BTC Chapter 112 : The smell of gunpowder

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One of these messages is different: “Thanks to red letter, I have already rewarded a thousand Red envelopes!”

Under the netizen: “??? Local tyrant?”

“One thousand for me!”

“Why thank you, are you an employee of Red Letter?”

He replied: “No, I picked up a little HX1 phone. If you need it, you can contact me!”

Netizen: “I bought a watch last year. Is it because I can’t buy HX1? I bought it by your scalper party!”

“I ask, I want 5.5 inch bright black 128GB, how much?”

“Is there still pink?”


Seeing these messages, the ox and horns are very self-sufficient, and those who blame him are automatically blocked by him. This wave of HX1 hot sales, now the price of each unit is at least five hundred, of which the best model can sell more than a thousand!

The goods he smashed in his hand, he said that he can earn more than 100,000!

In YY chat room of the scalper party, several oxen are envious.

Lao Zhang regrets: “I knew that I would have been with you for HX1. This wave of money has been missed!”

“haha, you also advised me not to come at the time.” Li Xiang said with a smile, “This is not the younger brother is not kind, you are not embarrassed!”

“I have a dog.” Lao Zhou said, “Who knows that it suddenly fires. Right, Lao Li, how many goods are in your hand. I have an old customer, I want to ask for 20 sets, each one. Can you have one thousand more, is there?”

“I don’t have much, I can only give ten.” Li Xiang said.

“The next time HX1 is shipped, I have to slap it a few hundred!” said Lao Zhang. “After the red letter mobile phone, the goods must be classified!”


Tencent Games, Executive Vice President Ning Shaozhen deeply sighed and said: “I thought that red letter should be lost in the mobile phone industry, who knows that they are on fire again! This little bully mobile game machine and their game linkage, our pressure of competition is even greater!”

You must know that mobile phone manufacturers not only earn money from mobile phones, but also money from APP channels. For example, the mobile phone of Red Letter will install the APP game platform of Red Letter. After that, the mobile phone users of Red Letter will be the game users of Red Letter!

Once the number of Red Letter mobile phone users increases, Tencent games, Net One and other games will send money to Red Letter and use their APP channel to promote their games.

Qibao 330 company, Zuo Yu closed his eyes, do not want to say a word. When Red Letter wanna start mobile phone business, he smiled and smiled. Who knows that HX1 is actually hot.

Speaking of it, Red Letter mobile phone is also their competitor. Because Qibao 330 company is also doing mobile phones, it is called 330 mobile phone.

However, compared with red letter, they are far worse. The 330 mobile phone is in the low-end market, but the sales volume is bleak, and even the popularity is not much. Many users don’t even know that there is a brand of 330 mobile phone. In contrast, HX1, which started with Red Letter, is exploding quickly. It is really mad.

Red letter game, Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., the old employees are excited about seeing this news.

“Our red letter is really strong, and the sales of mobile phones are so good!”

“General is a god man! I said why General originally wanted to buy Wang Tang Science and Technology. It turned out to be this!”

“One billion gambling is very good, Tian Xiangshan is reluctant, Hahaha!”

The CEO, Liu Tong and Liang Song are also very emotional. They didn’t understand why Lu Zixin had to set up an electronic Science and Technology company. Now they understand.

To this end, the two also sent a special message to Lu Zixin to celebrate.

Lu Zixin is also very happy, HX1 is profitable, which means that Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology can operate stably. At least it is not necessary to draw funds from subsidiaries to invest in development, and it can achieve self-profit.

He immediately issued an order to focus on the company’s development, continue to invest in research and development, expand the R&D team, purchase equipment and establish laboratories.

In the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin thanked Red Queen and said, “Red Queen, the product is hot! Thank you!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon :Āiyā, I accidentally fell, I want group owner to send Red envelope to get up]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: Red envelope no, kill one!]”

Red Queen : “[Suddenly emoticon: group owner, a life is not enough!]”

Lu Zixin was thinking about turning over an emoticon, and Bruce Wayne suddenly appeared, saying : “Does anyone need Batman help? Whether the opponent is a zombie or an evil artificial intelligence.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: shivering in the shadow of big man]”

Mr. L : “There is just one artificial intelligence that claims to be the most evil in the world.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Ah! Suddenly have computer virus, I am dead.]”

Bruce Wayne was amused by Red Queen and said, “Hahahaha, make a joke.”

Mr. L : “Mr. Wayne, you said last time you want to catch the clown, have you caught it?”

Bruce Wayne : “Of course, the guy is sneaky and has a mental problem. He has now been sent to a mental hospital and a special doctor is responsible for treating him.”

Mr. L : “Since he is such a person, I feel that there may be problems.”

Bruce Wayne : “The police will be responsible for surveillance, and I went to visit his therapist, Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, who is a good counselor.”

Mr. L : “The madman can’t be judged by the logic of ordinary people. He often creates unexpected troubles, such as affecting people around him.”

Bruce Wayne : “You are right, but we always give people a chance to be redeemed.”

While Bruce Wayne wants to continue to exchange his philosophies with Lu Zixin, another top billionaire of Science and Technology, who has been diving for a long time, has also appeared.

Tony Stark : “I haven’t been here for a long time. There are new people in the group. Hello, Mr. Wayne.”

Bruce Wayne : “Hello, I have long wanted to meet you. I heard that we have many similarities.”

Tony Stark : “I am also very curious, how strong is your bat armor?”

In the words of the two, it seems that there is a trace of gunpowder.

Bruce Wayne : “It’s enough to clean up the criminals who jumped up and down. Your steel shirt is said to be good too. Can you have the good fortune?”

It’s no wonder that the two have actually won the competition. In their respective universes, they are top-ranking tycoons, and they also have strong steel armor, and they are also self-sufficient scientists.

Now that I have seen similar people, I naturally have a strong mind.

Tony Stark did not shy away and said : “I just improved the new series of Mark armor, not very successful.”

He said, he sent a video, a test video by Tony Stark.

He walked out of underground laboratory, and a piece of steel was assembled on him as if he had grown, forming a red steel coat. When he walked out of the lab and came to the roof of the villa, he was already dressed.

On the villa on the cliff by the sea, IronMan flew into the sky, and in the twinkling of an eye, he rushed into the sky. When flying in the air, even the passenger plane in the air was left behind.

On the far side of the sea, there is a test unmanned speedboat, which is rapidly and irregularly galloping in the sea.

As soon as Tony raised his hand, the laser shot the speedboat accurately and sank it. A series of movements were handsome and smooth, and there were a few salty fish called 666.

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