BTC Chapter 144 : Apply for price reduction

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Because of the wave of the network red card Zhang Kaile, the attention of many netizens has been brought to the performance of HX2. Yesterday’s press conference focused on mobile phone powder, but now, the focus is on the general public.

Seeing that the national husband has shown the HX2 mobile phone, a batch of net red immediately followed.

For example, some netizens who like to show their legs and show their bodies on the Internet, the HX2 appears inadvertently in the selfie, or the dynamic display below – from HX2, 256GB.

Net red has begun to show off, and netizens who follow the trend are naturally inevitable. Some people who bought HX2 have shown up in the circle of friends.

If you don’t have the goods, you can also show your orders on the network platform.

In the first three days, the sales of HX2 have not increased significantly, but after three days, the sales of HX2 on various platforms suddenly increased.

Whether it is Weibo, Post Bar, program or QQ space or other online communities, there are topics related to HX2.

A network marketing number called “Fengyun Mobile Phone Review” was voiced on various online media.

“Users are too deified to HX2, this is just the hype of Red Letter mobile phones. The real HX2 is just a junk-made mobile phone. They deliberately speculate on the price, hype the topic, just to lie to the consumer, as long as you buy it, it is fooled!”

Fengyun mobile phone evaluation also detailed of HX2 wave, attracted the netizens have been embarrassed.

“HX2 performance is really good, I am on a business trip for two days, the phone power is still more than 60%, this is the spray number?”

“The public number is getting less and less conscience now, and it’s written out in order to click on it!”

“Which is your spray? How much did you spend?”

“Objectively, people sell mobile phones because the performance is really strong. Consumers are not stupid, so black is too unreasonable.”

“I have already reported it, wait and be blocked!”

Some netizens sent the connection to the official letter of Red Letter. The official of Red Letter immediately said: “For the behavior of this malicious smearing of red letter products, we will use legal means to pursue their responsibilities! Red letter mobile phone has any problems, welcome netizens supervise and advise with!”

Half a month later, Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, in the conference room, Lu Zixin and others are looking at the data feedback from various channels.

“The total sales volume in the first week was 300,000 units, but in the second week, the sales volume per week reached 700,000 units! According to our estimation, the sales volume will rise in the next two weeks!” Tang Gang’s surprise report.

Su Zhirong sat next to Lu Zixin, wearing a light gray professional suit and a hip-length suit skirt, showing a seductive arc.

With G-551 smart glasses adjusted to white on her face, she said: “All channels that currently sell our products are all required to increase the inventory of HX2. According to calculations, the supply gap this month has reached 500,000.”

“Go to the foundry to add orders!” Lu Zixin said. “This month’s sales are our first battle. We want to make a name for ourselves!”

On the projection screen of the conference room, it shows the sales volume of domestic brands in the first ten days of September.

At present, the sales volume is X21 of VI mobile phone, and 1,46 million is sold for two weeks.

Samsung S9 ranked fourth, domestic sales for two weeks is 1,02 million, only 20,000 more than HX2, so HX2 sales were fifth this month.

The second and third, one is the brand of Hua, and the other is the Rice brand. Of course, the sales here are only the sales of a single mobile phone. If you count the sales of the brand, the top five will not be red.

In the third week, sales of HX2 rose again, reaching 1 million units! At the price of HX2, and Samsung S9 with the same price, the sales volume has not only not increased, but also because of the strong HX2 and X21, sales have dropped!

By the end of week, the HX2 mobile phone has won an amazing sales of 1.2 million units! Not only that, but the HX2 also drove a sales volume of the HX1, which led to a slight increase in the sales of HX1.

September is over!

Related websites, media, and emergency collection of all aspects of data. In a few days, the september smartphone sales rankings appeared in the media news.

Ranked first, it is a new HX2 smartphone sold by Red Letter. The total sales volume is 3,20 million units!

The second-ranked is VI’s X21 smartphone, which sold 3,11 million units, followed by it.

The third one is a smart phone that OP released two months ago, and the sales volume is 2,80 million units. As for Samsung S9, it is only ranked sixth in the end of month.

Of course, this does not mean that Samsung S9 sales are not good, because this data is only domestic, Samsung is a global sale, their sales of S9 in the world is more than twice that of HX2.

This time, the media was completely shocked.

Tencent News: “Red Letter HX2 mobile phone topped september monthly sales list first, unstoppable!”

Net One News: “HX2 counterattacks X21 and is on the throne of last month’s sales! Another big domestic brand is going to rise?”

Knowing daily newspaper: “Take you to see the black Science and Technology behind the HX2 mobile phone, each one is ahead of the world!”

Today’s headline: “HX2 sales are on the top, have you bought it?”

The media have released similar news, and netizens have been surprised, and they have expressed their surprise and congratulations.

“The red letter mobile phone is going to rise! After that, the domestic Apple mobile phone is even more uncomfortable!”

“It makes sense, HX2 is really better than my IX, especially RL System, it’s a lot easier!”

“Is sales so high? I knew I wouldn’t buy S9. It’s good to buy HX2.”

“In the future, I am the faithful red powder of the red letter mobile phone!”

On the Internet, fans of Red Letter mobile phones began to claim to be red powder! Although the current amount of red powder does not have much rice noodles and fruit powder, they are a new force and are gradually expanding.

Samsung Electronics, Headquarters in China District, saw such a sales report, the head of China District, Jin Haoyu, was black.

At the same price, Samsung S9 actually lost to China’s domestic mobile phone, which is a shame and a challenge to Samsung.

In recent years, sales of several Samsung mobile phones in China have not been high, which makes him feel pressure. Now it’s red letter mobile phone, the quality and performance are not worse than their smart phones, this is incredible! The mobile phone technology they have mastered and accumulated has always been world-class and has now been surpassed. This makes Jin Haoyu not know how to report to Headquarters.

“Return the HX2 sample machine and report analysis results back to China, and apply to reduce the sales price of Samsung S9 in China District.” Jin Haoyu asked the assistant to record, “With HX2, we have lost competitiveness.”

Similarly, senior executives of VI Mobile are also analyzing this sales list. They also feel the pressure from Red Letter, but not as big as Samsung.

Because of their sales, their X21 is still successful. Moreover, the price of X21 differs from HX2 by 2000 and the target market is different, so there is no need to face the competition of Red Letter mobile phones, and there is room for adjustment and response.

But again, they are also studying the performance of HX2 and trying to restore some technologies.

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