BTC Chapter 501 : Approval

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Which leaders have seen this scene? Even the field personnel who have visited the most deserts only saw the sight of yellow sand and the movement of sand dunes under the power of nature. I have never seen this shocking scene. The sand dunes is flattened, yellow sand turning into yellow mud in the roar of machinery!

“In a moment, the desert turned into a good field!” The leaders of Environmental Protection Agency couldn’t help but grab grab a handful of “yellow mud” and rub it in his hands regardless of the dirt.

The yellow sand, which has no stickiness. Now, after being transformed it has the same stickiness as mud, and can be squeezed into various shapes like a clay figure.

“This speed is really terrifying!” The geologist sighed repeatedly, “Usually, it takes at least several decades to transform the yellow sand into mud, but now, in just a few minutes, the soil conditions has changed completely.”

“If this continues, this area can become a fertile soil suitable for vegetation growth!”

“Can one hundred acres of land really be transformed in three days?” The provincial leader asked again.

“Yes, all our projects are mechanized. You see, not only limited to sand and soil reconstruction, but even tree planting, protection and other work is directly operated by engineering equipment. This is many times faster compared to manual operations! It’s only takes three days for one hundred acres of land!” Lu Zixin said with pride.

“In this way, one thousand, ten thousand acres is also easy!” Some people exclaimed.

“No, no,” Lu Zixin said immediately, “It’s easy to see, but our Red Letter Group’s investment in this is not small. Sand adhesives, machinery, these research designs and manufacturing, that’s all solid funds, I have not received a little subsidy! I can say, in the world, only our Red Letter Group has technological strength to accomplish this matter, but in terms of funding, we are also very difficult to bear.”

Lu Zixin must emphasize the difficulty of transforming this and the necessity of Red Letter Group. In this way, they can increase their chips in the relevant departments and promote the application of 10 million acres of desert land.

“It’s not been a year or two for us to manage the desert, and we can understand your difficulties.” The leader of Environmental Protection Agency empathized and said: “Today we have seen the power of ‘sand binder’. So, let’s wait three days. Let’s look at it again and discuss these things again.”

The provincial leaders even said: “Don’t worry, this is a public welfare cause, and the province will definitely support it!”

They are very clear. Such large area of ​​desert is without benefit, and it’s a bottomless pit that is filled with dissatisfaction after it’s handed over to them.

Previously, they didn’t approve Red Letter Group application because the area was too large. After all, the desert is also a land and resources, and it’s impossible to give such a large area to private sector.

Now, they have seen Red Letter Group strength to transform the desert, this matter can be discussed.


A month later, the news finally came out, and the relevant authorities approved Red Letter Group application. However, it’s not a one-time grant of 10 million acres, but two million acres of desert land for first batch has been approved. After the preliminary desert reform and management of Red Letter Group, the above will reviewed it. If it’s qualified, another 3 million acres will be approved, then five million acres. It’s divided into three steps.

In this regard, Red Letter Group naturally has no objection. The early construction of future city doesn’t need so much land. First, it’s necessary to build core scientific research building.

This news naturally made public by the official media, attracting people attention.

Hot news: “Red Letter Group turned into a ‘real estate company’, what is the picture of two million acres of desert land?”

People’s Daily: “Red Letter Group has contracted two million mu of desert to transform the desert into an oasis!”

Qiandu News: “Buy the next half of “Beijing”, Red Letter Group is too big!”

Red Letter Group official media also announced this incident, which made the outside world extremely incomprehensible.

It stands to reason that Red Letter Group has repeated moves have all made huge changes in a certain industry, which is when the limelight is booming. Why did you suddenly give up business interests and turn to environmental protection?

It’s fine to do environmental protection, Donate as many as hundreds of millions to win a good reputation. However, the desert area Red Letter Group contracted is too big, which is largest in the world. That is, the country can’t spend so much money to complete this huge project. Is Red Letter Group have so much money to spend?

The masses didn’t think so much and unanimously expressed their support.

Netizen 1644494: “Red Letter Group really a conscience enterprise. They can spend so much money to protect the environment!”

Netizen 7854645: “My God, is this going to build a city in the desert?”

Netizen 4646114: “Is there open donation? I also want to donate some money, plant two trees or something.”

Netizen 4161616: “We also have deserts, why not invest in us?”


The careful entrepreneurs found an interesting one in the announcement. In the approval from government, Red Letter Group not only controls the desert, but also has the right for economic development of the transformed area.

“It’s amazing. Did they find oil or natural gas there? Why do they want that kind of place?” Someone can’t understand, there’s a rumors on the Internet, saying that Red Letter Group discovered fossil energy there.

However, the insiders didn’t believe, they learned from their channel there’s really nothing in that place. And Red Letter Group really transforming the desert and improving the environment. It’s also said, some modern construction is still being built. It seems they really want to do a big job in the desert area!

“This Lu Yan is more and more difficult to understand.” Rice company, Tian Xiangshan frowning, “Economic development in a barren land is a loss in any way! Is it true he really has an outbreak of personal feelings and wants to govern the desert? But, this area too exaggerated!”

Even though he has a wealth of business experience, he can’t understand Lu Zixin behavior.

Everlasting Real Estate Group, one of the best real estate companies in China. Because of Red Letter Group, they also had a special meeting to study.

“From the perspective of real estate investment, Red Letter Group investment is almost harmless. Although the government departments give them ultra-low prices, the treatment cost per square meter of desert is more expensive than conventional land. I really don’t understand why they want to invest in the desert?” The experienced analyst of Everlasting Real Estate couldn’t analyze anything this time, “This kind of behavior shouldn’t be a commercial behavior.”

“From geographical point of view, the traffic conditions here isn’t convenient. The surrounding economic development is poor. Plus the extremely harsh ecological environment, there’s no value that can be developed. I can only say this must be the decision from high-level personnel of Red Letter Group. I estimated they will give up soon.”

“That’s true, but recently, our competitor Dayuan Real Estate seems to be interested in this land. They have been working closely with Red Letter Group. Is there something we don’t know?”

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