BTC Chapter 02 : Red Envelope from Red Queen

Edited: XiaXue & Feja

Lu Zixin was happy, surprisingly Red Queen had actually agreed. Paying is still rewarding, and the technological ability of Red Queen is so strong, and you can get some benefits, how could you not be happy?

Mr. L: “I am very interested in some of your smart technologies.”

Red Queen: “Rejected. The core technical information belongs to the umbrella corporation and must not be leaked.”

Mr. L: “What can you give?”

Red Queen: “There is some information under the core data that I have the freedom to trade, but with your technical level you should not require my own technologies.”

My technologies? The red envelope wasn’t made by Lu Zixin himself. He quickly said: “Of course you help me!”

Red Queen asked again: “What do you need?”

Lu Zixin thought for a while and made several requests, but they were all rejected by the Red Queen. In desperation, he asked: “Can you make games?”

Lu Zixin’s college program is to study software development and he is now an intern at a small game company. Since high level information like the core data can not be given by Red Queen, this should be no problem?

Sure enough, Red Queen responded: “Of course, I have the authority of the game information section.”

“Great!” Lu Zixin replied, “I have a game here, I’d like you to make it a mobile game.”

This is the main task that the company Lu Zixin is interning at is now conquering. Once it is completed, it will bring considerable benefits.

Red Queen: “I need the details and the game programs, and I need the phone information you mentioned.”

Mr. L: “No problem, I will post it in the group later!”

Red Queen: “I am sorry, but my subject consciousness has to leave. It seems that something has happened in the virus test. I have to go monitor it. You should send the information first, and I will analyze it when I am back online.”

Mr. L: “Okay, since you’re busy!”

After Lu Zixin words were finished, the Red Queen avatar dimmed and it (Red Queen doesn’t have a gender) seemed to have gone offline. He hasn’t figured out what this chat group is all about. Is it artificial intelligence like the Red Queen? Will there be a offline mode? Is there any limit to members?

“Let’s study it slowly, and send over the information first!” Lu Zixin opened the group file and prepared to send the “PlayerUnknown’s : Battlegrounds” game files.

The game that he wants the Red Queen to perfect is the game developed by Blue Hole and has been popular all over the world.

The official version has not been released in China yet, but it is already the “darling” of the gaming community and live streaming platforms, which means great profits. Therefore, even Tencent, one of the domestic Internet giants, has acquired BlueHole, and even used shameless commercial competition.

Lu Zixin’s “Death Game” company (He interns at) is also eyeing this big cake, but Death Game is just a small company only slightly bigger than a studio, and it is not qualified to compete.

Therefore, the intention of the Death Game Company is to follow the trend of this popularity wave, or to say that the genre is a hands-free swim. As long as one uses the genre, no matter how bad is the product, as long as you can make it, you can earn piles of money.

Of course, it is not so simple to follow up PUBG, but the Death Game Company also has a few tricks, and it has been squeezing project funds for a eating chicken (fps/tps games or pubg-like) mobile game, resulting a long development time, and there’s no shadow of it yet.

If Red Queen can complete it, don’t even talk about the Death Game, you can just sell it to a large game company, and make a lot of money!

Lu Zixin uploaded all the information into the group file. He was afraid that it would not be detailed enough. He also specially sent all kinds of computer and mobile phone programs of this era, and then waited for the Red Queen to deal with it.

When everything was done, Lu Zixin left the Internet cafe with high expectations. On the way back to the rental house, he had to look at the phone every few seconds, but unfortunately Red Queen hadn’t been online.

In the narrow room that was only enough large to accommodate a bed, Lu Zixin turned over and went to sleep. Today’s experience made him feel like he was in a si-fi story.

It’s incredible.

I have been an ordinary man for twenty-one years, and suddenly I suddenly got the protagonist aura. This feeling… It’s extremely cool!

Lu Zixin family background is simple, he was born in a small county, his looks were ordinary, not ugly or handsome, with a height of  1.75 meters. Going to school and attending college, he was now 21 years old.

He graduated from a software engineering major of a second-rate university in Jiangcheng earlier this year and had entered the internship of Death Game. During the internship period, the monthly salary is 2,000 yuan. (290.54 USD) On the minimum wage guarantee, the rent is paid for one month, and the remainder is not enough for other expenses.

For an young man who wants to drive a luxury car, play with a tender model… No, to meet the demand for materials and spiritual needs, this salary is a bit meager. So he also tried to do some other activities, such as online stores, games, and so on, but unfortunately did not make any money.

With the appearance of this Ten thousand realms technology chat group, Lu Zixin saw hope, a white beacon, a bright future awaiting for him!

Until midnight, Lu Zixin couldn’t sleep. In the early hours of the morning he fell asleep, in his dream he was an incarnation of science and technology, had the strongest technology company, and was worshiped by countless people.

