MST Chapter 303 : who doesn’t have patriotic feelings!

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The video picture is a little jittery, but it can still be seen clearly. The sound is a bit messy, but most of them can be distinguished. The video starts from Ye Guang’s ‘pumping’ Kim Tae-seo, then the on-site staff surrounded them and pulled away Ye Guang. Next, several villagers went up and hit Kim Tae-seo several times, and they were immediately pulled away by the staff.

Then, the picture followed Ye Guang to go to an aunt. Ye Guang and aunt said a few words, but at that time when shooting away from the aunt and the crowd are noisy, so it’s not clear what he said. After that, Ye Guang became angry again and wanted ‘smoke’ Kim Tae-seo, but was stopped by Liu Chiyan. Kim Tae-seo angrily asked Ye Guang why he was beating people. Ye Guang simply said: “Because you owe a beating.”

The picture is still normal here. The previous content also seen in the beating video uploaded at the beginning. At this time, Kim Tae-seo is in a pitiful victim image.

However, after a few words between the two, Kim Tae-seo said something like this, “Can she compare to me? I am Kim Tae-seo! I am from Korea and I have tens of millions fans, worth hundreds of millions, she is a rural ‘women’, can an inferior Chinese compare to me?”

This sentence seemed so harsh in the noisy voice, and the netizens who watched the video felt it instantly an emotion called anger growing in their heart, suddenly I felt like I was deceived and fooled.

Kim Tae-seo!

This is how you keep saying that you are a victim? This is how you keep saying that you are humble, polite, and kind?

No matter how miserable Kim Tae-seo cried before, no matter how pitiful he said before, when he said that inferior Chinese, he was doomed to be targeted by the Chinese.

No one will sympathize with him again, and no one will forgive him again, because this is China!

Later, Ye Guang gave Kim Tae-seo a generous ‘exciting’ education, which aroused the blood in the hearts of netizens, and at the same time pushed the anger towards Kim Tae-seo shameless behavior to the top.

Anger can make people go crazy.

Compared with the previous anger at Ye Guang violent acts, the current level of anger is higher than just one level. You must know that there is another emotion here — patriotism!

This is the instinctive emotions of every Chinese person,  no matter how much we are dissatisfied with our country. No matter how we complain about the shortcomings of this country, but all of this actually stems from our love towards this country, because we hope it can be better!

At the same time, our country, my nation, absolutely does not allow a foreign race to make irresponsible remarks, let alone a foreign race in our country to call our countrymen inferior!

Unforgivable behavior.

“Shameless Kim Tae-seo!”

“Kill Kim Tae-seo.”

“Kim Tae-seo, you are the inferior!”

“Pig dogs are not as good as Kim Tae-seo!”

“Get out of China! China doesn’t welcome you!”


The verbal abuse is exactly the same as the previous verbal abuse by netizens. The difference is that this time the netizens are more angry, their speech is more ‘aggressive’, and the number of people is more. Due to this excessive traffic over a period of time, Kim Tae-seo Weibo even crashed for a few minutes.

However, not everyone is scolding Kim Tae-seo, and some are scolding Ye Guang. This person is a Dandan netizen: “F*ck! Ye Guang, you bastard! You pay for my traffic! Pay for my living expenses! Woo woo woo.”

No one asks why, and no one asks the whole story. In fact, from the dialogue between Ye Guang and Kim Tae-seo, as long as the brain is bright, the truth of the matter can already be guessed.

It doesn’t matter anymore. Why Ye Guang beat people are not important anymore. No one questioned Ye Guang’s violent act of beating Kim Tae-seo anymore, even countless people clapped their hands and applauded.

“It’s too light! This kind of person should be beaten to death!”

“Please call me the next time you fight!”

“Ye Guang ‘bastard’, why did you let him go like this? It’s too cheap for this b*tch, you should fight to death!”

“I always don’t like violence, but I like Ye Guang act this time. It’s a good fight! I want to fight too.”

“Does anyone know where Kim Tae-seo is now? I will fly over and beat him now!”

