BTC Chapter 239 : Drone logistics

Edited: XiaXue

Chen Daming got up and wanted to squeeze into the stage. He suddenly saw a figure faster than him, and a step went straight up.

Grab my chance? When Chen Daming was face turned cold, he just got up and went up. How did this person have no eyesight?

Others were also slightly surprised, because they saw Lu Zixin on the stage, and he rushed in front of Chen Daming without a word.

When Lu Zixin came to power, Xue Yao’s eyes showed a hint of happiness. Even though she knew that he was now acting with her acting, she still had a feeling of joy that she could not suppress herself.

“Well, finally, there is a young man who bravely came to power. It is a fateful woman. This is a fate!” cried Siyi. “This friend, how do you want to express your thoughts?”

Lu Zixin was watching the whole game, and even Di Chao was giving him a gesture of cheering.

Xue Yao looked forward to Lu Zixin, and he was groaning. Lu Zixin stepped forward and took her into his arms and hugged her briefly.

He could feel that Xue Yao’s lovable body was shaking, her body almost fell in his arms, and Lu Zixin quickly took her.

“I hope that the red line of the couple will continue to you today. Thank you for your support.” Siyi also did not ask for anything, so as to avoid both sides.

However, when Xue Yao was in a hug, she kissed Lu Zixin’s side face slightly, causing a group of people to yell.

Xue Yao slammed her face and went down. Lu Zixin smiled and stepped down. Di Chao gave him a thumbs up, and his mouth was probably saying “Very powerful.”

And other people are also envious, Chen Daming is even more jealous! Why do you just look at a beautiful woman and be interested in others? Where is Lu Zixin better than him?

The wedding banquet officially began, the bride and groom toasted a circle, and Di Chao temporarily sat on the table of classmates and friends.

At this time, Chen Daming is bragging about his investment project. “The newly opened property on the Jianye Road in Mushi City, I am one of the investors. When you want to buy a house there, you are looking for me!”

“Right, Lu Zixin, have you bought a house?” He saw Xue Yao sitting next to Lu Zixin, wanting to show off, deliberately asked.

Lu Zixin nodded, Chen Daming said curiously: “Where to buy?”

“Hometown, He County.”

“He County? That is a small county town, the price is cheap! Can you not find hundreds of thousands?” Chen Daming said a little bit of guidance, said: “Buy losses, the price of small places can not go up. You should be in Mu City or Jiangcheng, you see that the prices on both sides are rising every year, and buying is earning!”

“Let’s talk about it.” Lu Zixin didn’t want to chat with him. Chen Daming had more than one topic: “Now there is no big city house, and it is hard to find a girlfriend. Cars, rooms, this is the basic condition of blind date!”

“You look at Di Chao, now it’s good, cars, houses, careers, and wives have it, and it’s a big fat brat.”

“Yeah, the woman is not happy without buying a house in big city.” A male student said with deep emotion.

“Xue beauty, you as a woman, you said that I am right?” Chen Daming asked.

Xue Yao smiled and said: “Everyone has different ideas and can look at the eyes.”

“Can’t be!” Chen Daming stressed, “100% will regret it in the future! I believe that I am right!”

Lu Zixin stopped Chen Daming’s rhetoric and turned around and asked Di Chao. “How? The groom’s official, have you drunk so much?”

“Small meaning.” Di Chao’s face is just a little red, said: “The amount of alcohol has been practiced in recent years, and I will definitely accompany you today.”

“I don’t have to be with you, accompany your wife! Otherwise sister-in-law wants to hate us.” Lu Zixin snarled, everyone laughed.

Di Chao is not willing to show weakness, said: “You are forgotten, see Xue Senior Sister forget the brother, no, I have to punish you.”

“Is this OK?” Lu Zixin accompanied him for a drink and then talked about his work.

Di Chao drank the wine and had a lot of words. He said: “I am now a business manager at Yinjiang Logistics. The company has handed over drone logistics project to me and has been busy with this. I have found several partners who have failed made out, it’s very annoying.”

“Now I want to get on the line with Red Letter. I don’t know if Zhu An can help…. Is your relationship with Zhu An not very good? When you say two words to me, he should be coming soon.”

“Yes.” Lu Zixin agreed.

“Lu Zi, loyalty, come, I will give you a cup alone.”

Aside, Chen Daming said: “Xiaochao, you have to keep some stomach, and I will come to Zhu to come and accompany him. Everything is good. This is business!”

“Nothing, I didn’t plan to stand back today.” Di Chao said with a smile, he had already prepared himself for drinking too much.

“Yes, what about your drone logistics project?” Lu Zixin is really interested in this.

He also wanted to do a drone before, thinking about it, first do the camera technology, laser technology, and then talk about drone photography.

Now Di Chao mentioned the logistics of drones, and his interest has come up again.

“You ask so much.” Chen Daming also wants to talk about the value of his property, he said: “You don’t understand if you ask, you can’t help him, don’t you be busy?”

“Nothing, just talk about it.” Di Chao didn’t mind explaining it, saying: “The drone logistics transport is not difficult to understand literally, that is, using drone technology to transport goods.”

“I mainly talk about small parcels, which are relatively light and can be delivered directly by drones. It can save a lot of things than manual. Especially in some areas with complex geography.”

“For example, hill areas, mountainous areas, and areas where residents residences are particularly scattered. Do you think that these areas are transported by manpower or on-board transportation, how much logistics costs? In the hills and mountains, a logistics person can’t send a few items a day, low efficiency and high cost.”

“If we use drone technology to deliver goods, as long as there is a signal, these are not problems. Work efficiency has increased by at least ten times! For example, earthquakes or floods have already given precedents for drones to transport supplies, but this technology is not enough developed.”

“Now the Drone transport distance is short, the handling is troublesome, the load-bearing capacity is poor, and it is affected by the signal… In short, there are too many shortcomings, and there is no way to commercialize it. If this technology is mature, let alone geography. The complex area is the city building, maybe it can be transported by drone.”

“For example, if you live on 20th and 30th floors, your courier, takeaway, and documents will be sent directly to the drone. How much more is it saved than the logistics staff picking up, delivering, and waiting for the elevator?”

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