BTC Chapter 146 : Accident

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin also took a break at home, taking care of some inconvenient Su Zhirong. He gradually divided the company’s affairs. The company’s business, as long as it is not a major event, does not require him to work hard.

In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin and the group of friends daily water.

Peter Parker is excited to chat with Luke in the group : “Oh, my God. Mr. Luke can actually create such a magnificent mechanical city alone, it is God!”

“Scorpio, can you tell me how it was made?”

“What exactly is the apostle of Devil? Why are they going to frame you?”

“You are from Hebron, what is the planet like? I have never been to an alien planet…”

Creator Luke : “Little devil, you have too many question.”

Peter Parker : “Well, maybe there is a point. I used to be a part-time reporter, so this is a professional habit. Please forgive me. But I am still very curious. It is a grand story to build a city alone! What are you? How is it done?”

Creator Luke : “I created robots, and then robots helped to build them. That’s it.”

Peter Parker : “Mechanical Legion! It sounds like a wind!”

Red Queen sent a picture of corpse : “[emoticon: the zombie army came.]”

Peter Parker : “Damn, Red Queen, you are a bit wrong, it looks like you are panicking.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: kind smile] Please reorganize your language in ten seconds, otherwise you will become a cute little zombie.”

Peter Parker quickly changed his mouth and said : “I mean, your zombie army looks really tall! If I met, it might not survive 0.0001 seconds.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: comfortably put down the kitchen knife in my hand] is too exaggerated, how can it be so powerful? It is generally amazing!”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: I have never seen such a brazen person!] No, it is a computer!”

Peter Parker : “[emoticon: right upstairs!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: bounce!]”

Mr. L : “…”

Luke had no idea to chat with them. There was only one goal in his heart, that is, to create a more powerful robot as soon as possible and to recapture everything that belongs to him.

He said : “You all talk, I will go offline first.”

Lu Zixin quickly said : “Wait, there are still things.”

After a few months of chat, the group activity was upgraded again, reaching Level 6, so there was another random Red envelope. He had promised Luke before, and he would give him a Red envelope as a gift for the production line and industrial robots.

Lu Zixin sent Luke an exclusive Red envelope in the group, and the emoticon that Red Queen and little spider sent are all envied.

At this time, in the middle of Arad continent, in the middle of heavens and devil world, a huge city of steel, known as the city of dead, Luke is sitting in front of the experimental platform to watch the news in the communication equipment.

Seeing the Red envelope issued by the group owner, he chose to receive it.

Group Tip : “Congratulations, you have received the Red envelope from the owner and got a design drawing of the light and dark heart.”

“The heart of light and dark?” Luke saw this name and immediately remembered himself. In Hebron, he is the monarch who controls the light and darkness, but now he loses his strength, his body is old and decaying, unable to absorb the power of light and darkness.

“Light does not save the world, dark is not destroyed.” Luke muttered to himself, and the old eyes of the turbid eyes flashed with tears.

With this design of the light and dark heart, he may be able to create a powerful heart that absorbs light and dark energy, and regain the powerful body!

“My glory, strength, will eventually return!”


Lu Zixin and Su Zhirong haven’t been taken extra day off, and they have to return to the company to handle the matter. As the saying goes, good things are more and more polished, people are not much, the same is true for red letter mobile phone.

After HX2 won the domestic single mobile phone sales champion in September, HX2 became more famous in October, so sales are still rising.

But just as the October holiday just passed, someone on the Internet broke the news.

A netizen named “Old Bear” broke the news on the Internet and purchased the HX2 mobile phone. During holiday 11th October, the mobile phone battery exploded, causing injuries to the arm, face and parts of the body.

He sent a few photos on Weibo, a picture of himself being wounded, and a certificate from the hospital.

He said on weibo: “Look, my body has been injured, the doctor said to be hospitalized! Not only has to pay a lot of medical expenses, the body has also been hurt, I don’t know if I can recover. And because I have to take time off It’s too long, and the work is lost.”

“All this is the fault of red letter mobile phone! If it is not their HX2 mobile phone battery, I will not like this!”

“I feel very angry. A big company actually sells unqualified products for sale! And it is still hyped up online. What high performance, what kind of domestic rise, are shit!”

“Today’s incident happened to me. It’s just the beginning. Everyone thinks about it. If you are playing a mobile phone, the phone explodes. What will happen to you?”

“HX2 doesn’t mean that their battery is 4.5 times that of a normal battery? How high is the technology, it’s actually hype! The higher the power, the higher the risk of explosion!”

“4.5 times the power, if it explodes, can our users’ lives be guaranteed? Especially children, even more dangerous!”

“Here, I strongly condemn the Red Letter mobile phone, and ask them to give me an account. To compensate for my medical expenses, mental damages and work delays, and to recommend the relevant departments to test the Red Letter mobile phone, never let this danger Products flow into the market!”

As soon as he broke the news, he immediately caused a big wave on the Internet! Last time, it was because Samsung mobile phone explosion!

The following messages are all inquiries and questions.

“Looking at the photo, it’s too terrifying! Fortunately, it’s not a girl, or it’s going to be disfigured!”

“Scorpio, Red Letter mobile phone is too dangerous, I just bought one, I want to return!”

“I know that the current company has no sense of responsibility. Think about it, several times the power is definitely more dangerous! Brother, support you, must defeat the unscrupulous business!”

“Looked at your Weibo, as a mother, I am very angry. My family child is only a few years old. I only showed him HX2 mobile phone before. If the mobile phone explodes, what should my child do? Be sure to pursue it!”

“Sure enough, lithium-air batteries are nonsense. Other companies do not have this technology, they have made it, it must have been released without research. It is recommended that everyone do not buy HX2, let this garbage company collapse! ”

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