MST Chapter 290 :

Edited: XiaXue

Everyone present became dumbfounded.

Because the person who fell out is actually not Ye Guang, but Wu Qiang.

Yiyi is clapping her hands in excitement, “Ye Guang is great.”

Father Liu, Mother Liu, and Liu Chiyan also looked incredulous.

The most surprising people is Aunt Wu and Old Father. They are the people who know Wu Qiang best. How many pounds of Wu Qiang’s kung fu is, how can they don’t know? However, this was the time to spar with Ye Guang, he flew out after a single encounter. What’s the situation?

Unscientific, too unscientific, looking at Ye Guang small ‘arm’ and small ‘leg’ with thin skin and tender ‘meat’, can you have such great strength? Can his skill be so high?

Wu Qiang himself is the most ignorant, but he immediately turned over and got up from the ground. Although he fell out, his physical fitness was excellent, and it did not give him any substantial damage. However, his heart is uncomfortable. Ye Guang, a younger generation, he fell out after face to face showdown. Fortunately, all of them were family members. Otherwise, where did he put his face? Do you still want Diamond Wu name?

It’s shameful.

Coincidence, it must be coincidence! Just now, Uncle Wu felt that his fist was like hitting on the cotton ‘flower’. He didn’t hit Ye Guang at all. On the contrary, Ye Guang took advantage of the situation and made him fell out because of his unstable center of gravity. Strictly speaking, he was not defeated by Ye Guang, but was beaten by himself.

Uncle Wu patted the gray on his body and said, “Come again!”

So, Uncle Wu once again attacked Ye Guang. He just lost his face just now and this can’t the case. He has to made Ye Guang fall and find his face again.

However, it’s backfired.

This time, Uncle Wu was very stable in the lower plate and held a lot of hand movements. It was not like opening and closing as usual at the beginning, but with this punch and stroke, all the punches were defeated. Ye Guang moves also looked a little soft and weak, but the strength in the hand is not small at all. Ye Guang use of strength is ingenious and impermanent. After a while, the strength is smashed, and the other is violent. It makes Uncle Wu feel extremely depressed. It seems that all his moves are hit in the empty space and Ye Guang practiced twice on him.

Maybe, because Ye Guang has reduced his strength, or Uncle Wu’s physical strength is good. Ye Guang hit him several times. Uncle Wu seems to be okay, but he just backed away a few steps.

Uncle Wu stood still and didn’t dare to look down on Ye Guang. This youngster to be a little bit of ‘door’. After a few moves, he didn’t say that he didn’t take any damage. On the contrary, he suffered a little.

Pulling open the frame, Uncle Wu once again clenched his fists and rushed towards Ye Guang. This fist was powerful and struck the front directly. How could Ye Guang make him do as his wish, avoiding Uncle Wu’s fist with both hands, like a snake wrapped around Uncle Wu’s arm, Ye Guang want to follow the strength of Uncle Wu.

Uncle Wu has prepared early. He had suffered such a loss before and was thrown off by Ye Guang. This would make Ye Guang use the same trick again. How could he be unprepared.

Man, how can you fall twice in the same place!

But sometimes, reality always likes to ‘slap’ people and make you feel its existence.

Although Uncle Wu is prepared, but Ye Guang is not static. He grabbed Uncle Wu’s arm, raised his foot and slammed his ankle to Uncle Wu’s ankle. Uncle Wu is experienced and quick to respond, so he instinctively lifted his foot and avoided it. However, his foot was lifted, and the center of gravity suddenly became unstable. So, it was not surprising that he was thrown out by Ye Guang again.

The text describes so much, but in fact, this is happening in the blink of an eye between the electric light and flint.

Uncle Wu fell with a big noise this time. It was a bit miserable and heavier than when he fell for the first time. When he climbed up, he snorted softly.

The face of Liu Chiyan’s family can’t stop being surprised. Look like this, it seems that Uncle Wu is not Ye Guang opponent at all? This is completely different from the story that everyone had expected. Ye Guang… actually, his Kung Fu is so powerful?

