BTC Chapter 502 : Red Letter International Hospital

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“It is possible that Dayuan Real Estate seems to be very interested in that desert. I heard their top management has decided to suspend the development plan for small cities and invest the funds there.”

“What’s the situation? They too invest in this kind of place? Don’t they want to compete with us in the real estate market in second and third tier cities?” The senior executives of Hengjiu real estate group couldn’t think a reasonable explanation.

But faint intuition tells them, this things definitely not simple. So many high-level and directors of Dayuan Real Estate are not fools. It’s impossible to make a loss-making business.

“Send someone to contact Red Letter Group to see what’s wrong with this land!”

Hengjiu Real Estate soon learned more information. Red Letter Group will build scientific research institutions in the desert reconstruction area, while Dayuan Real Estate contracted certain urban foundations and infrastructure construction.

In addition, Zhongnan Construction Group is preparing to build smart lanes in desert redevelopment areas, even high-speed railways and airports connecting the desert with the outside world.

“They really want to build a city where the bird doesn’t shit? Are they crazy? Right now, there is still yellow sand!” Red Letter Group action made them puzzled.

“Even if Red Letter Group has transformed the area well, no one will be willing to go to places like the Taklamakan Desert for scientific research or economic construction?”

After discussion by senior members of Hengjiu Group, they decided to wait and see. If it weren’t for Red Letter Group, they wouldn’t pay attention to it here.

However, the land area required by Red Letter Group is too wide. If they really let them develop, it is the largest real estate project in the country. Of course, they can’t think of the economic value from that land. What is the “attractiveness” that can attract people to move there.


Taklamakan Desert, the first batch of desert redevelopment sites applied by Red Letter Group.

In accordance with future city plan designed by Hong Xiaoxiao, Lu Zixin decided to design a one-million-acre core urban area in the central area, which will be the center of city’s quantum brain placement and some important scientific research bases.

Therefore, the first phase of sand reconstruction is the one million acre desert. At the same time, several major projects started in the same period.

The first is a photovoltaic power station, Large-area photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electricity will be arranged on the edge of the city.

Second, it is the first building of future city, Red Letter Medical Research Center. It will divided to research institute in underground and Red Letter International Hospital on the ground.

In order to ensure research center safety and stability. The underground part located deep in underground. The foundation stabilized on the rock layer under the yellow sand. It can resist disasters such as the eighth-order earthquake and bomb attack.

Third, it’s construction of transportation and pipeline systems. Under normal circumstances, the transportation and pipeline systems all over the city often have difficulty in coordination, but there’s Hong Xiaoxiao designs, all of them can be constructed step by step, which is convenient.

Of course, the premise of all construction is the completion of desertification. Otherwise, no building can be secure on the flowing yellow sand.


The transformation of desert has used large liquidity from Red Letter Group. Su Zhirong’s daily work is to find ways to coordinate the funds of various sub-groups so as to mobilize more resources for desert transformation without affecting group operation.

This project has a lot of doubts within the group. Everyone doesn’t understand why the group has so many projects that can make money and has to do “environmental protection”. Even for personal feelings or environmental protection, there’s no need to invest so much money!

Can be said, if something goes wrong with this project. Red Letter Group will seriously injured and they have to recuperate in recent years. At that time, it must be the picture their competitors are most happy to see.

And their President Lu seems to put all his thoughts in this desert project. It’s difficult for the bosses of the various sub-groups to see Lu Zixin. He seems to always stay in that barren land and distribute instructions through the internal management network every day.

Somewhere in the desert, the yellow sand in the square has undergone special renovations, adding several times the sand binder. In addition, they transported variety of stone materials and high-quality soil all the way to transform this area into a fertile soil.

Here is the construction site of Red Letter Group Medical Research Center. A huge construction machine excavated an oversized deep pit. Fortunately, this is a desert area where there is a shortage of groundwater resources and there is no water seepage and it’s easy to construct.

“For special buildings, the most difficult construction is the design and the plan. Now we have the help from quantum brain, and the problem can be solved almost immediately. We expected the underground part of this building can complete within one hundred days!” At the scene, the chief engineer introduced to Lu Zixin.

In the past, the construction of underground bases or skyscrapers took years for design, construction, and inspection. But now with the quantum brain, with intelligent super-engineering machinery, the construction speed can be greatly increased. Finished in a hundred days, no longer bragging!

On the other side of the ground. Red Letter International Hospital constructed faster.

“Will you built hospital here? will someone really come?” asked Tang Gang, the vice president of Red Letter Group and president of Red Letter Electronics.

“For a good hospital, people will come even if they are far away. This hospital is our capital for attracting the attention of the world to absorbing high-tech enterprises and funds!” Lu Zixin said.

Is there any place that would make people go there desperately? In addition to legendary paradise, it’s a hospital that can save lives!

If the world’s top hospital appears in this area, those in need will desperately come here even if they cross oceans.

In doing so, it will not only develop Red Letter Group pharmaceutical business, but also “sell” this area in the greatest amount of time!

Based on Red Letter Group’s own strength, it estimated will take a hundred days to complete the first building of future city. But if you have the capital of the world and let technology companies and capitalists take the initiative to invest money, this time can be greatly shortened.

To build this city with the help of the whole world power, this is what Lu Zixin wants to do. And an international top hospital is the first gimmick to attract people here.

The building here still under construction, and the cancer prevention and treatment team led by Wu Huaide in a temporary research center has conducted research on the tumor suppressor drugs provided by the group. Because they have detailed information, they already achieved results.

These experts and doctors enthusiasm is extremely high. After Red Letter International Hospital completed and opened, it will be the time they announce their latest results in tumor treatment to the world. This scene is exciting when they think about it.

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