BTC Chapter 206 : Motorcycle Girl

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Xu Xiuying shrugged and said: “I promised, but the investment you promised must not be repented! Five million Taiwan dollars!”

Five million Taiwan dollars, equivalent to one million yuan, Lu Zixin estimates that Xu Xiuying’s “career” is not very large.

“Can your dad still lie to you?” Xu Wenbin asked.

“That can be said.” Xu Xiuying did not give him face, Xu Wenbin scolded: “No big or small, you are not going to change clothes?”

“No change.” Xu Xiuying asked Lu Zixin, “Do you have any opinions on my dress?”

Lu Zixin shook his head, to be honest, Xu Xiuying did not wear a heroic look.

“You see, Mister Lu has no opinion. Dad, don’t worry about it.” Xu Xiuying said proudly.

Xu Wenbin is very helpless and can only rely on her. After some sorting, Xu Wenbin and the staff of Hongxin came to handle the official duties, and Xu Xiuying went out with Lu Zixin.

“Where are you going to play?” Xu Xiuying asked.

“You are a tour guide, shouldn’t you arrange it?” Lu Zixin said, “I am not familiar with here.”

“I arranged?” Xu Xiuying’s eyebrows picked and said, “Alright, then you will be with me. Those places, in fact, that’s the case, I will bring you to play more fun.”

At the door of the villa, Xu Xiuying said: “Get on and go to my base camp first.”

“This motorcycle?” Lu Zixin looked at the car in front of him and asked in surprise.

“Crap, this is motorcycle. Why, haven’t you sat? You don’t want to sit still!” Xu Xiuying said, she has skillfully crossed her black motorcycle.

This is a very powerful and aggressive motorcycle, with a streamlined body and a black dragon head with a dragon pattern on it. The lights are like longan, and there are gods. The aluminum alloy wheels reflect the metallic luster under the sunlight, and are matched with a floating brake disc and a carved tire, like a beast chariot!

“A beautiful motorcycle,” Lu Zixin praised. He rarely saw motorcycles on the mainland, because most urban roads are banned from motorcycles.

But in Baodao, motorcycles can be seen everywhere, that is, the motorcycle they say. It is said that here, the average 1.5 person owns a motorcycle! On the city roads, you can often see the motorcycle fleet, the student party, the office workers, and even the motorcycle of government agencies…

“That is of course! This is my own design and assembly!” Xu Xiuying heard Lu Zixin confidently praise her motorcycle, slightly proud.

“Do you understand this?”

Xu Xiuying’s mouth rose slightly and said: “My major in university is mechanical design and manufacturing, minor in mechatronics, automation and automotive engineering. This is my old line! In our motorcycle team, there is no one better understanding than me!”

“Great!” Lu Zixin gave a thumbs up, and there were very few women who studied this profession, and even fewer were proficient.

“The base camp we are going to is that I built it with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts, which is equivalent to a small motorcycle club. We first built a repair shop, repaired and assembled the locomotive, and slowly accumulated.”

“Our goal is to design our own motorcycle, open a big company, and let it be popular all over the world!”

“I am motivated! I will buy one when it’s out.” Lu Zixin said.

“Ok, the helmet is worn.” Xu Xiuying handed him a motorcycle helmet and took the first ride on motorcycle, indicating that he was sitting behind.

When Xu Xiuying got on motorcycle, she suddenly changed her mind. She twisted her neck and started the engine. The roaring sound was like a low-pitched beast, ready to attack!

“Sit firmly.” Xu Xiuying took a turn and drove straight out! The villa area is wide and the number of people is small. She drives very fast, has the feeling of running fast, and the surrounding scenery flashes like fast forward.

Lu Zixin only felt the wind whistling in the ear, if not wearing a helmet, I was afraid that the wind would be poured into the nose. In front of a sharp turn, Xu Xiuying did not have a slowdown, but added a foot throttle. Lu Zixin quickly hugged her thin waist and shouted: “You are speeding!”

“There is no one in this section!” Xu Xiuying shouted, she actually intended to drive faster, scare Lu Zixin, to vent the fullness of Xu Wenbin’s forced as tour guide.

She shouted again: “Your hand is still not let go?”

“No, I will let go and wait for you to take me down!” Lu Zixin leaned closer.

Xu Xiuying had to endure. As soon as she arrived at the destination, she quickly braked Lu Zixin and asked, “Have you ever driven motorcycle like this?”

“If I do this, I have to be stopped by the traffic police at the start.” Lu Zixin also feels a little irritating, the speedy feeling that can stimulate the nerves.

“This is nothing. After waiting for the track of the professional motorcycle, the speed can be doubled!” Xu Xiuying took off the motorcycle helmet, shook her head and fluttered.

“We are going to race?” Lu Zixin sharply caught a glimpse of her message.

Xu Xiuying did not hesitate. She said calmly: “I am going to race, and I will take you on a tour. Anyway, the place where the motorcycle is racing has scenery, and there are food, drink, and fun.”

“This is already fixed, but my father asked me to bring you to play, just together.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Lu Zixin nodded, “I haven’t seen motorcycle race yet, just look.”

“Go, advanced base camp.” Xu Xiuying parked the motorcycle and took Lu Zixin to a motorcycle repair shop not far away.

The motorcycle repair shop is not big, but the sparrows are small and complete, with all kinds of tools and facilities.

When the two arrived, there were waiting a group of people, all young people, and dressed very avant-garde fashion. A few are playing with the motorcycle, I don’t know if it is repaired or modified.

When Xu Xiuying arrived, the people inside stopped the work immediately and surrounded them.

“Ying sister! You are finally here!” A young man with short blue hair, earrings and a denim jacket came over. “I can die!”

“Going to the side, is there two days since I met last time?” Xu Xiuying rewarded him with a white eye.

“Ying sister!” A girl wearing a navel, hot pants and a baseball cap rushed up. Xu Xiuying hugged her directly and kissed her face.

Lu Zixin was puzzled. The sister also saw him. She said to Xu Xiuying: “Ying sister, who is he? Where is the little white face come?”

“It’s not a little white face, let me introduce it. This is Lu Zixin. My dad asked me to take him for two days.” Xu Xiuying also doesn’t call Mister Lu. She feels that the two are not so old, and Mister Lu is uncomfortable.

“Your dad?” The sister looked up and down at Lu Zixin, with a hostile look, said: “Ying sister, we are going to play, you promised to take him to play?”

“Let him go and see.” Xu Xiuying said, “Relax, baby, I only love you.”

“Yeah.” The two kissed each other again, and it was the lips. Lu Zixin reveals the surprised face, and the blue-haired youth next to him stunned: “You haven’t seen it? They are lovers, so don’t think about some thoughts.”

Xu Xiuying also introduced Lu Zixin to the party: “My girlfriend, A Jing.”

A Jing is not very cold with Lu Zixin, and even has some hostility, as if Lu Zixin is to stir up their little three.

“It’s really – very trendy.” Lu Zixin spit.

Xu Xiuying asked: “Is motorcycle for the game tested?”

When it comes to this, everyone present is excited.

Blue-haired youth said with a smile: “Measured, performance is great! This time, we will be able to get a good ranking! We will have sponsors to invest in us and build our own motorcycle company!”

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