MST Chapter 101 : Frustration of the Program

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A song in the rough has finally been successfully completed.

Why is it in the rough?

Because Liu Chiyan was scolded by Ye Guang for the whole process, a song was recorded, and all of them were angry.

Ye Guang, he is physically bumpy, sometimes accidentally saying the wrong words, such as Liu Chiyan stupid, saying that Liu Chiyan is stupid or something, and then Liu Chiyan will leave a mark on him, or it is the fingerprint of the two fingers, or the tooth print that the teeth are going to make. Ye Guang is crying. Is there such a treatment for the teacher? You are not respecting the teacher! If you are not in the company, you will be served in minutes!

But fortunately this song is finally finished, music Liu Chiyan still have to ponder, but under Ye Guang pressure, she is learned this song, now sings have a kind of, although Ye Guang think and Dream World version some difference, but also no big deal, also can’t mold, Liu Chiyan voice good, singing is good, it is different.

Ye Guang’s mission is complete.

Liu Chiyan still has a lot of things to do here, first have to finish the music, and then have to find the band to make soundtrack, the score is OK, but the soundtrack is difficult to do, studio not have band, to go outside to find, Liu Chiyan is often cooperative band, find a band is not difficult, But this song with what instrument, the rhythm of various instruments and so on need some effort.

However, the hardest songs and composing parts have already come out. Are the other problems still?

In fact Ye Guang think Liu Chiyan has sung very well, he thought Chasing dream with a childlike heart is also a flash of light, originally thought Liu Chiyan usually some weak temperament, sing this song may not be too suitable, afraid of his treble part not to go, but he did not think, that Liu Chiyan ’s singing skills were so great, so loud and soaring, she really surprised Ye Guang, very surprised to see Liu Chiyan half-day, do not know how she this slender body of how to burst out so powerful strength, in the mind also has a funny idea came out.

Otherwise, when will the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau be sung to her? I really want to see that scene.

Liu Chiyan’s troubles are solved. Ye Guang has already helped her, but Ye Guang is still annoyed. His Journey to the West program has not yet been chartered.

How can such a good program not be seen by anyone?

Only you feel good! Oh, and Yiyi.

Two days later.

Ye Guang’s programs were completely shot by all TV stations.

Yes, all! These days, Jiang Fengxian large and small TV stations in China all cast the planner case, but without exception, they were all shot.

At this moment, Ye Guang is sighing at the desk with a sigh of sorrow.

Liu Chiyan distressed him and advised, “If you want to, let’s do other programs, such as making TV drama, it’s much better than making this. TV station is also easier to accept. When you come to starring!”

Ye Guang’s face is even bitter. It’s not unfeasible to shoot a TV drama, but the time it takes to shoot a TV drama is too long. How much time can he wait for, a week has passed, if it is in a month he can’t do a program that is conducive to cultural communication, then the next year… Ye Guang didn’t dare to think about it.

Ye Guang gritted his teeth, “No! This show must be done!”

Liu Chiyan: “How come you are so embarrassed, now you can’t do it, TV station doesn’t buy it.”

Ye Guang went down again, alas, how can this be good?

I have to think about it.

Suddenly, Ye Guang’s brain flashed through his head and patted his head.

“Damn! How can I forget again?”

Liu Chiyan looked at him. “That’s why, why do you want to do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, change it, change it.”

Ye Guang gave a look at Liu Chiyan. “Who said that my program didn’t do it, I don’t mean it! The show must be done!” Without waiting for Liu Chiyan to ask, Ye Guang continued, “Why do we have to find a TV station to cooperate with us, we have someone, we have equipment, and the shooting studio on the second floor of the shooting venue can be cleaned up and packed. If so, let us shoot ourselves! do it yourself!”

Liu Chiyan opened her mouth. “It’s light. But after shooting it, you still expect to sell it to the TV station like a TV series.”

Ye Guang: “Why not?”

Liu Chiyan: “Don’t dream, TV station doesn’t buy it now.  they won’t buy it even if you make it yourself. It’s said that you are a TV show, not a TV show, and there is no precedent for buying a homemade show.”

Ye Guang grinned. “If you don’t buy, you don’t buy it. It ’s not necessary for them. Let’s make the show ourselves and broadcast it on the Internet! There are so many video websites that you can broadcast them at will, only the programs are doing well, I’m not afraid that nobody will not watch it!”

Liu Chiyan, “Online broadcast? Don’t walk TV station? How can this be done? Let’s not say that there is no one to watch on Internet. It there someone who looks at it, but you’re doing it at a loss! Selling and shouting at a loss.”

Ye Guang: “How can I make loss, we can sell it to a video site, and we can also pull ads.”

Liu Chiyan cuts: “Sell to video sites? I want to learn more, how can people buy your show, you are not a TV show, the video site has not bought a homemade variety show, and you still want to pull advertisements, so you can see this show, so many in the country. No TV station at home can see it.”

Liu Chiyan faced Ye Guang with cold water.

Ye Guang was stunned, it is true that there is no self-made online variety show in this world, can not say no, some personal small shoddy program or a little, but are free to upload to watch, network art in this world has not yet entered the public vision, in Dream worlds, In fact, the rise of Internet is also in 2014, the time has gradually arisen, the original video site of some variety shows are broadcast of the major TV station, and now the world is still in this situation of retransmission, video website home-made art has not appeared.

Ye Guang doesn’t want to give up, bite his teeth, “I can’t do it for free! I still don’t believe it, waiting for my show to fire up, there is no advertisement to find the door!”

He vaguely remembers that Dream World has several online programs, such as the ones that are similar to the singularity, and they are all free at first. After the show is fired, there will be various advertisements, and the video website will give them corresponding advertisements. Even buy it directly.

Liu Chiyan grinned, said, “I see you just eaten the scales and iron, and you just toss it, I don’t care!”

Ye Guang snorted twice.

Advertising? In fact, Ye Guang has a little thought in mind.

Just do it!

Ye Guang convened the staff to open a group meeting on the same day. Under the eyes of the employees, he said about the self-made program, so that all departments can start to make arrangements and prepare to start.

After the meeting, Ye Guang secretly found a place where no one was, and called a phone.

The bell rang for a while before the other party picked it up, probably because it was too busy.

“Hello, President Guo?”

“I am, who are you?”

“President Guo, congratulations on your product’s success, I am Ye Guang, there is something I want to discuss with you, I don’t know if you are convenient or inconvenient now, it is like this…”

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