BTC Chapter 503 : Building Momentum

Edited: XiaXue

Over the past few months, the outside world no longer paid attention to the transformation of the Red Letter Group in Taklamakan Desert. Every day, there will be new news hotspots in the society. There are very few people paying attention to environmental protection public welfare. After a few months, it seems the masses have forgotten somewhere in China, a desert had become an oasis, the future city  foundation is under construction.

A few months ago, it was still barren, but in just a few months later, the first batch of desert land in the Red Letter Group for reconstruction, which is the core city of future city, is already a vibrant landscape.

All the yellow sand has been solidified and planted with various plants. With the help of high technology, there’s also a small lake here for water storage.

Now, the big pit dug a few months ago has completely filled in. Under this place, it is the medical research center of Red Letter Group. In order to finish it once and for all. Underground Research Institute has a number of research sites for important diseases, not only tumors, but also AIDS, special genetic diseases and other diseases.

On the ground, there’s a huge “heart”-shaped building, Red Letter International Hospital! The main building has been completed and is undergoing renovation and equipment installation.

In order to make it work here as soon as possible, Wu Huaide used a lot of strength. Under his promotion, many universities and medical research centers at home and abroad have reached cooperation with Red Letter Medical Research Institute to transport talents or provide medical equipment.

There’s also two “non-human”, RI-8901 and Dongfang Hao. The medical equipment here is also the best in the world.

“Our physician team is complete. The intelligent system specially designed for hospitals by Red Letter Intelligent Development Co., Ltd. has been installed. The approval of tumor prevention and treatment drugs also coming down. President Lu, when will we open a hospital?” Asked Ji Peng, the current head of cancer research team.

Since Wu Huaide told him about tumor suppressor drugs, he resigned from all previous positions and devoted himself to the development of tumor suppressor drugs.

During this time, under his leadership, the research team has made a qualitative breakthrough. Not only did not only the anti-lung cancer drugs provided by Red Queen provide, but they have developed drugs that can inhibit more than a dozen common tumors by using the principles and drug synthesis methods.

Once they announced this discovery, one can imagined the earthquakes it caused in the medical community! Ji Peng can’t wait, who doesn’t want to make a name for himself? The opportunity is right in front of you!

“Wait another month for greening and transportation. There’s still some projects needs to be done.” Lu Zixin soothed, “Don’t worry, this is coming soon. I hope our results can bring good news to cancer patients all over the world.”

“We will be ready!” Ji Peng said with full of confidence.

After half a month, the approval Lu Zixin had been waiting for, finally issued by relevant drug administration. Because it’s approval for the only drug that can inhibit cancer cells in the world. The Food and Drug Administration is very concerned about this. It has been tested in various ways and quickly approved, and this news is confidential.

The magnetic levitation highway and railway connecting the future city to the outside world have been completed, and Lu Zixin has finally begun to announce his plan to the world!

Beijing, the National Bird’s Nest Stadium, this place once held the Olympic Games, Red Letter Group leased it to hold a new conference!

The main body of this conference is not Red Letter Electronics, Red Letter Virtual Entertainment or any other subsidiary company, but the entire Red Letter Group. And they didn’t reveal any news about the  product to be released.

However, Red Letter Group announced in the media, this will be the most shocking product from Red Letter Group to now, and the largest product launch conference of this century!

Red Letter Group has invited a large number of guests. They invited all world-renowned large companies. Moreover, because there are too many invited guests. The auditorium is not enough, anyone who wants to visit the event on the spot needs to buy tickets by themselves, and the lowest price is as high as 1,000 yuan!

A press conference that doesn’t know what to post, the ticket price is also thief expensive. Would anyone interested?

The answer is: “YES!”

The name of Red Letter Group is a golden signboard. People may have doubts if switching to other company, but Red Letter Group conference has never disappointed!

On the Internet, the news about Red Letter Group conference has been noisy.

The media and netizens are speculating, what action Red Letter Group will do this time?

Today’s point of view: “The most mysterious conference in the century, this time, what is Red Letter Group big move?”

Science and Technology Frontier: “Is there another ‘Black Science and Technology’ born? Red Letter will hold a global conference at Bird’s Nest!”

Weibo topic list: “#What is the product red letter group going to release this time?#”

“#Red Letter new conference?#”

“#Bird’s Nest Conference.#”


Topics such as these are all over the Internet.

On the forum, Red Letter fans also arguing, just to know the content of this conference.

“I think it must be a new mobile phone this time. They haven’t released a new mobile phone for a long time!”

“Bullshit, it will definitely not be a mobile phone. Is the mobile phone used such a big battle? The scale of this conference is bigger than the previous quantum computers and magnetic levitation cars! It must be something more awesome!”

“I guess it’s a game!” There’s game fans standing out, said with serious analysis: “The semi-submersible game equipment from red letter virtual entertainment has been out for generations! Maybe this time there is a full stealth game, that is the kind close your eyes and enter the virtual world. Think about it!”

“Upstairs, you don’t know anything, right? The semi-submersible game equipment uses sight, smell, and touch to make people experience. The virtual world is a nerve device. It will be possible in a few decades!”

“Is it a robot? I’m doing engineering. I heard, Pengxin Machinery of Red Letter Group has researching intelligent machinery. Maybe the world’s first intelligent robot will appear!”

“It’s possible! Now the quantum computer is so smart, it’s really possible to be an intelligent robot!”

“Haha, you guys still don’t know after beeping for a long time, so I decided to buy a ticket and watch it live!” someone released a screenshot of the ticket purchase.

“That’s right, buy tickets and go to the scene. Every time Red Letter conference is very exciting. It’s better than watching concert. I will book the ticket now!”

A large number of netizens poured into Red Letter Group official website, and other ticket-purchasing platforms want to buy tickets for this conference. Who knows, all tickets has been robbed and emptied within three minutes after the tickets released. They can only wait for the next time.

In addition to them, there are a large number of scalpers waiting to grab the ticket. They know that the Red Letter Group’s conference will be more popular than any superstar concerts or tickets for major events, and it will never fail to sell.

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