BTC Chapter 305 : “Just right”

Edited: XiaXue

“From the survey data of the whole network and the national Internet cafes, the virtual projection game must be the next wind direction!” Ning Shaozhen looked at the people in the conference room. “We must seize this wind direction, and we must not let red letter game exceed us.”

“Not easy to catch! Now on the market, Red Letter can design a virtual projection game, we have not touched the threshold.” A high-level tone said quite helplessly.

“They didn’t have a virtual projection design software? Can’t that? Just told me that it can be used to design games.” Ning Shaozhen asked.

The director of the technical department quickly explained: “President Ning, the software can design the game, but it is limited to the manufacture of a rough virtual projection game, which is the kind of small game. As to the extent of “Soul of Three Kingdoms”, Technology is not yet supported.”

He said that the scene was a bit embarrassing. According to the conventions of previous meetings, then they should discuss whether to let their major game studios launch a similar game.

However, the technology is not supported now, and I don’t want to follow the trend!

“Then continue to conquer!” Ning Shaozhen is a little angry. “Can they do it? We should be able to do it better! Now do a virtual projection of the small game, the style and model are simple, in short, to seize this piece Game market!”

“In two months, this piece has been worn out! We have to make a large virtual projection online game!” Ning Shaozhen ordered.

“This…” The director of technical department looked so embarrassed that he had no grasp at all. It was completely an area that they had not touched before.

“We must do our best, and hope that the company can also give us additional research and development funds, and find professional help in this area.”

“R&D funding is not a problem, it is the result!” Ning Shaozhen said seriously, “The sooner the better, I don’t want half a year or a year later, until the players of Red Letter game surpass us!”


The problem of Red Letter game is coming to an end. At least in the next one or two years, in the virtual projection game, Red Letter game will not have any big competitors.

Counting, Lu Zixin has been in Jiangcheng for nearly two months, during which Su Zhirong has lived for ten days, and Su Xiaomeng returned to school.

Lu Zixin was originally prepared to return to the head office, but there was something that I couldn’t get through in my heart, so I stayed for a few more days.

He took out his mobile phone, opened the address book, and looked at the name above, Xue Yao.

Since the last incident, he and Xue Yao have had little contact, and the program has a few words and feels embarrassed.

After hesitating for a while, Lu Zixin dialed the number of Xue Yao.

“Hey, Lu Zixin?” Xue Yao’s voice came from the phone, and there seemed to be a slap in the voice.

“Well, it is me.”

Tsk tsk, I thought some people have forgotten me!” Xue Yao’s words came from the phone.

Lu Zixin said, he quickly said: “Which can, I have been busy with work recently.”

“Haha, I know that you are busy.” Xue Yao cheerfully said with a smile, “I can see it in the news, and it is a satellite and a virtual projection. Only half a year later, you have made such a big move, the whole world is turn around you!”

“That’s all about the company.” Lu Zixin said modestly. “I have a 80% small role in it.”

“Cut! You are not humble!” Xue Yao snorted, and the atmosphere of chatting finally became easier.

“Right, what are you looking for?” She was said curiously.


“Get out of the way! Rogue!”

“Nothing else, are you still in Jiangcheng? I am here, I will see you,” Lu Zixin explained.

“Jiangcheng? Well, I am!” Xue Yao said quickly. “But I still have something to do, can I have five in the afternoon?”

“Oh.” Lu Zixin and her agreed on the location before hanging up.

At this moment, in a small office, Xue Yao hung up the phone and quickly shouted to the outside: “Xiaofang!”

A young female employee walked in and asked: “Manager Xue, what?”

“Hurry up and help me buy a train ticket to Jiangcheng. I will go to Jiangcheng station before 4 pm today! I will buy the oxen without a ticket!” Xue Yao said, while picking up things and getting up, “I have to travel for few days, what is going on? contacting via phone.”

“Yeah.” Xiaofang looked at Xue Yao’s bag and went out. In her impression, Manager Xue has always been very capable. She has never been so busy, is there any urgent matter?

Xue Yao first went back to her residence, wash her hair, change clothes, make up, and then rushed to the station.

The schedule was just right. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, she met Lu Zixin.

In a coffee shop at the subway station, Lu Zixin saw Xue Yao again. This time, he found that Xue Yao seemed to be more beautiful and moving.

The white lace maxi dress has a slightly open back, and the shoulder bone is smooth and jade. The front is a high mountain peak, which makes the whole body more three-dimensional.

The long skirt is hierarchical, and the lower end is looming, revealing a small piece of tender and sexy ankle.

She dyed her hair into a burgundy color, bunched up, and walked out of the cafe with the cat’s graceful pace.

When Xue Yao entered the door, many men’s eyes fell on her, and the look of appreciation appeared in her eyes.

“Hey, who are you looking at?” A girl looked at her boyfriend with a slight anger.

“Cough, nothing.”

“You still say nothing!”

“Hello!” Lu Zixin stood up and greeted her, and helped her to remove the chair.

“President Lu, let you wait, the little girl is scared!” Xue Yao said with a slight smile, revealing a clean tooth.

“Yes, others don’t have a chance to wait!” Lu Zixin laughed. “What do you drink?”

The two met and chatted, not mentioning the drunken things before. And Xue Yao seems to have forgotten that thing, still elegant.

This also made Lu Zixin wonder, did she not haver little impression on that day? That is too bad!

After chatting for a while, Lu Zixin said: “The thing in my house is really hard for you! My parents came back from travel and was shocked! They sent dozens of pictures to friends circle!”

“President Lu told me, how dare not make an all-out effort?” Xue Yao said jokingly. “I’m afraid that things are not going well. When President Lu blames, President Jia wants to fire me!”

“Impossible! Really, too worrying!” Lu Zixin said. “My parents also said that they would like to invite you to dinner, thank you very much!”

“Is it?” Xue Yao said with a smile. “Then I can remember, go to your house and go to see you!”

“Too enough!”

“Coffee is finished, go out and go.” Xue Yao suggested, “I just have to go to meal, I can kill you more.”

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