BTC Chapter 117 : Noisy

Edited: XiaXue

When Duan Chi went to Su Zhirong to chat alone, Wu Wenwen and other students were envious of the argument.

“Duan Chi also likes Su Zhirong!” a female student admired. “When he spoke, his eyes kept staring at her.”

“Duan Chi is just a white horse Prince, only graduated more than two years ago, the company has a market value of several hundred million! In the future, it must not become the top monopoly! The typical Gao Fushuai!” Wu Wenwen poked, “If I can find such a boyfriend Enough.”

“Do you have a contact with the seniors?” the male student asked. “I want to go to his company for an interview.”

“No. I will find Teacher Tao, or Su Zhirong.” Someone said, “He will definitely give Su Zhirong contact information.”

“Unfortunately Su Zhirong has a boyfriend.” Wu Wenwen said, “Today is here too.”

“Really? If his boyfriend meets senior, he is still awkward!”

“Yeah, the seniors are so good, and like Su Zhirong. This love is too strong!” A male student played with smile, “If I, I surrendered directly.”

“Cut, Su Zhirong can’t look at you too!” Wu Wenwen scorned.

“Hey, Wu Wenwen, how is your mouth so poisonous? No wonder there is no boyfriend!”

“You are looking for a fight!”


Su Zhirong got rid of Duan Chi, Duan Chi looked at her back and was slightly fascinated. Tao Fang came over and asked, “How about chatting?”

“Teacher Tao did not tell me that she already has a boyfriend.” Duan Chi deliberately complained.

“Ah? I don’t know.” Tao Fang surprisedly said, “I also said that the two of you look so good, but also want to mix it, now…”

“Now it can be!” Duan Chi stressed, “There is a boyfriend who is not married. I am not so easy to give up. Teacher Tao, you can help me with two good words. If things are done, I will thank you!”

Tao Fang was a little embarrassed. In the end, she nodded. “I shouldn’t have intervened in this matter, but you have said so. I will say a few words casually. But after all, it is still your wish, and you should not be too much.”

“I know!”

Tao Fang found Su Zhirong and tried to test: “Su Zhirong, just Duan Chi said that he is very optimistic about you, want you to go to his company to develop, what do you think?”

Su Zhirong reluctantly said: “No, I am very good at Red Letter! And Tao teacher, I know what he means, I have a boyfriend!”

Tao Fang was a little embarrassed and said: “I have too many words, but I still have to say one.”

Su Zhirong is black-belly in her heart, knowing more, you still say! If you were not a teacher, I have already turned my face!

“Choice is greater than effort! A correct choice will leave you a few years or even decades. You can think more.”

After Tao Fang finished, Su Zhirong’s face was not good enough. She was directly coldy: “Teacher, you are too wide. Because you are a teacher, I respect you, I hope you can respect the students.”

After that, she turned around and left. Tao Fang’s face is also difficult to look at, and this student’s words are too ugly. I am a teacher and say what happened to her? Still not good for her!

She wanted to say a few words, but she took care of her face and finally chose to send a message in the student group chat: “There is still an important entrepreneur to come today, Mr. Tian Xiangshan of Rice Company, I can take a few students to the past. Su Zhirong doesn’t want to go, who are you signing up?”

She is deliberately angry for Su Zhirong, let her know what she missed.

The students were amazed: “Tian Xiangshan is coming today, too good, I want to sign up!”

“I have to sign up!”

Wu Wenwen surprisedly said: “Why don’t Su Zhirong go?” However, no one responded to her.

Tao Fang said: “This is an opportunity that the teacher can hardly win for you. When the prom of the previous year, Mr. Tian took a fancy to several seniors. Now they are the management of Rice!”

Students: “Thank you, Teacher Tao!”

Su Zhirong saw the news, and there was no fluctuation in her heart, and she even wanted to laugh.

The graduation ball is about to begin, Su Zhirong and a few old classmates came to the hall and took the opportunity to introduce Lu Zixin to friends.

The president of Jiangcheng University gave a brief speech on the stage and also invited Duan Chi and others to speak. Duan Chi took the stage and was surrounded by the students, as an idol.

“Oh, yes, Su Zhirong, why did Tao teacher say that you don’t want to go?” Under the stage, Wu Wenwen is still curious.

Su Zhirong smiled and said, “I don’t need it.”

“No need? That is the big sister who can count out the fingers of our school alumni. Your heart is too big!” Wu Wenwen is puzzled.

The dance enters the formal stage, the students communicate with each other, and the outstanding people are introduced to the entrepreneurs by the instructors to exchange ideas.

Duan Chi is surrounded by a group of people, but he is not interested in these students. He has two goals for attending the prom this time. One is Tian Xiangshan. He wants to take this opportunity to meet Tian Xiangshan and persuade him to invest in his company’s blockchain concept stock. As long as Tian Xiangshan can express investment, no matter how much the amount, with his influence, the company’s stock will definitely rise!

The second is Su Zhirong, but he touched the nail.

“Sorry, I have something to do, let me pass.” Duan Chi directly opened those who still want to meet with him, and walked directly toward Su Zhirong.

“Duan Chi is coming!” Wu Wenwen whispered.

Su Zhirong had a bad premonition and gave Lu Zixin a look. She also told Lu Zixin about the incident. Lu Zixin returned to her with a confident look and said he was able to cope.

Duan Chi went straight to Su Zhirong, and the gentleman generally reached out and asked: “Sister, can you have the chance to dance a precious moment at your graduation?”

“Sorry, I can’t dance.” Su Zhirong categorically refused.

“It doesn’t matter, I can teach you.” Duan Chi did not care.

“You have to work hard, you can teach others, we are very busy.” Lu Zixin stood up and looked at Duan Chi with a warning look.

Duan Chi looked at Lu Zixin again and again, not thinking: “You are Su Zhirong’s boyfriend? Finally saw it, may I ask you?”

“Lu Zixin.”

“I haven’t heard of it.” Duan Chi shook his head and said: “Know, my name is Duan Chi, the CEO of speeding information.” Although he said something in his mouth, he did not have a friendly tone, his hands were in his pocket. I don’t bother to take it out and shake hands.

“Oh, I haven’t heard of it,” Lu Zixin responded.

Duan Chi smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, you can open my mobile browser to search for my name. The first one is me.”

Lu Zixin smiled. “No interest, goodbye, I hope we will never see again. Do you understand?”

The tone of two people’s tit-for-tat makes Su Zhirong’s classmates face each other. Duan Chi’s attitude is not to say, Su Zhirong’s boyfriend’s attitude is too strong!

“Things are gathered together, people are divided into groups.” Duan Chi said, “The circle is different, it will not see you again. It seems that today this dance can’t be jumped. Men should not be too stingy.”

Su Zhirong said: “Maybe someone is too inflated!”

“Expansion?” Duan Chi did not expect Su Zhirong to describe him like this, said with a smile: “That is not necessarily, others are inflated, I am confident.”

He was talking, there was some commotion in the hall. Su Zhirong classmate shouted: “It is Tian Xiangshan!”

They saw the entrance to the hall, Tian Xiangshan and the president of Jiangcheng University, and several famous entrepreneurs walked side by side, and the students quickly gave way.

The teacher Tao of Su Zhirong is also at the end.

“General Tian is here.” Duan Chi suddenly felt that Tian Xiangshan came at the right time. He pretended to be sorry: “I can’t talk to you anymore. I have to greet him. Right, sister, you have to come, I can Help you introduce.”

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