MST Chapter 102 : Fruit Run Title

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The next afternoon

Studio came with a person who surprised studio’s collective employees, Qian Duo.

Of course, it wasn’t that Qian Duo made the employees unexpected, but his intention was to surprise the employees. In addition to pulling a full 30 boxes of drinks, he also brought a contract, which is the contract that makes studio staff feeling unexpected.

“Fruit Run Exclusive Title Journey to the West program contract”

The contract lists many articles, large and small, many of which are irrelevant. The main reason is that Fruit Run has to name Ye Guang’s Journey to the West program, and it is an exclusive title, with a high title fee five million!

Five million, to be honest, for TV series of major TV stations, it is actually a fraction, studio employees follow Liu Chiyan, that is also seen in the world, five million will not surprise them, let them surprisingly is, Ye Guang’s thrashing show can actually bring up five million advertising sponsorships? You know, his show was shot down by all TV stations.

The employees can’t figure it out. In the end, they can only be attributed to Fruit Run. Thanks to Ye Guang for helping them to make this advertisement and promotion planner, let them come back to life, people will be a man, thank you, and you have nothing to do with the show!

Of course, Fruit Run’s titled Ye Guang program is also loved, but in fact President Guo is tempted by Ye Guang.

At first, Fruit Run president Guo do not want to give Ye Guang title fee, one is not know how Ye Guang program effect, and secondly it is also the company just hit an advertisement, fiery momentum just rise, there is no need to advertise in the title, and, recently their company finances more tight, the cost of advertising, the cost of production, staff wages, the expansion of production lines, where all the money, and now all want a piece of money to break into two halves, which has so many spare cash to give Ye Guang title name.

Ye Guang said that what is famous for his program is conducive to providing influence, expanding the popularity of the people, etc., but President Guo is not at all motivated, has been rumored to refuse.

In the end, Ye Guang did not swear, let go of a paragraph, but this paragraph made the Fruit Run President Guo decided to make a name on the spot.

Ye Guang said that at the time, “President Guo, if I not only know you as an entrepreneur, I will not call you this phone. So tell you, yes, I have no choice but to come to you. However, I firmly believe that my program will definitely earn money. If I don’t have other choices, I won’t be so cheap. I will let you name it. In my heart, I am doing this show title. The name fee is calculated in billions. When I am doing advertising in your home, who can think that I can do advertising so well? Now that I am doing the show, no one believes that I can do it right now, but I believe that I can turn it like a magic!”

After Fruit Run President Guo listening to Ye Guang’s words, he was silent for a while, but finally agreed, but their company’s finances are also tight, and the title fee is only 5 million. Ye Guang certainly disagrees, so I said that the two sides finally discussed a compromise.

The previous title fee is 5 million. After the follow-up, the Fruit Run funds are returned. If Ye Guang program has a good rating, the title fee can be increased to 10 million.

The title of advertisement for Journey to the West program is so determined. Ye Guang’s program is finally able to start shooting. With these five million bases, no matter what, it will not be lost anyway, the rest will be watching the show is hot or not.

The show will not be hot? Others may believe, but Ye Guang definitely doesn’t believe that the show is not hot, what a joke, this is Journey to the West! If it is not fire, is there any reason?

Pulling the ad back, Liu Chiyan is also happy for him, not because of the five million, Liu Chiyan is not bad for this money, mainly because Ye Guang is so sad every day because of the show, she also hurts him and I also prepared myself to pay for Ye Guang to toss. Since Ye Guang has brought the advertisement, the program’s things are on the right track. Regardless of how the back program is doing, how is the effect of the broadcast, but at least he will not be unhappy every day.

Ye Guang is impatient. He will let the employees prepare for the day. I will prepare the scenes, props and costumes first, and I will prepare to start the program tomorrow.


At the same time, the beverage industry and the advertising industry have also exploded.

An advertising company.

“This meeting was mainly to analyze the advertisements of Fruit Run Company and analyze why the advertisements of people are so successful. The effect is so amazing. In just a few days, the sales volume has increased by nearly 20 times!”

“I have already investigated this advertisement. This advertisement is done by Youxianqi Entertainment. The planner is Ye Guang, general counsel of Youxianqi Entertainment, and Vice-president level.”

“Oh, it’s him, I know him. He have been screaming some time ago and I’ve seen the story of the jumped from roof, and “Send for yourself” is also his creative, very creative advertisement, and is still broadcast in CCTV every day.”

“Haha, when I talked about this, I thought of a paragraph on the Internet. I said that many people watched TV on time, but they didn’t watch TV shows or watch programs. They watched this advertisement.”

“Don’t say that it’s useless, get down to business, talk about why Fruit Run’s advertising is successful, have you thought about it?”

“I have investigated, and speaking of Fruit Run advertisement does a good job, but this advertisement does not make me feel too surprised. I can only say that it is a good advertisement. What surprised me is Fruit Run company. This whole set of marketing programs, I carefully analyzed it, it is simply a god, people have to serve! I don’t know if you have discovered it recently. In the major forums on the Internet, there are “Don’t reveal why fruits drink are so expensive and fruity drinks are so cheap”. “Do you think that the fruit drinks you drink are really made of fruits?” What is the difference between a popular science fruit drink and a juice drink? Now these posts can be seen everywhere in big forum. At first I just thought it was just some common science texts, but when the advertisement of Fruit Run came out, as an insider, I realized it in an instant, this is Fruit Run Company. Deliberately dig a pit in advance, just wait for the person to jump inside!”

“Can advertising still do this? Isn’t this a lie?”

“How can you not do this with advertising? Are there fewer people who do advertising? And people are deceiving, but in Copven, there is no mention of Fruit Run, and there is no advertisement at all. Objectively speaking, it is an ordinary popular science, but people who have read this popular science, If you see the advertisement of Fruit Run, hey, that effect, I believe everyone knows, it is definitely not as simple as one plus one.”

“It’s definitely a genius to make this promotion plan. This method is simple and easy to operate, but the idea is like this. It’s clearly placed here. When no one finds it, it’s worthless, no one cares, but once it is used by smart people, can produce extraordinary effects and more than that, follow-up I do not know is the fruit Run is really insufficient stock or use hunger marketing, the second day of advertising broadcast on the market as a large area of the goods, follow-up continue to supply basically consumers are in a state of looting, for fear of late can’t buy, obviously only to buy a bottle, Just bought a box, so their sales in such a short period of time grow to nearly 20 times times! Of course, this data is also because of their poor sales, but this growth rate has been increasing, I believe that you can realize how scary this advertising marketing effect. ”

“It’s really amazing. Fruit Run has a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect to be able to fight back and get back to life.”

“It was this advertising and promotion program that saved them.”

“I can only say that they have found the right person, replaced us, are you confident that you can make such a good plan?”

“I don’t know what they think. So many advertising companies didn’t look for it and went to find an entertainment studio. They were really beaten by them!”

“Ye Guang? It is indeed a capable person!”

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