BTC Chapter 145 : Celebration Banquet

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The mobile home website also updated the news about HX2, hanging on the homepage banner of the website: “September domestic smartphone sales list is released, HX2 is first!”

In the following, the website editor wrote: “A month ago, this website had expected sales of HX2, but unfortunately the prediction was wrong. I did not expect HX2 to be able to climb to the top with a dark horse! Here, the mobile home first congratulates Red letter mobile phone!”

“In addition, Xiaobian will give you an analysis. Why is the sales of HX2 going up, what advantages does it have?”

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, both employees and management, are smiling. The staff is happy to have another bonus, and the management celebrates HX2’s achievements.

Tang Gang’s smile is almost inconsistent. He has been in the mobile phone industry for eleven years! This is still the highest achievement he has achieved, and this is only the first month! The heat of HX2 can definitely be kept for few more months!

Lu Zixin is also sighed in relief, HX2 sales are so good, then the company’s funds will not be nervous. If there is no financial assistance from subsidiary, Red Letter Electronics has long been unable to support the loan.

3,20 million sales in the first month, according to the sales parabola, first high and then low, it is estimated that the total sales of 12 months may reach 20 million. Plus HX2 MOUDLE mobile phones, Red Letter smartphones will be able to become the top five brands in domestic sales!

This is something to celebrate. On the same day, Lu Zixin decided that in addition to giving employees double bonuses this month, the management of company will open a celebration banquet to thank everyone for their hard work.

In famous high-end restaurant in Pengcheng, in the box, sat nearly ten people. Lu Zixin, Su Zhirong, Tang Gang, Yao Li, Professor Dai Liang, Bi Bosi and others, everyone toasted together: “Congratulations on the increasing sales of HX2, the red letter smartphone business is booming!”

Lu Zixin drank a glass of wine and said: “HX2 can achieve such a result, thanks to everyone’s contribution, I personally respect everyone!”

Everyone is so embarrassed, and they has to pick up the glass to accompany him.

Lu Zixin said quickly: “We don’t have to be so polite, our company doesn’t have any rules for wine tables. You can drink and drink, you can’t drink and drink boiled water. Especially Professor Dai, Master Bi, you can’t drink alcohol or hurt your body when you are older. That is the loss of our red letter!”

Lu Zixin strives to make the atmosphere more harmonious. As a new type of Science and Technology enterprise, corporate culture should also be more human.

Professor Dai said in a toast: “Then you look down on me, Xiao Tang knows that my amount of alcohol is not smaller than your young people!”

Tang Gang nodded quickly and said: “When I first met Professor Dai, I met at the wine table. At that time, I thought, if you put Professor Dai with the wine, you can pull him to our company.”

“Who knows that a drink is drunk, and Professor Dai’s drink is only halfway through, and I fell into the toilet myself!”

Everyone laughed, Lu Zixin said: “Yes, everyone is doing what they can.”

“Today is really happy, I usually don’t want to drink a few drinks. General, I respect you a cup, for our HX2 hot sale, but also for Kun Peng’s lithium air battery technology!” Bi Bosi raised his glass and said.

Lu Zixin will naturally can’t refuse to accompany him to drink. Others have followed suit, Su Zhirong can’t see it, and quickly said: “Don’t all respect General, and drunk him.”

“Su beauty is always distressed, it is our fault, we make our own punishment!” Tang Gang said with a smile.

The celebration feast was opened for a few hours, and everyone drank a little more. Tang Gang, Yao Li and others even drunk. It is really impossible for them to imagine what they can achieve now.

Now they are outside, and they are also famous corporate celebrities and respected.

Lu Zixin is okay, he is physically stronger, can break down the body’s alcohol faster, but also a little drunk.

He first asked the driver to send a few colleagues back to rest before looking at Su Zhirong. Su Zhirong also drank a lot of wine. She was not busy with the company’s business these days. Even in a few months, Lu Zixin spent a lot of leisure time with her.

At this time, Su Zhirong, her face was blushing, and even the earrings of the crystal scorpion were dyed with a few colors. Both eyes are awkward and have to be unstable. They have to rely on Lu Zixin.

Lu Zixin can feel the softness of her body and the smoothness of her skin, which causes some hormones to start hormone secretion.

He grabbed Su Zhirong’s waist directly, said with a smile: “You drink too much, go home!”

Lu Zixin also rented an upscale apartment in Pengcheng as a temporary residence. He also plans to wait for the house in He County to be built, and to buy a suite in Jiangcheng and Pengcheng, which is more convenient.

“You… drinking, can’t drive! Call the driver.” Su Zhirong was still awake, whispering in his ear.

Her lips flaps exude a little wine, and the crisp sound is like a kitten scratching in the heart.

Lu Zixin showed a hint of meaningful smile and said: “How can we let outsiders disturb our interest at this time? It doesn’t matter, Xiao Hei can drive automatically.”

He took Su Zhirong to the garage and got on the car.

Su Zhirong was then taken to the apartment where he lives now. Brush your teeth, take a shower, and be quiet at night.

Lu Zixin is wrapped in a bathrobe, sitting on the sofa, on the TV, playing a concert, the sound of music and the sound of bathroom, entangled, seems more pleasing.

For a long time, Su Zhirong came out of the bathroom. She was wrapped in a bathrobe. Her hair had just blown through, but there was still some water on the creamy skin, like the crystal dew in the morning, sliding across the leaves.

The white bathrobes only obscured the key parts, and the large pieces of skin were exposed to the air. Lu Zixin’s gaze shifted from the TV to her position, just like watching the artwork.

A woman wearing clothes is more beautiful than a woman who is not wearing clothes. The most beautiful thing is that only the layer of mystery is left. Su Zhirong is like this now, the blush on her face has not dissipated, and under the gentle light, it is more beautiful and moving.

“It was early spring. They bathed her in the Flower Pure Pool, Which warmed and smoothed the creamy-tinted crystal of her skin.” Lu Zixin thought of a poem, sincerely praised: “I think that hundreds of years ago, the beauty that Tang Taizong saw is almost the same as now, the water is hibiscus, a smile Health.”

He praised so much, Su Zhirong’s heart filled with a sense of satisfaction, but her mouth was modest: “I can’t compare with the noble lady, and then, the aesthetics in Tang Dynasty are different from ours now.”

“But the result is the same!” Lu Zixin stood up and walked straight away, then hugged Su Zhirong directly in an exclamation.


Until the next day, Lu Zixin was still relishing this thing. Su Zhirong took leave, and handed her work to the assistant, and rested at home.

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