BTC Chapter 504 : Farce

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Red Letter Group press conference is held as scheduled, at 2 pm Beijing time in Bird’s Nest Stadium.

The media and curious audiences have crowded here. Tickets on the Internet already priced for five or six thousand yuan, and front location as high as 10,000 yuan.

Even if it’s more than 10,000 yuan, some people are rushing to pay. In addition to fans, those media who not eligible to be invited also keen on it. No matter what red letter released today, it will definitely become the next week or even one month’s news hotspot!

The press conference will begin in one hour. There’s crowd at the entrance to Bird’s Nest Stadium. Some net reds wearing holographic cameras crowded at the door and broadcast the event to the audience.

“Look, there’s so many people here. Now we coming in.” A girl with two braids and wearing light red sweater said to her holographic camera.

This equipment can convert pictures on the scene into virtual projection information. This can broadcast live in front of audience.

This is Su Xiaomeng who is watching the excitement. She currently working at Red Letter Virtual Interactive Entertainment and she also a highly popular Internet celebrity.

“A lot of people, I want to see inside.” The audience commented.

“Does anchor know, what released today?”

“There is no news at the scene, it’s really mysterious!”

“I’m also at the scene, where is the anchor? I’m coming to you!”

“Looking forward!Looking forward!Looking forward! Important things said three times!”


Su Xiaomeng came in while replying to the audience news. Her smartphone received new news. Su Xiaomeng immediately saw it and immediately smiled. Then said to audience: “We are going to security check soon. It’s not convenient to broadcast the live broadcast. I will broadcast it to you when I get in. Goodbye for now!”

“Don’t anchor, I want to see it inside!”

“Hey, you have to turn off the equipment when you enter the venue. The anchor can’t help it, everyone understand.”


After the live broadcast closed. Su Xiaomeng ran to the side and then pulled someone. She said with a smile: “I’m so honored, big boss can personally pick me up!”

Lu Zixin pinched her nose and said helplessly: “Isn’t you have invitation? You can go straight to internal passage.”

“I’m road idiot, I don’t know the way!” Su Xiaomeng showed an innocent look, Lu Zixin was too lazy to expose her.

“Wow, brother-in-law, you are so handsome today! Are you going to take office today?” Su Xiaomeng looked at Lu Zixin wearing suit in front of her and asked curiously.

“Yeah, the makeup artist is urging me, hurry up.” Lu Zixin nodded. Today he plans to hold the conference himself. It’s different today, it can’t without him.

In the past, Lu Zixin had many scruples and didn’t easily show up in public. But with his strength now, he is fearless. Naturally it made him doesn’t need to worry too much.

“Wow! You will definitely be red! The first red in the whole network!” Su Xiaomeng said vowedly, “No, I  will take a photo with you now! Come, look here!”

At the entrance to Bird’s Nest, Su Xiaomeng took Lu Zixin and took a few photos, which was satisfying.

They came to the entrance, which divided into internal passage for staff and general audience passage. Just as the two want to going in. They found the passage was a bit noisy. There seemed to be some conflicts.

Because there’s a large number of people entering the stadium. The general audience channel needs to lined up. There’s a woman pointing at the staff and making a big noise.

It is late autumn and the weather in Beijing has become a bit cold, but she is still wearing a very “cool” coat with mink fur, but only a pair of stockings on her lower body. She wears delicate makeup and a face that conforms to the aesthetics of the Internet.

Lu Zixin saw that there were several accompanying staff members behind her, and they were also holding holographic photography equipment. They are probably also Internet celebrities, anchors, and the like.

“Why not let us bring the equipment? Others can bring it!” The woman pointed to the staff’s nose and cursed, “Do you not have eyes? We have tickets!”

“Sorry, madam, we have stipulated here that only the media invitation can carry holographic equipment. Otherwise it will cause interference to virtual projection on the scene, causing unnecessary trouble. If you have a media invitation, you can take the internal passage. However, if you don’t have a media invitation. You can’t carry these devices according to regulations. We can keep them on your behalf.” The staff member is a little brother. Although he’s very upset because the woman’s rudeness. He still replies politely.

“Who stipulates that? Those mobile phones also have virtual photography functions! Also, others can take them, I can’t take them?” The woman is reluctant and has no intention of being reasonable, “How do you work? I want to complain to your boss!”

“I’m sorry, we stipulate…” The staff wanted to explain it again. She cursed directly: “Explain what? Didn’t you see me live? If my device collected by you, how can I live broadcast? You quickly let me go!”

After she said that. She pretended to be aggrieved and complained to audience in live broadcast room: “Everyone has seen it. Other anchors can bring equipment in, but they won’t let me. This is discrimination against me!”

All audience in her live broadcast room is her fans. They all shouted: “Let him get out!”

“Look at him, dare to stop uor Belle! Complain him!”

“I saw a lot of people bring the equipment in, and the anchor doesn’t care about him!”

“Is this mentally retarded security not long eyes?”

“Hear no, if you don’t let me in, you will be complained by hundreds of thousands of people!” The woman proudly shouted, “Do you want to work or not?”

She is broadcasting live. Hundreds of thousands people watching her. If she is stopped here, how much shame is it? She is the most popular female net of this live broadcast platform. Many second-line stars is not as popular as her. It’s been a long time since someone stopped her. Now, most of them welcomed her.

“I…” This made the staff members shocked and didn’t dare to speak, but still stopped in front of them.

“Sister Bei?” The entourage of female Internet celebrity Belle looked at her, and Belle directly ordered: “Go in and see who dares to stop, I will complain to them!”

“Sorry, this doesn’t meet the regulations!” The staff member stopped her a bit. Who knew that Bell suddenly changed his face and slapped the staff member on the face, yelling: “Rogue, want to take the opportunity to touch me?”

“I?” The little brother stunned. He didn’t expect the woman to beat him suddenly. Now many people watched it. It was extremely embarrassing.

“I didn’t…” The little brother still want to explain.

“Nothing? Did you just touch my waist? It’s really a rascal, is your staff just like that?” Belle said coldly. She planned to show these staff a color, dared to stop her.

The onlookers didn’t know what happening, they just pointed to the staff. In the live broadcast room, Belle’s fans began to condemn the younger brother collectively.

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