MST Chapter 39 : Cohabitation

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The closet is large and covers a wall.

Liu Chiyan is still squatting while finishing.

“Hang my summer clothes here.”

“Hang my winter clothes here.”

“Here is spring and autumn.”

“Let’s put shoes on this floor.”

“Take a T-shirt on this floor.”

“Here are shirts.”

“Hat is here.”

“This piece will give you clothes. I don’t think I am unfair. I am a girl, and I have more clothes.”

Ye Guang paralysed on the bed, he glanced in the direction of Liu Chiyan’s fingers.

“Oh.” Ye Guang faintly responded, then suddenly sat up and pointed at the closet road, “I am here?”

Liu Chiyan thought he was too small and said with a grin: “It’s a little small, I’m giving you some space.”

“Is not what I means.” Ye Guang waved his hand and asked indefinitely. “I mean… Me also come?”

Liu Chiyan crooked a bit her cute neck and asked: “Don’t you come?”

Ye Guang stood up and went out along with Liu Chiyan’s strange eyes.

What are you doing?

Go get your luggage!

This is the rhythm of cohabitation, the fool will not come!

After fifty-six seconds, yes, Ye Guang took the time to the second, and couldn’t delay for a second! Ye Guang flew back with his suitcase and came to the bedroom with a sudden brake, then put the suitcase in front of Liu Chiyan.

“Let me do so!” Ye Guang is still gasping. “You said where to put it, listen to you!”

Liu Chiyan bought the house originally as a plan to live with two people. Although she felt blushing and shy at the beginning, she bought a house for several days and gradually got used to it. The subconscious mind felt that this house was bought with for living together with Ye Guang, but she forgot, Ye Guang didn’t know! Liu Chiyan never told him that the house was bought for two people to live with.

See Ye Guang surprised reaction, and he downstairs to take the luggage, Liu Chiyan only reacted, thinking about what she said, she immediately flushed, pouting and lowered her head and smiled, and did not dare to look at Ye Guang, silently pull over Ye Guang suitcase, then open, Ye Guang’s clothes are taken out of one piece, folded up or put in a wardrobe with a hanger.

Ye Guang stood on the side and grinned like a fool.

Just when Liu Chiyan helped Ye Guang to unpack the suitcase, Ye Guang cellphone rang and saw, mother’s called.

Ye Guang cold sweat is coming down. It seems that I said I’m going to Beijing with my mother this morning. Then I haven’t called the family at all, and it seems that a lot of money can’t be saved.

Going to the living room, Ye Guang picks up the phone.

“Hey, Mom, amount……. Yes, I am here, um, yes, yes, I am not good, yes, yes, sorry, yes, yes, all kinds of busy, this is not busy forgetting, yes, you are teaching, I very good, now… At the hotel. Well, see you, no problem, I let her sign you a dozen! Well, I will be able to go back soon, um, um, you and my dad also take care of themselves…”

“Everything is packed.” Liu Chiyan walked out of the bedroom and said to Ye Guang.

At the other end of the phone, mother has a pointed ear. “Well? Son, how do I hear a woman’s voice?”

Ye Guang quickly made a look at Liu Chiyan and made a mouthpiece: ‘My mom’.

“Ahhhh… It was the waiter of the hotel. I just accidentally shattered the hotel’s teacup, and the waiter came and cleaned up.”

Liu Chiyan’s clever cooperation: “Hello, Mr., the broken glass has been packed, and the tea cup has been changed for you. If there is nothing, then I will not bother. You need to call the service here, I wish you good night.”

Ye Guang gave a thumbs up to Liu Chiyan.

Mother didn’t doubt anything at the end, and said a few words to Ye Guang, counting Ye Guang’s words. What should he be careful when he goes out, what can’t be eaten, what should be paid more attention, and finally hang up the phone.

Instead, after mother hangs up the phone, Father comes up with a sentence: “When is this youngster drinking tea?”

“My mom’s phone.” Ye Guang said, “She thought I was in Beijing. I didn’t dare tell her the truth.”

Liu Chiyan chuckles, “Lying is not a good boy.”

Ye Guang rub his nose and braved the light in his eyes. He said, “I have already said it anyway. I can’t go home this evening. You have to take me.”

Liu Chiyan turned around, then smiled and said softly: “You are free.”

Ye Guang is overjoyed.

In the evening, Liu Chiyan seems to be a hard little bee. Clean up here, clean it there, and the house is full of chaos, as if she don’t know how tired.

Ye Guang originally followed her to clean up, but later discovered that this little girl really wants to clean the house, she is afraid to go to sleep! Deliberately take a look at the grinding time here.

Ye Guang didn’t say anything, let’s not say Liu Chiyan, even his big man was a little bit jealous.

Cohabitation, hehe.

Ye Guang comfortably squatted on the Sofa, quietly watching Liu Chiyan busy, looked at the time, it was already 11 o’clock in the evening, but he was not in a hurry, thought, you toss it, let it toss See how you can toss a few points, always when you are tired.

Sure enough, Liu Chiyan tossed for a while, then went into the bedroom and took the pajamas towel and stepped through the bathroom.

Ye Guang on sofa reveals a proud and evil smile.

It was a very time-consuming thing for a woman to take a shower. Ye Guang fell asleep at Sofa and was finally awakened by the sound of going back to the bedroom after Liu Chiyan had finished bathing.

Ye Guang got up, and some of the cockroaches pushed open the bedroom door and walked in. Liu Chiyan was lying on the bed, covering the quilt as an ostrich.

Liu Chiyan heard the voice of Ye Guang coming in, facing Ye Guang, and said something flustered: “Why are you coming in, I am going to sleep, and you are sleeping.”

Ye Guang is also somewhat cramped, “Yes… I came in and took the clothes to take a shower.”

“Oh.” Liu Chiyan responded, didn’t talk, and continued to be an ostrich.

Ye Guang took the clothes and turned out of the bedroom.

In the bathroom, Liu Chiyan’s newly-replaced clothes were still in the dirty clothes. Ye Guang didn’t make the move to hold Liu Chiyan’s clothes, but the two sexy and seductive ones and the cockroaches also let him a bit bloody.

Because a lot of daily necessities do not have time to buy, bathroom empty, there are two small bottles of shower gel and shampoo, should be Liu Chiyan usually carry luggage with, there are two toothbrushes, a pink has been used, and another blue has not been opened, towels are only one, some wet, It seems that Liu Chiyan just used, but ye Guang can not abandon, take Liu Chiyan towel began to bathe.

Dislike and avoid, what do you dislike? That is her wife! How many people want to use the towels she used are still not needed.

Ten minutes later, Ye Guang took a shower and washed his head, brushed his teeth with a new toothbrush that Liu Chiyan had prepared for him in the bathroom, and finally dried the hair with a hair dryer.

I have to say that this is the difference between men and women treating the bathroom.

Wearing a pajamas, Ye Guang came to the door of the bedroom.

On the right is the second bedroom, and on the left is the master bedroom.

Is it into the master bedroom? Still into the master bedroom? Still into the master bedroom?

On the right is a gentleman, and on the left is a wolf beast.

Ye Guang is faced with a dilemma. He is also a person who has been a teacher. This kind of problem should be cautious and careful!

After thinking about it for a while, Ye Guang bit his teeth, and he is the kind of animal!

“Forget about it!”

Enter the master bedroom! You are the kind of beast.

The door handle of the master bedroom slowly rotates and the door opens gently…

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