by thunder, the body will be torn. Therefore, this armor can bear part of Strength explosion, which makes it possible for my whole body to use Thunder Energy to improve the speed and gain huge Strength.”

When Yoruichi heard this, she smiled and said: “The body uses Thunder Energy, and the body does not stand it. But why do you want to attach thunder to the body?”

When Yoruichi words falling, She saw Yoruichi back thunder slowly gathered, spread along the back, and finally condensed into six three tomoes over the back.

These three tomoe constantly provide thunder for Yoruichi, so that every part of her body is affected by thunder, and the damage generated by explosion does not affect her body.

This move is also Xia Yan to help her master it.

Yoruichi has long been a body that can hardly withstand all the thunder, and Xia Yan told her that it can form an energy source in vitro.

With Xia Yan help, Yoruichi made this move ahead of time.

“Shunkō: Raijin Senkei.”

“This is?”

Soi Fon surprised look at Yoruichi.


Yoruichi figure disappeared, the next moment, appeared behind Soi Fon, Soi Fon responded in time, but just turned around, Yoruichi had appeared again in her behind, and the palm pressed against her neck.


The violent thunder shrouded Soi Fon, whose body was slightly stiff and fainted.

This Raijin Senkei is more advanced than ordinary Shunko. Soi Fon armor can condense thunder supply, but after offsetting the weight of armor, the degree of improvement is small.

So in the face of Raijin Senkei, Soi Fon couldn’t react at all and was easily defeated by Yoruichi.

Look at Soi Fon on ground, Yoruichi said softly: “Don’t worry, you will learn this trick, but the person who teaches you is not me.”

Yoruichi took Soi Fon up and walked to the distance, and then she looked at Sōkyoku Hill direction and said, “Xia Yan, what you wish for me to do has been completed, and then I will see you.”


At Sōkyoku Hill, Rukia has been taken to the knees. Both hands have just been fixed, but she have not yet risen. A figure rushed to Rukia. At the same time, he shouted: “Bankai… ”

Seeing that figure, Xia Yan picked an eyebrow, how is he?

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