BTC Chapter 115 : Su Zhirong’s Prom

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin rested for a few days in a row. On the day of appointment with Su Zhirong, he went to Pearl Hotel near Jiangcheng University, where Su Zhirong said her graduation party.

“I have never attended a prom, have you been going to dance? I won’t!” Lu Zixin asked, he didn’t have a prom at the time of graduation. Or there is this party, but no one invites him.

“I am also participating for the first time,” Su Zhirong said. “You can’t dance without dancing. The main thing is to graduate and get together with your classmates.”

Because of the graduation ball, Su Zhirong changed into a black dress gown with short hair and earrings with crystal earrings.

The body is slender, and the buds on the bottom are five points long, revealing the lotus-like white legs. Light gold high heels, between the walking, elegant and moving.

Lu Zixin couldn’t help but kiss her pretty face and praised him: “You dress like this, temperament bursts.”

Su Zhirong said with a red face, “It’s okay.”

From the underground parking lot, Su Zhirong confessed: “This graduation ball, our principal, the instructor will attend, there are some entrepreneurs, you can get to know them.”

Jiangcheng University is a century-old school with a long history. And in the history of students, there are many famous people. This prom, often invites some of well-known Jiangcheng University alumnus to participate, so the weight is very heavy.

For graduates, this is still a high-quality “recruitment market”. If you can know some old seniors, you may get a good job directly.

This is not an official graduation ceremony, so those who are eligible for the prom are all leaders of the graduates, and some tutors teach the students.

“I don’t think many people know me.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, he barely appeared in front of the media.

And on the web search, it is difficult to find his real information. Now I am looking for the president of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, which shows a person named Lu Yan, and the photos are also PS, not like him.

This is not Lu Zixin’s own change, but the relevant department suggested to modify. When Red Letter launched Cloud host last year, the network information security department looked for Lu Zixin.

At the time, because the Cloud host involved some technical and cyber security issues, the two sides reached some agreements. The relevant departments suggested to modify Lu Zixin’s display information on the network to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Lu Zixin can also choose not to modify, but at that time he has not injected H1 serum, and has mastered Black Science and Technology and huge wealth. I am afraid that some people or forces will cause harm to individuals and family members, and they will agree, so it is still Lu’s words.

“Maybe, someone still knows you.” Su Zhirong blinked at him.

“Who?” Lu Zixin said curiously, listening to Su Zhirong’s tone, she also knew that person.

“The person who bet you with New Year’s Day,” Su Zhirong said. “It is said that he will come too.”

“New Year’s Day, bet? You said Tian Xiangshan?” Lu Zixin surprisedly said, “He also participated in your prom?”

“Maybe,” Su Zhirong said. “That Tian Xiangshan is also a high-graduate student who graduated from Jiangcheng University. In the past few years, he has donated a hundred million to Jiangcheng University!”

“And Rice Science and Technology has been working with Jiangcheng University, such as research labs. And every year a group of outstanding graduates work in Rice.”

“Haha, that’s interesting. I have to ask him when I see him. When he will give me, my billion?” Lu Zixin played with with a smile.

“Be careful not to be driven out, I can’t help you.” Su Zhirong also followed his joke and said, “Tian Xiangshan used to be my idol, inspirational model.”

The two said, they went up with elevator. The prom is upstairs, the venue has long been set up, tables and chairs, and free champagne snacks.

At the door, Jiangcheng University students are responsible for welcoming guests.

As soon as Su Zhirong arrived, the sister in front recognized her. Surprised joyfully said: “Su Zhirong, you have come, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

“Wu Wenwen, long time no see.” Su Zhirong smiled and greeted her, they are acquaintances.

Wu Wenwen was wearing a red classical cheongsam, which was also a kind of good figure, so she was sent to welcome.

She took Su Zhirong and said, “Wow, Su Zhirong, you are getting beautiful now! You can be a star!”

“Your cheongsam is also very temperamental, classical beauty!” Su Zhirong praised.

“Hey, is this here?” Wu Wenwen noticed Lu Zixin, wondering.

“Lu Zixin, my boyfriend, come with me.” Su Zhirong said with a generous approach.

“Scorpio!” Wu Wenwen grinned and said with a look of disbelief: “You actually find a boyfriend, it is incredible!”

“How incredible, I am not a nun!” Su Zhirong spit.

“No, there are so many people chasing you before, you don’t agree. I really want to know how the handsome guy chased you!” Wu Wenwen said with a smile, “There must be a special method.”

“Of course, after all, it is a goddess,” Lu Zixin said.

“I really want to know, Su Zhirong, you go ahead, the teacher and classmates are in the 504 room. I will talk to you later, I haven’t seen you for a year!” Wu Wenwen greeted.

“Meet again later.” The two entered the stadium, which was equipped with a dance floor, a rest place, a tea table and so on.

At this time, a campus folk band is playing a song in the middle of stage, which is the familiar “You at the same table.”

“Will you remember tomorrow, the diary you wrote yesterday. If you still remember tomorrow, you have been crying…”

Most of the students who came to participate in the prom will dance, heard this faint campus folk songs, can not help but recall the flood, are quietly listening, and even some people have tears in their eyes, do not know what kind of picture.

They sang well, and Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong were listening quietly.

After a song, everyone applauded.

“It’s so good to sing.” Su Zhirong was also evoked some memories, and the pretty face was hurt, sincerely.

“You sit for a while, I will go to the teacher and ask,” Su Zhirong said.

“Well, go, I am listening to songs here.” Lu Zixin nodded.

Su Zhirong went to the 504 room, this is a lounge where several people are talking.

Su Zhirong came in and everyone put their eyes on her. In addition to knowing, it is enough for Su Zhirong to wear a gown.

“Tao teacher.” Su Zhirong said hello to his teacher. Tao teacher is Tao Fang. She is in her forties, wearing a petal-patterned dress.

When she saw Su Zhirong, Tao Fang said with a smile: “Okay, my proud student is finally here.”

Next to “Su Zhirong!” are some classmates who greet her.

“Hello everyone.” Su Zhirong responded with a smile.

“Come, come and sit.” Tao Fang pulled her over and asked: “How do you feel during the internship?”

“Well, I have learned a lot when I have a lot of problems,” Su Zhirong replied.

Tao Fang nodded: “With your understanding, certainly not bad. Have you ever thought about where to work after graduation?”

“Just stay in the company now,” Su Zhirong said.

“As a small staff?” Tao Fang said, “The teacher has always been optimistic about you, you have a sensitive nerve in the economic field, can only play out in the big world.”

“Zhirong, you are here. Today, some entrepreneurs who are graduated from school are coming. The teacher will help you introduce it.”

After Tao Fang finished, Su Zhirong said: “Thank you teacher, but I am very satisfied with my current job, no need to worry.”

“What troubles are not troublesome, wait for you to join us.” Tao Fang thought she was a guest, and said, “The students I brought are the best ones you have come to. The teacher will definitely help you.”

“Teacher Tao is really great!” the classmate next to her said, “I can’t find a good job!”

“Thank you, Teacher Tao.” The classmates were thankful and Su Zhirong stopped talking.

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