BTC Chapter 293 : Enlargement

Edited: XiaXue

Until the end of video screen, the supervisor came back and spit out: “Red letter, this is a Hollywood blockbuster? Is this too real?”

To make this happen, the budget is definitely beyond the regular budget of game promotion video. There are some big scenes in Hollywood blockbusters, and the cost is ten million!

And Red Letter actually made a game promotion video like this, did they spend tens of millions on this video?

“Yes, supervisor, you said they have a fighting game, why do such good promotional video? Isn’t this a blood loss?”

“Who knows? Red letter has money!”

The number of publicity videos broadcast by Red Letter’s “Soul of Three Kingdoms” has been rising on all major video websites. On the barrage of almost every website, there are a lot of netizens leaving messages, so that others can see 3D version, which is more exciting than watching movies.

After watching 3D promotional video, many people have a question. Why does Red Letter spend so much to make such a promotional video? Is the “Soul of Three Kingdoms” game really different?

Red Letter game is to continue to hang everyone’s appetite. When the players have more and more questions, only one week away from ChinaJoy International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition, Red Letter has finally made a big move!

Red letter game official: “Red Letter’s latest virtual projection technology will break the sub-wall and make the first virtual projection game public!”

“From the game from plane to stereo, from the second to the third, “Soul of Three Kingdoms” will lead you into the world of holographic projection and open a new era of games!”

When the news came out, the players were shocked. The original promotional video was not the so-called 3D special effects, but a real virtual projection game!

Virtual projection game, how many players have played? It will not be restricted by auxiliary equipment, and will jump out of the plane and exist in the real world in the form of light and shadow. This way of playing games is unprecedented for players!

Under the official news, the message is not stopped.

“Really? Virtual projection game? Never played, is it the same as in the video?”

“How to play? Want to buy special equipment? Can’t afford it!”

“Red letter is red letter, not an ordinary road! I know that “Soul of Three Kingdoms” is not that simple!”

“Why don’t you do a card game? My three blue-eyed white dragons are already hungry and thirsty!”

“The dark magician of labor and capital has been sealed for more than ten years, and I will quickly come out with virtual game fighters!”

“Try to try!”

“It’s a pity that such a good technology doesn’t take a small movie!”


The news media finally found the highlights, virtual projection technology!

Tencent News: “Red Letter declares: It has mature virtual projection technology, which will be used first in the game!”

China Science and Technology Network: “Virtual projection technology is making a comeback, this time is the red letter shot!”

Many media have reported that even the official weibo of ChinaJoy has sent a message: “Break the sub-wall, the virtual projection game is coming! Want to play? Then come to ChinaJoy live! Ticket purchase link…”

It is said that when this news was issued, the pre-sale volume of ChinaJoy tickets has risen again, which has exceeded the number of pre-orders in previous years!

For other game companies, the big move of Red Letter has made them unprepared!

Net One game, see the latest statement of Red Letter game, they finally understand why Red Letter will produce such sophisticated 3D promotional video.

“Virtual projection game? Red letter actually wants this game!” The operation director of Net One game is puzzled. “The limitations of this game are too big. It is better to do VR games. They also have HX GLASS smart glasses advantages.”

“Virtual projection games have long been made by game operators. But because virtual projections are too restrictive for venues and equipment, operability is not as good as current VR games. This kind of game is at most a gimmick, there is no market competition force!” Game Planning Director analyzed.

“You can’t say it!” This time, the director of operation of Net One games didn’t dare to say anything big. “If Red Letter really has mature virtual projection technology, it must be Red Letter Electronics.”

“This shows that Red Letter Group has begun to pay attention to Red Letter game. With the support of Red Letter Group, any Red Letter subsidiary cannot be underestimated!”

As he thought, Ning Shaozhen, senior executive vice president of Tencent Games, also attached great importance to this.

If it is a traditional game, their Tencent game will not be afraid of a bit. Because no matter how good the other party is, they immediately get a few follow-ups to get the player traffic back.

But this time, the other party has to do a virtual projection game, there is no virtual projection technology, no matter how the other party does, they can’t “follow the wind”!

“What news is there in Red Letter?” asked Ning Shaozhen.

The assistant said: “In addition to the advertisement of Red Letter game, there is no news on red letter. But the organizer of ChinaJoy has already confirmed that red letter game will display their virtual projection game at this exhibition.”

“ChinaJoy?” Ning Shaozhen brow wrinkled slightly and said: “This exhibition is a battle!”

The audience who can visit ChinaJoy are senior parties in the game industry. Their preferences basically determine the popularity of game.

When the red letter so-called virtual projection game was discussed on the Internet, ChinaJoy game show finally began as scheduled.

Before the opening ceremony, the game interaction area of ​​Red Letter reserved a large open space, and nothing was arranged. The signage is only written outside, and the virtual projection game area is displayed.

“Brother, are you here? I have been here for a long time!” On the phone, Su Xiaomeng urged Lu Zixin.

The city hosting ChinaJoy is not in Jiangcheng, but in Shanghai, Su Xiaomeng also wants to visit. Originally, she wanted to book a ticket. Then she heard that Lu Zixin had a private jet and came with the plane.

When Lu Zixin got up in the morning, Su Xiaomeng in the next room disappeared, but she entered the room early.

“Xiaomeng, why are you coming so early? The wonderful activities are in the afternoon.” Lu Zixin said helplessly, “Where are you, I will be there soon.”

“I am near the exhibition area of Red Letter game, you come!” Su Xiaomeng shouted.

At this time, the exhibition started shortly. Although it was in the morning, there were already a lot of visitors. There were long queues outside the venue and many media reporters.

This lively scene is much better than the previous smart home show. Compared with home appliances, everyone is more interested in digital entertainment, and today it is said that there will be wonderful performances, popular stars, net red attendance, and their fans have come a lot.

Lu Zixin walked in all the way, people everywhere, some exhibitors have started activities, playing the game experience, or looking for a few cosplayers to pose next to attract tourists to take pictures.

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