BTC Chapter 509 : Dry Goods

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The two sides debated with each other and even developed to scolding war. The media and people from all walks of life has begun to participate in it. They are all writing articles. It’s conceivable after the press conference is over, how strong this public opinion war is.

The conference is not over yet.

Lu Zixin continued: “At present, we have completed nearly two million acres of desert reconstruction. These lands are the foundation land for future city. Enterprises and individuals who want to join this super city plan can apply through Future city exclusive page on Red Letter Group official site after the press conference is over.”

“Oh! I want to mention, the approval is very strict! After the approval passed. You’re eligible to enter the Future City for construction or operation.”

The bosses of some companies have already made arrangements to let their assistants quickly understand what the situation is. Although, they still can’t identify this future city. They must understand Red Letter Group actions.

Outside the press conference. People from all walks of life are arguing more and more fiercely. Experts have already begun to criticize this plan, thinking it is “naive and ridiculous”. Such huge project can’t be completed. Similarly, the plan itself is full of problems, and the location is wrong.

The press conference was nearing its end. Lu Zixin introduced a large number of plans and information about the future city. Each piece of news spread rapidly to the world through Internet.

“That’s it? Just released city plan. Although it sounds great. It’s a bit unrealistic and nothing practical!” The audience recovered their emotion. But, there’s still some problems that can’t satisfy them from the virtual city image just now.

After all, they haven’t seen the real thing and they can’t use it now. If it’s just a plan, then this conference is a misnomer.

“I said at the beginning of press conference.” Lu Zixin said on the stage, “This press conference is an unprecedented press conference for Red Letter Group. So the content of our press conference is more than just the projection and the future city plan.”

“Dry goods, we have them too!”

Lu Zixin’s words brought up everyone’s interest that had just faded. There’s still dry goods. Everyone don’t know what it is?

“The future city plan began a few years ago. I went to Silicon Valley to talk about business with vice-president Su, Su Zhirong from the group. At that time, I was thinking, when will our country have such a technology city.”

“It has a large number of high-tech enterprises, leading the world! So after returning, from that day, we began to prepare. Desert transformation, construction, etc. In addition, in order to prove the determination of our Red Letter Group. Red Letter Group is the first to settled in Future City, becoming the first company or organization in front of the world in Future City.”

“It’s – Red Letter International Hospital!”

After Lu Zixin finished speaking, the projection of Red Letter International Hospital appeared. Everyone discovered this is the “heart”-shaped building they saw in future city. It actually has been completed and can be opened!

“It’s actually a hospital!” Many people didn’t expect it. They thought it was an affiliated industry of Red Letter Group such as electronic technology or games and machinery.

“Red Letter International Hospital? What exactly is it?”

In the audience ears, Hongyun began to explain the information about Red Letter International Hospital. What technology, equipment, doctors and so on. In a word, is to tell everyone this is a medical institution that has reached the top international level.

As we all know, if medical institutions want to become famous. It’s must proved by a large number of cases and excellent doctors. Suddenly a Red Letter International Hospital popped up. It would be really convincing if the practitioners inside is already well-known figures in the medical field.

“After the press conference is over, Red Letter International Hospital will open to patients all over the world.” Lu Zixin said, “Red Letter International Hospital is the first in a series of press conferences for the Future City. Under this series, the new technologies on the future city will be released in sequence.”

“Next, I will hand over the stage to honorary dean of our Red Letter International Hospital, Mr. Wu Huaide and the director of Red Letter International Hospital, Mr. Ji Peng. Please came to support, they will announce a big event for everyone!”

Lu Zixin bowed and exited the stage. Everyone applauded in respect.

Wu Huaide and Ji Peng come to court. Ordinary people don’t know them, but their series of names can scare individuals to death. People in the medical profession is even more familiar with the two. They suddenly felt Red Letter International Hospital didn’t seem to be a joke.

After Wu Huaide and Ji Peng briefly introduced themselves. Their expressions became solemn. Wu Huaide announced: “After the arduous research from oncology and medical research teams of Red Letter Group. Here, we are proud to announce to the world!”

“Malignant tumors we commonly call cancer! We have developed inhibitors for more than 70% of types of malignant tumors!”

When Wu Huaide’s voice fell. The crowd was in an uproar! It can be said this news is even more shocking than the previous plans for future city. No matter how grandiose the future city plan is, it is just a blueprint.

And what Wu Huaide announced is something that really existed!

“Cancer is cured? Damn!” the audience screamed.

“After decades, is cancer patient finally saved?”

“Really? Isn’t this a terminal illness? Can treated it?”

“Is terminal illness cured?”

Even those entrepreneurs in high positions, other political and business people can hardly restrain their excitement and curiosity.

In this world, no matter how powerful people are. No matter how much power and wealth they have. When they encounter cancer, they are helpless and waiting for death!

Today, they heard the news. There’s a drug that can cure cancer. How can this not shock them?

This blown up people in the medical world!

“My God, is what Old Wu said true?” In a certain military hospital in Beijing, several famous experts took the time to watch the live broadcast of press conference and were taken aback.

“If someone says, I don’t believe it. But Old Wu not that kind of person, but that’s cancer!”

“Hurry up, ask, ask clearly, right, where is the dean? Notify the dean!”

United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France… countless countries, everyone who saw the press conference was spreading the news. No one can’t care about this. From the president to the common people, from the scientist to the coolie, from the capitalist to the poor… Cancer concerns everyone.

Today, some people say. Drugs to suppress cancer finally coming out!

The press conference can’t calm for a long time. Even qualified people is arguing and questioning when they hear this news. The media reporters are all crazy, scrambling to shoot and ask questions, just want to know more.

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