On the star-studded stage, Lu Zixin spoke to tens of thousands of viewers:

“I come from an ordinary family, nothing special, except the house is a little bigger.”

“I have never received a salary since I started my business. I am not interested in money!”

“Young people have to set a small goal, such as earning billions!” (Feja: S m a l l… yes)

“I am blind, you all say that my wife is beautiful, but I don’t even know she is beautiful.”


“Sleeping beauty, it’s time to get up!” A small female voice interrupted his sweet dreams.

“Give me your clothes!” Lu Zixin shouted, but no one was there, he could only open his eyes. (Feja: What?)

Lu Zixin first subconscious action wasn’t to turn off the alarm clock, but to quickly check the Ten thousand realms Technology chat group, but unfortunately there was still no reply from the Red Queen.

After washing his face and getting dressed in three minutes, Lu Zixin headed to the company.

The Death Game Company occupies one of the floors of an office building. When Lu Zixin arrived, the boss was not there, and the employees came in ready, all preparing to punch their cards on time as to not have their pay deducted.

“Ah! I am screwed, I have to make it up.” Zhu An yawned and squatted on the table and said to Lu Zixin: “The supervisor came to wake me up.”

“OK!” Although Lu Zixin didn’t sleep well last night, he still slept. He just wanted to stare at the chat group and was looking forwards to the Red Queen giving him a reply.

As time passed, the company had more and more people show up, and it was time to go to work.

“Hey, get up, work!” Lu Zixin woke up Zhu An and then turned to look at a seat that was still empty.

“Ding Yu hasn’t come yet?” Zhu An said in a different way. “If she’s late, they’ll deduct her full-time salary.”

That seat was their classmate and colleague Ding Yu’s. The three were hired together at the school and entered the Death Game Company.

Moreover, the relationship between Lu Zixin and Ding Yu is particularly good, only a little worse than lovers. Lu Zixin also thought about finding a time to create a romantic scene, and maybe the confession would be successful.

Lu Zixin called Ding Yu’s phone, and nobody picked up. The second time, he was met with an impatient voice: “What? You woke me up so early!”

“You are late for work!” Lu Zixin reminded Ding Yu.

“Oh.” Ding Yu said with a lazy voice, “If there’s nothing else, I’m hanging up.”

“Hey, is your time card stuck to me? I want to help you punch the card…” Lu Zixin said but the phone had already been hung up, and he estimated that Ding Yu went back to sleep again.

“How did it go?” Zhu An pushed his glasses up and asked,

“I don’t know.” Lu Zixin shrugged. “I was the one who came, so forget it, first I’ll clock her in.”

Helping people brush the time card, which generally no one will manage, there is a tacit understanding between employees after all if they’re late.

As Lu Zixin went to brush Ding Yu’s card, but he was unlucky enough to meet a middle-aged who was somewhat in a bliss.

Although he wore a decent suit, the big belly destroyed the beauty of the expensive clothes and there was plenty of fat on his face.

This person is the project director of the Death Game, named Chai Mao, who is said to have been in a big company before. His temper pretty bad, and he just likes to criticize employees.

“Ding Yu, attendance success.” (The attendance machine’s voice) Lu Zixin just finished swiping Ding Yu’s time card, and was just heard by Chai Mao who had come to work.

Chai Mao face immediately blackened. He frowned and said: “Helping others to punch cards? Is this how the company is regulated?”

“If everyone acts like you, can everyone be late? I tell you, your salary for this month is gone!”

Chai Mao said very loud and it was could be heard by the company’s employees. It means killing chickens to scare monkeys.

Lu Zixin heart wasn’t moved, and he stifled a laugh. Attendance salary? It’s not even enough to feed a crayfish.

Chai Mao took a look at Lu Zixin and then patrolled the company with his hands on his back and said: “Working enthusiastically? Everyone work hard, work, work! Hurry and develop the chicken (pubg) mobile game!”

Everyone is also busy, and Lu Zixin is the same. As an intern, he has a heavier job than the average employee.

Although it was a busy morning, Ding Yu hadn’t come into work, so Lu Zixin sent a WeChat to ask her to come.

However, the Red Queen had replied to the message in the chat group. “The information I have received is a very backward program.”

Lu Zixin looked around and saw the door of Chai Mao’s office was closed, and he was probably playing games inside. He opened the chat window and asked, “What about the mobile game I asked for?”

Red Queen: “It has been fixed. And I found that there are a lot of bugs in the original game you sent, I have fixed it for you too, and the patch is  in the folder.”

“Great!” Lu Zixin was so excited that she really finished it! A serious mobile game’s development cost less than a million, but was also time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Now, after handing it over to the Red Queen, it’s simply effortless!

Group Tip: “A red envelope was sent to you by Red Queen.”

In the chat group, a big red envelope appeared, which was sent to him by the Red Queen.

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