MST Chapter 291 : Ye Guang is the most powerful!

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Tai Chi. [X-N: Changed from Taiji to Tai Chi]

One of the most influential signature martial arts of the Chinese nation, however, Tai Chi seems to have not been handed down in this world. It’s Uncle Wu first time to hear about this martial arts.

Uncle Wu: “Tai Chi… which martial art is this? I haven’t heard of it.”

Grandpa Liu has a lot of knowledge. He only heard a few words about Tai Chi, “Tai Chi, I seem to have heard of it in the early years. A kind of martial arts appeared in the Song Dynasty, but it is a pity that this kind of martial arts has not been handed down. Grandson-in-law, your martial arts is really good. Even Qiang’zi is not your opponent, who do you study with?”

Ye Guang silent and didn’t know how to explain it. He could only say, “Um… when I was a kid, I met a wandering Taoist priest. He said, he had a good relationship with me, so he ‘handed over’ this kung fu to me. I just practiced for fun and learned some.”

This explanation… there is nothing wrong with it, but how do you feel familiar with this routine?

Other people don’t doubt Ye Guang explanation. There are too many capable people in this world. It is normal for a Taoist priest to teach Tai Chi to Ye Guang. However, no matter what other people think, Liu Chiyan doesn’t believe it, others don’t know, but she still knew at a glance that Ye Guang isn’t telling the truth. However, she didn’t ask the roots, but she found that she seemed to be less and less aware of Ye Guang. Ye Guang always ‘exposed’ the side she didn’t understand from time to time. Suddenly showing off the cooking skills, editing knowledge, the calligraphy from before, the dual use of one mind, and to today’s kung fu, all these skills seem to appear on Ye Guang out of thin air. There was no sign of it before.

Liu Chiyan had long been suspicious about these things, but she was very smart and didn’t ask anything. Everyone has secrets. Maybe Ye Guang has any secrets that she doesn’t know, but there is no need to go to the roots. It’s also ‘quite’ good, occasionally he can bring different surprises to himself, besides, as Ye Guang wife, the more capable Ye Guang, of course, the happier she will be. The husband and wife are one, so there is glory.

Ye Guang and Uncle Wu returned to the dinner table after washing. Uncle Wu also took a short shower and changed clothes. The clothes in front of them were worn out in several places.

Before returning to the table, Ye Guang answered a phone call. It’s Jiang Fengxian who called him, or he was talking about his beating videos on the Internet.

Jiang Fengxian: “Advisor Ye, where are you now? Can you explain things on the Internet as soon as possible? It’s really impossible for our studio to explain it for you. Now the netizens scold you and almost crazy.”

On the other side, Grandpa Liu greeted Ye Guang to hurriedly went to table for dinner. Ye Guang has no heart and said to Jiang Fengxian, “Well… don’t worry, I will go back later to see how to explain it. I have something to do, so let them scold me first. Anyway, it’s not going to fall fast.”

Jiang Fengxian almost burst out with a silly sentence, how can your heart be so powerful? What do you mean by scolding? The public figure as big as you are, there is no one. Not to mention, Ye Guang’s current mentality is really different from the original. Remember, after the video of him tearing clothes and beating the security guard was exposed, netizens scolded him fiercely, and it’s really terrible. At that time, Ye Guang heart is not light.

Jiang Fengxian: “Advisor Ye, what are you doing? Can’t you ‘pick’ it out at this point?”

Ye Guang: “Me? I just had a fight with someone. Forget it, Old Jiang, I won’t say anything. Ah, I’m not free here, so I hang up first.” With that, Ye Guang hung up the phone and returned to the table.

Jiang Fengxian on the other end of the phone listened to the busy tone on the phone. He was speechless. After a long time, he angrily ‘leaned’ on it. If he heard it correctly, what did he say just now? I had a fight with someone, my god, now his beating video is not over, but he went to fight with someone again. What is this called?

Jiang Fengxian  felt a little tired. Since Ye Guang joining the studio, as if he hadn’t stopped. He was busy with his affairs all day long, wiping his buttocks, what ideas Ye Guang has, had, what to do, and Ye Guang just pointed his finger at him. He quickly went to do it for him, what happened to Ye Guang, it was Jiang Fengxian who was trying to get angry for him, but why couldn’t this person fight for his anger?

Ye Guang and Uncle Wu staged a good show. Old Father is very happy to see it. He praised Ye Guang at the dinner table and said that Liu Chiyan had a good eye. She didn’t find the wrong grandson-in-law.

Father Liu felt down. This was different from what he had imagined. He wanted to watch Ye Guang get embarrassed. So now Ye Guang became the winner. With a bit of resentment, Father Liu said softly to Uncle Wu, “What’s going on, even you can’t beat him.”

Uncle Wu still had no place to vent his grievances. He had to say that the most depressed person is none other than him, and he was criticized by Father Liu again. He was so upset, and didn’t worry that Father Liu is the eldest brother, and said, “You can do it yourself.”

Father Liu was speechless.

Ye Guang won Uncle Wu, and the happiest one is Yiyi. The excitement remained unabated. He kept dancing and giggling as he did when Ye Guang competed with Uncle Wu. The giggling and laughs provokes Uncle Wu frequently. He rolled his eyes, “Little girl, Grandpa Wu loves you for nothing. You’re so happy I’m to lose.”

Yiyi became embarrassed and spit out a small tongue. Converges a little, and flattered, “Grandpa Wu is very powerful, Grandpa Wu is the best.”

This flattering is very useful, Uncle Wu nodded in satisfaction. He just wants to say that he didn’t love you for nothing, Yiyi added, “However, Ye Guang is the most powerful!”

Uncle Wu suddenly caught his lips. After swallowing it, I felt more depressed in my heart, so, let’s not talk anymore, let’s eat.

Uncle Wu didn’t talk again, and focused on eating. Not to mention, he moved his hands and sweated. The appetite was indeed much better. Uncle Wu ate a bowl and a half of rice more than usual. Of course, he didn’t know. His appetite is really boosted, or turned his grief and anger into appetite.

Yiyi’s excitement continued until she finished eating. After eating, she practiced “Kung Fu” in the yard “Huh ah ha ha”. Liu Chiyan’s family and Ye Guang all smiled and watched Yiyi play. Grandpa Liu is amused by Yiyi’s weird appearance from time to time, and he’s laughing out loud.

Suddenly, Yiyi made a kick with her ‘leg’, and couldn’t stand firmly under her feet. She fell with her butt first. Because of this, Yiyi’s excitement was extinguished, she is looked pitiful and aggrieved by her ass. Everyone also looking at her, she looked cute, pitiful and funny.

Ye Guang couldn’t help smiling, and hurriedly went over to pick her up, “Slow down, it hurts,”

Yiyi pouted her mouth, blinking at Ye Guang, ” Ye Guang, you teach me kung fu, I can’t practice it myself, okay?”

Ye Guang startled, and then smiled freely, “Little girl, what kind of kung fu want to learn, you can be a little princess quietly.”

Yiyi shook her head and said, “No, no. I have to learn, I have to become as powerful as you.”

Ye Guang is silent, there are some mixed tastes in his heart, some sour.

Unconsciously, is Yiyi already taking him as an example?

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