When he was thrown again, Uncle Wu couldn’t think it was a coincidence. His expression was full of surprises. To be honest, he’s also a river and lakes veteran. He didn’t dare to say all, but the best martial arts path, he has seen and contacted it, but it is the first time he sees Ye Guang martial art, “What is your trick?”

Ye Guang smiled slightly, drew a circle with his hands, and put on a Tai Chi starting style, consciously with some experts’ demeanor, in fact, was a bit ‘forced’ and said, “Four liang… Moves thousand pounds” [X-N: “four liang moves thousand jin”: liang and jin are two old weight measures. A liang is a “tael”, 1/16th of a “catty”, or about an ounce or two. A jin is a “catty”, half a kilogram or about a pound. As a phrase, “four liang moves thousand jin” also means “skillfully deflecting”.]

Uncle Wu stopped talking, and put on a pose again, “Come on!”

Ye Guang smiled bitterly, “Uncle Wu, still playing?”

Uncle Wu said without a word of nonsense, “Come!” He attacked again.

After the two took a few more moves, Uncle Wu was repelled again.

“Come again.”

Repelled again.

“Come on!”

Flew again.

“Go on!”

Continue to fly.


The two of them come and go, and they are fighting fiercely in the courtyard. However, this competition can only be regarded as the unilateral ravages of Uncle Wu by Ye Guang, yes, ravages.

Uncle Wu looks very embarrassed at the moment. He has been thrown to the ground so many times, and there is no clean place on his body. There are also a few pieces of clothes on his ‘trousers’. Ye Guang is not a loss at all. Although he has always been in the upper hand to suppress Uncle Wu, he’s still visited by Uncle Wu several times. The heaviest one is being thrown on his chest by Uncle Wu, making him short of breath for a while. Uncle Wu looked miserable, just a bit miserable, but Ye Guang didn’t make a heavy hand, just because of Uncle Wu’s physical fitness, such a fall would not cause him any substantial harm.

However, even though he wasn’t injured, of course it was best not to get hurt, but Uncle Wu’s heart was badly injured. Today, he gets crushed many times and becomes very embarrassed. Perhaps because of embarrassment and anger, Uncle Wu’s heart gradually became furious.

After being thrown out by Ye Guang again, Uncle Wu got up again, clenched his fists with both hands, staring straight at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang’s heart trembled fiercely. At this moment, he felt like he was being stared at by a beast. The scorching sun is in the sky, but Ye Guang felt a bit cold behind his back at this moment.

Old Father’s squinted his eyes and looked at Uncle Wu, just as he wanted to speak. Uncle Wu’s clenched fists were loosened, the body he had been tensed also relaxed, and the eye-catching gaze disappeared.

Suddenly, the feeling that made Ye Guang feel restless and trembling disappeared.

Uncle Wu  sighed and smiled bitterly, “The younger generation is terrible, the younger generation is terrible. I can’t fight anymore, I lose. Little Ye, you won.”

Ye Guang swallowed a mouthful of water, that feeling just now made him feel a little lingering. At that moment, Ye Guang seemed to smell the pungent bloody smell, feeling that death seemed to be approaching himself.

Ye Guang slowed down and said, “Uncle Wu, don’t say that, you let me, otherwise I can’t fight with you. If you get serious, you can put me down with one or two strokes. I don’t dare to say if I can win you.”

This flattering made Uncle Wu relieved his depression a little, but not much. That is, the ‘negative’ shadow in his heart dropped from 100% to 99%, I’m still depressed. Think about Diamond Wu, who has been in river and lakes for so many years. Today, a junior overturned his boat. He can’t help but feel depressed. Moreover, the problem is that in terms of skill alone, it is indeed true, he can’t beat him.

Uncle Wu: “Little Ye,  what kind of kung fu you are, it looks a little soft, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. When I fight with you, I always felt like hitting the cotton flower. On the contrary, you have caused me a lot of losses through my strength, just like I am hitting myself. I also know that you use my strength to relieve my strength. There are also many boxing methods, but your skill is the first time I have seen it.”

Ye Guang smiled, “I said before, this is… Taiji.” [X-N: I just use Taiji not Tai Chi]

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