MST Chapter 302 : Sudden Reversal

Edited: XiaXue

When Ye Guang want to make things clear on Weibo. The phone suddenly rang, it’s Heavenly King Liu calling.

“Little Ye,  the beating is fierce enough now, haha, you are being scolded badly.” Heavenly King Liu smiled, “How about it, let me explain it for you?”

Ye Guang laughed, “No, I am preparing to send a message to make things clear.”

Heavenly King Liu : “Okay, you can send it quickly, I’ll give you a platform later. I’m surprised. What did Kim Tae-seo think? So many of us were present that day. This is all witnesses. How dare he to do this? Reverse black and white?”

Ye Guang smiled, “Who knows what he got wrong, maybe… just stupid!”

Heavenly King Liu smiled, “This IQ… what you said that day was really correct. It’s a miracle that he can live to this day.”

Indeed, I don’t know if Kim Tae-seo has been dazzled by hatred, and it made IQ is really not online. If it’s just a grievance with Ye Guang and no one else knows it, then his nonsense and black-and-white inversion may be useful, but there were one or two hundred people on that day! How dare he say it like that with so many people witnessed the whole thing? Well, leave the staff and villagers aside, because these people have little influence. If they don’t want to go through the judicial channels,  what they said wouldn’t have much influence on public opinion. Even if they say things at this time, everyone will think Ye Guang instructed them.

However, don’t forget, there are also guests of Running Man group. Heavenly King Liu, Xu Chen, He Xing and others, the villagers and the staff member said that maybe the netizens don’t believe, but what about Heavenly King Liu and them? All of them are the best witnesses with their own big speakers!

Perhaps Kim Tae-seo subconsciously regards Ye Guang as the only object of hatred, so he focused all his attention on Ye Guang, so he subconsciously ignored other people who witnessed everything, including Heavenly King Liu and others… Ok, I can’t edit it, he is stupid!

Hanging up Heavenly King Liu phone, Ye Guang cell phone rang again immediately, Xu Chen’s call.

“Little Ye, I’ll ask you whether you are upset about being sprayed, haha, I love hearing it.” Xu Chen joked with a smile and gloat.

Ye Guang: “Just gloat, don’t forget that you also had a share that day, be careful, I will give you out.”

Xu Chen laughed and said, “Haha, you give it, by the way, I want to make a statement about you. My hand is itchy. I wanted to send you an article to prove it, but I feel that your kid must be holding back, otherwise will you suffer this loss?”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “I’m about to post on Weibo to let the truth of the matter come to light. If you are calling, then this case is clear.”

Xu Chen: “Okay, then I am waiting to see the big show. After a while, my Weibo will open the large platform for you.”

The phone hangs up, and another phone comes in. Ye Guang glances at it, He Xing call.

“Damn, is this an appointment?” Ye Guang muttered.

What He Xing said on the phone was the same. However, Ye Guang really encountered a big coincidence today. After talking with He Xing, Lan Bao and Zhong Jing called again. Well… except for himself with his wife, the running troupe is all assembled.

Afterwards, Ye Guang accidentally asked about this at a party, asked if they had made an appointment, but the big guys shook their heads to deny it. It was a real coincidence.



Ye Guang prepared to make the whole thing public, and uploaded the video. He was typing on the keyboard and writing the whole story. Ye Guang changed his mind, “I am going to explain what happened, what is the difference with Kim Tae-seo? No, the force is too low to make those funny jokes.” Ye Guang refers to the guests of the Running Man guest who just called him.

So, Ye Guang deleted the written content.

“Directly sent the video?” Ye Guang said to himself, “Too dry?”

Suddenly, Ye Guang remembered that he still had a Poet name. To be honest, Ye Guang blushed at this thought. How could he write any poems himself? Even if there is Dream World’s collection of poems for him to learn from plagiarism,

He couldn’t find a suitable poem according to the time and scenery, so Ye Guang hadn’t shown any poems for a while, afraid of embarrassment.

However, at this time, Ye Guang thought of a limericks’ poem once seen on the Internet in Dream World.

“Just use this!”

Ye Guang wrote on Weibo:

Behind the venomous tongue is to confuse right and wrong, want to add sin out of nothing.

Pouring dirty water upside down, netizens misunderstand and suffer.

The explanation needs to start from the beginning, innocent and self-righteous.

Attached to the video, video name: Sorry, I would like to play again.


Only two minutes after Ye Guang posted a Weibo, it immediately attracted replies from many netizens.

“Ye Guang, you are shameless! Shameless, who the hell is to stir up trouble, who is throwing dirty water, you scum, scum!”

“Ye Guang stinks shamelessly, you still have the right to do it, it is also a realm to be shameless to the point of yours.”


The angry replies of these netizens are reflexive. The video uploaded by Ye Guang lasted for more than ten minutes. They didn’t watch the video sent by Ye Guang at all, but immediately cursed him. Let alone, such people are really not less, but within ten minutes, all his comments were verbal abuse, and the Weibo he had just posted have more than 600 messages in just ten minutes.

Ye Guang shook his head and smiled bitterly, “I’ve a lot of people who hate me. It’s really a lot of netizens who have nothing to do.”

However, the situation began to quietly reverse after ten minutes.

The comments of netizens are still growing. One netizen said: “Ye Guang, I am not a fan of Kim Tae-seo, but I fully support Kim Tae-seo in this matter. You are simply embarrassing to our countrymen!”

A netizen replied to his message, “First, go and see what the video is talking about. I don’t know what to say anymore. Sure enough, some people have become really shameless.”

Subsequently, the netizens who watched the video one by one started to reply.

“The poisonous tongue is confounding right and wrong, wanting to add sins out of nothing, reversed black and white, splashing dirty water, shamelessly shameless! Shamelessly shameless!”

“MMP, I can’t bear it! I want to beat him!”

“Fart, it’s too cheap to hit him, this kind of person will just kill him!”

A netizen with the ID name Dandan took the stubbornly, “Yes! Ye Guang, this shameless scum, is to be killed directly! It tarnishes the universe!”

Then, the Dandan netizen immediately assaulted by other netizens.

The Messenger of Justice: “@Dandan! ! Who is saying to kill Ye Guang, we are talking about Kim Tae-seo! Silly X, please speak after watching the video!”

“Kim Tae-seo sin is unforgivable! Shameless!”

“Ye Guang played well! This kind of person deserves to be beaten!”

“Ye Guang, don’t forget to call me, when you hit him next time!!!”


The sudden reversal makes netizens Dandan a little confused. What’s the situation?

Isn’t it a crusade against Ye Guang? Why did they all turn to Kim Tae-seo at once?

What exactly is in the video?

Dandan netizens hurriedly opened the video with their mobile phone, and a small prompt popped up first, “Please pay attention, the video will be played using data!”

Where would Dandan netizens pay attention to these, they immediately clicked to play it.

Many onlookers also curious, how could there be another big reversal suddenly? What content is in this video that can make everyone change like this? So, unable to bear curiosity, one after another clicked on the video to see what happened.

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