“Ye Guang is very good, here is China! Kim Tae-seo gets out of China!”


And when Ye Guang released the video, the more than 1,000 comments that abused him for more than ten minutes at the beginning of the video are also rapidly decreasing. Netizens spontaneously deleted their own messages attacking Ye Guang and quickly deleted them. Everyone not knew the truth before, and they scolded Ye Guang in other places. It is understandable, but if you scold Ye Guang on this Weibo, it will look very unkind, and you will also appear to be a silly ‘force’. In order not to be a silly ‘force’, everyone willingly deletes the previous comments.

Kim Tae-seo had already jumped angrily, watching the computer gritted his teeth, “How could this be! How could this be! Why does he still have videos! Why does he still have videos! Didn’t you say that he doesn’t have videos!” Kim Tae-seo is roaring at his agent.

Kim Tae-seo’s agent also stunned, and muttered to himself with a face of disbelief, “This is impossible, how could he still have the video? Why didn’t he post it before? This is impossible, how could my inference be wrong? … Ah!”

Kim Tae-seo kicked his agent before he finished, “I infer you’re paralyzed!”


In the afternoon, Weibo placed two activity banners on the homepage.

One headline is: Let Kim Tae-seo get out of China!

One headline is: Please apologize for scolding Ye Guang.

These two event banners very conspicuously hung on the homepage of Weibo. They were officially initiated by Weibo. Of course, Weibo will not take the initiative to do such a thing, but under public opinion and the strong request of countless netizens. After some discussions, the senior officials on Weibo initiated these two activities after reporting to their superiors and obtaining acquiescence.

Strictly speaking, the law has no way to sanction Kim Tae-seo’s behavior, but the people will not forgive him. Every Chinese will not forgive him. Weibo’s top management and his superiors, although there is no way to directly confront Kim Tae-seo, but, as a Chinese, who is not patriotic?

As a result, in just a few hours, the number of comments on these two activities on Weibo exceeded 30 million, and the number of likes exceeded 70 million, and it was once the most liked comment on Weibo!

Later, another hot ‘door’ article appeared on Weibo, it was sent by Heavenly King Liu. The article described in detail on the day of the incident, from the beginning of Kim Tae-seo unwillingness to enter the quagmire, and then he started to slap the aunt. A series of things such as knocking down the aunt and beating people in the dark were described in detail.

Xu Chen, He Xing, Zhong Jing, and Lan Bao also forwarded and likes for the first time, they also stood up to prove it.

The TT video that bought the Running Man network copyright also did something that netizens praised. They removed all the movies and TV works in which Kim Tae-seo participated, and issued a statement that any Kim Tae-seo works will not be available on TT video.

This is equivalent to TT Video saying, Jin Tae-seo was blocked on its own platform, and this move attracted many netizens to praise, and at the same time, it immediately caused a wave of ‘tide’ in the industry.

Kudou Video released a statement and removed all works of Kim Tae-seo.

Qiyi Video released a statement and removed all works of Kim Tae-seo.

Sohu Video released a statement to remove all works of Kim Tae-seo from the shelves.


One after the other, many video sites have followed, and even several TV stations that are showing Kim Tae-seo works. As a public state-owned television media, have also announced the removal of Kim Tae-seo works, but they also added a sentence after the statement, which is only the stand of the station.

As a public state-owned television media, TV stations still constrained everywhere. Unlike other online video sites, they can be so arbitrary. They can do this compared to the video sites of private companies. It’s not easy.

Admittedly, many websites and TV station don’t want to remove Kim Tae-seo work. After all, these works originally are bought with money, now it is removed from the shelves, so much waste of money. However, TT video with the head, and everyone has responded. Now, even if I feel unwilling, I have to grit my teeth and take his work off the shelves. People are all off the shelves, but you still keep them. What do you think about it? Compared with this small amount of money, the word of mouth and face of the ‘door’ are more important!

The most important thing is, as a Chinese, who doesn’t have patriotic feelings!

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