BTC Chapter 454 : Precision Operations

Edited: XiaXue

Whether they believe it or question it, the sight of the present is placed in that container. The cargo box is very large, and the things inside are definitely not small. The biggest one may be a car… However, Jiang Xunmei didn’t seem to mean it.

Jiang Xunmei did not sell more, but issued instructions to open the container. The container received instructions and the wall of steel was slowly opened.

Presented in front of everyone is a huge mechanical instrument that looks like a large machine in a factory. But unlike the machine tools they have in mind, this large-scale mechanical construction is extremely complicated. Just looking at the appearance, you can find a lot of elaborate structures, and the mechanical design is not known.

“Is this a machine tool?” The person who knows the goods has already recognized it, but he still doesn’t know why Pengyun wants to show the machine tool at the press conference. Is there anything special about it?

All the employees of Pengyun Automobile seeing this machine’s, all show some pride in their face, which makes others even more puzzled. They had never heard Pengyun had secret machine tools. Almost all of their parts were produced by foundries.

Jiang Xunmei said loudly: “This is the real highlight today, part of the world’s most advanced new generation universal CNC machine tool jointly designed by Pengyun Machinery and Red Letter Intelligent Design Co., Ltd.!”

At the same time as she introduced, various data appeared in the projections on the field, showing the capabilities of universal CNC machine tools.

“Universal CNC machine tools are controlled by quantum computers to achieve complete intelligent control. They have the most precise mechanical structure and nano-level machining accuracy, which can meet the aerospace precision design!”

“With the addition of other components, we can proudly announce that with this universal CNC machine tool, we can process the parts needed for any car, no longer need to import, no longer need the help of friends!”

“What? Universal CNC machine tools, the world’s highest precision, quantum computer numerical control technology?” The guests present were shocked!

As we all know, precision machinery, especially machine tool manufacturing, has always been the leading global leader in Europe and America. Most of China’s enterprises rely on imported products, or spend a lot of money to buy their elimination products.

A high-end machine tool, sold to China, can sell tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars. The machine tools made by China have improved in recent years, but there is still a big gap compared to the above.

Now Pengyun Automobile actually said that this machine tool has broken the monopoly of Europe and United States, and even ahead of them, the news is too shocking! This not only means that Pengyun will get rid of the restrictions of suppliers, but will also change the light industry in China.

“Impossible, omnipotent? How could there be such a CNC machine tool!” The representative of German Bosch Group immediately questioned. “Even in our group, there is no machine tool of this kind. This is not a one or two years.”

“Is it an exaggeration? Can quantum CNC be able to work with a universal machine? Mechanical design, even with quantum computer control, can do it?” One of Pengyun Auto partner representative said in a low voice.

“In case it is true, it is too terrifying! If we can really make such a thing, then our country’s automobile industry will move from the low-end to high-end market. Even such working machine can change the entire industrial situation. Not only is it Industrial products such as cars, ships, airplanes and so on, can be used.” A media worker is excited, he is more willing to believe this.

The Americans, the Japan and the Koreans who are present cannot be calm. Some of them are the parts and components of Chinese car companies or the upstream suppliers of technology supply chain. They have made a lot of money by relying on technological monopoly and exporting high-precision products.

If it really solves Pengyun Automobile, it is conceivable that many Chinese car companies will definitely cooperate with Pengyun Automobile to purchase machine tools or order parts, which is the market of hundreds of billions per year!

Jiang Xunmei did not give them the opportunity to question and continued: “We are sure to have a lot of doubts about our universal CNC machine tools. The specific details will be announced later. Now, please enjoy the performance of our universal CNC machine tools!”

“I want to invite a guest to cooperate. We will use this machine to engrave a model of a guest. Mr. Fran, are you interested?” Jiang Xunmei specially invited Fran, the representative of Bosch Group.

Fran is doing this. He just questioned the authenticity of the machine and wanted to find out.

Fran and Di Difan next to him looked at each other and had a tacit understanding in their hearts. Fran said politely: “I am honored.”

Fran went to the display stand and his eyes stayed on the universal CNC machine. This is only part of it, mainly used for finishing.

He looked closely, from the mechanical structure of the appearance, it really is like this, just really processed, will be more powerful than their technology? Fran’s heart is tens of thousands of unbelief.

“Welcome Mr. Fran.” Jiang Xunmei said that many people here also know Fran, from the top of Bosch Group, the world’s largest auto parts supplier.

It can be said that their group has already represented the highest level in this industry. If you can let Fran approve, this thing is confirmed. However, will Fran recognize it?

“Mr. Fran, please let our robots scan for you first.” Jiang Xunmei said, a drone flew to the stage and scanned Fran all over the body to record his appearance.

Later, another staff member released a square piece of square metal. Jiang Xunmei said: “Mr. Fran’s appearance information has been recorded by quantum computers. Next, we will use this machine to engrave this ordinary metal block into the appearance of Mr. Fran, I believe, will definitely surprise you.”

“I am looking forward to it.” Fran smiled and then stared at the machine.

“People goal, engraving character ‘Fran’, scale model 20:1. Receive instructions, start the task.” When the metal block is placed in the workspace, the quantum computer begins to manipulate the machine to operate.

The lighting on the spot is also adjusted, so that everyone can clearly see the process.

In the direct machine work space, the square metal block is clamped by the delicate control tongs, and then several thin needle-tip working knives start to operate at the same time.

Under the control of the computer, they are coordinated, iron-cutting, and metal cutting from all directions, each piece is just right, accurate to the nano level!

The audience naturally couldn’t see the accuracy. They only saw that in the working space, the metal blocks were quickly cut, like fast-forward fixing. Just a few seconds, the metal block completely changed, and the human figure was revealed.

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