BTC Chapter 460 : Deal Reached

Edited: XiaXue

Regarding matters related to the void, the aborigines of Valoran Continent are mostly vigilant, because most of the void visitors who visit Valoran Continent are not good people.

But the atmosphere of the group Victor joined today made him feel the atmosphere of studying in Zuan University of Magic and Technology, freely exchanging technology and opinions.

Victor Victor wanted to agree, but the research results were stolen, and the shadow of being abused still made him unable to let go, and he was happy to share his research results with others.

At this moment, a message came from Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group : “Creator Luke sent you an exclusive Red envelope!”

Victor received the red envelope according to the method in the group announcement.

On the desktop of his laboratory, several different stones appeared out of thin air. Every stone is different, like the magic stone that emits hot energy like magma, the blood dropstone with blood, the cryolite that is cold and air, the soul spar of the haze and so on, each exudes the breath that made him familiar!

“It’s magic energy!” Victor reacted, there were similar fluctuations in his Hex Energy Crystal.

And his only piece of Hex Energy Crystal did not belong to him, but was “robbed” from his old classmate Jess, a rich man from Piltover.

With so many researchable objects available today, Victor’s icy mechanical appearance seems to have softened a bit.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: there is a ghost, stop trading![”

Mr. L : “Don’t mess!”

A moment later, a message popped up in the group : “Victor sent Creator Luke an exclusive Red envelope.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: deal reached, withdraw!]”


With the addition of new group members, Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group became more active again. Lu Zixin was pulled by Red Queen to ask about Hong Xiaoxiao situation and then withdrew from the chat.

“Xiaoxiao, you mother asked you again.” In the office, Lu Zixin spoke, and a little girl’s virtual projection appeared next to him. She said happily: “I also miss her.”

This little girl is a human image designed by Hong Xiaoxiao, which is similar to Red Queen but not quite the same.

The appearance of Red Queen is entirely European and American style, and Hong Xiaoxiao, more like the Chinese and European and American mixed look, is estimated to be influenced by Lu Zixin when designing.

Lu Zixin said: “When you have the qualification to enter the group, I will add you to the group.”

He tried before and pulled Hong Xiaoxiao into the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, but was rejected by the group System. There is a limit to the participation of this group. Obviously, Hong Xiaoxiao are still far from reaching the group standard.

“Well, Xiaoxiao will definitely work hard!” Hong Xiaoxiao nodded, “Dad, my emotion library has been upgraded again. Now I am building a human emotion library, which collects various human emotions through programs. The way to expressed it.”

“Yes, Dad believes in you.” Lu Zixin encouraged. If Hong Xiaoxiao can improve this function, it means that she can truly become an intelligent life.

Not only that, but also in the transformation of human thinking and computer programs, it is also a huge breakthrough, and may be used in the future.

“Xiaoxiao, is there any official business to deal with?” Lu Zixin asked, and Hong Xiaoxiao listed a series of things.

These are all kinds of things in the office system of Red Letter Group. The trivial matter has been dealt with by Hong Xiaoxiao,and there are also various plans and decisions that Lu Zixin can quickly review.

He looked at it roughly, basically no big problem.

“Dad, you have a private letter!” Hong Xiaoxiao shouted, and Lu Zixin had a video call option in front of him.

Lu Zixin opened, opposite Su Zhirong, and she asked: “Are you busy? The planes are arranged!”

“Oh, I changed clothes, come right away!” Lu Zixin had been watching the group chat just now, and almost forgot that he had already agreed with Su Zhirong that he would go to his father-in-law’s house for dinner.

His plane drove directly from Pengcheng to Shanghai. On the plane, Su Zhirong and Lu Zixin said the interesting things they encountered today.

Before dinner time, they arrived at Shanghai, Su Zhirong house.

Mother-in-law Ye Rui smiled and said jokingly: “Is the busy person finally willing to come again?”

“You are joking, I have always wanted to come, this is not too busy!” Lu Zixin entered the door and put on his shoes, the tea-making machine at home began to work automatically.

Since the introduction of quantum computers, their home smart home system has been upgraded again.

“I understand, understand, you are the person who does the major event.” Liu Rui said, “Come, sit first, the food is ready, just wait for her dad.”

“Is Dad still in the company? Those who get off work overtime should get off work!” Su Zhirong said accusingly, “Working overtime every day, I don’t know how to pay attention to his body.”

“I always said to him, you don’t know your dad’s temperament, he prefers to stay in the company. But these days it is a bit late and the road is blocked.” Liu Rui said.

“Last time I came back, the traffic in Shanghai was not blocked? Shanghai was still one of the first cities to use our intelligent traffic management system!” Su Zhirong asked.

“This is not road construction! The magnetic levitation intelligent road launched by your Pengyun Automobile, last month, Shanghai Transportation Administration announced that it would pave the main loop and main roads of Shanghai, and it was distributed to several construction companies.”

“This road construction is not blocked!” Ye Rui said.

“It turned out to be like this.” Su Zhirong has nothing to say, the reason for the traffic jam for a long time is because of them, “It is inevitable that there will be a bit of traffic jam during the construction period. Just wait for it to be completed. Mom, how about I give you a maglev car, what style you like?”

“Or send your dad, he is more interested.”

Lu Zixin and others waited at home in the middle of the night, the food was finished, and Su Shi came home.

“It’s really blocking me! It’s a little bit blocked at night, what kind of construction company is laying smart roads, don’t know what’s wrong, road failure, I haven’t moved a meter for two hours!” Su Shi complained a few words, “I don’t know what it’s called, they don’t know how to plan it.”

“Dad, calm down, the food is ready for you!” Su Zhirong comforted, “The traffic will definitely be much more convenient in the future.”

“Yes, the new road is just like building a subway before!” Su Shi can understand.

Lu Zixin stayed in Shanghai for a few days. In the past few days, Su Shi and Ye Rui also slammed and asked Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong when they planned to get married.


In the early morning, Su Zirong’s family, Lu Zixin just woke up, was preparing to wash, Hong Xiaoxiao appeared in front of him through the projection, said: “Dad, there was an incident last night, about the intelligent road.”

“What?” Lu Zixin asked as he brushed his teeth.

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