BTC Chapter 294 : Little elder sister can you come home with me?

Edited: XiaXue

Lu Zixin has not yet reached the exhibition area of ​​Red Letter, and he has seen a group of people around, taking photos and yelling.

He curiously walked over and thought: “So many people, have you released the virtual projection game now?”

When he approached, he passed through the crowd and discovered that these people were not surrounded the games. Instead, they were watching a few cosplayer. A few fair-faced little elder sisters were wearing the game costumes and were giving red letters game propaganda.

Lu Zixin is preparing to circumvent them, but he have discovered Su Xiaomeng among them! This little girl didn’t know when she had makeup, and she changed into a cosplayer, and she was in the middle of the crowd.

The ancient dress of Bauhinia color, the edge of long skirt is slightly split like a cheongsam, revealing a jade white, long hair flies, and also wears a small and lovely pearl crown. The willow-like eyebrows, the corners of eyes are pale red makeup, the Qiong nose is tall, the tempting mouth is slightly raised, Lu Zixin almost did not recognize it, this is Su Xiaomeng!

Su Xiaomeng also promoted the game activities of red letter to the audience while interacting with the players. The number of viewers around her is several times that of other cosplayer.

Her own foundation is good, quiet makeup, plus the dress of an ancient beauty, but also let the otaku side.

Lu Zixin secretly took a photo and sent it to Su Zhirong, saying, “Look, your younger sister is very popular!”

Su Zhirong quickly sent an emoticon that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and said, “This little girl, like to show off!”

She was not surprised by this. When she was in high school, Su Xiaomeng was already a little traffic red because she often took some dance videos. Now she is a freshman, no one is in charge, and she has more free time, more out of control.

“Please queue up, first scan the QR code here, download the game platform of our red letter, pay attention to the official public number!” Su Xiaomeng finished, immediately arranged a pair of people in front of her, rushing to take a photo with her.

Lu Zixin is playing with his heart and is also lined up.

In front of him, the two boys were chatting with excitement. “I didn’t expect to see the dream goddess, luck is good today!”

“Dream is so beautiful! Some people have said that she is ‘P’ picture on the Internet. I didn’t expect the real person to be more beautiful in the reality!”

“Hey, are you talking about her?” Lu Zixin asked curiously.

“Don’t you know?” The boys in front were very excited to give Lu Zixin a popular science. “Dream have a lot of fans on the Internet. When she broadcasts, there are more than 100,000 people watching it!”

“Live? Is she still broadcast live?” Lu Zixin found that he hadn’t noticed for half a year, and Su Xiaomeng became more and more “active.”

“Play games, sing!” said the man. “It’s a pity that Dream is live too arbitrarily. If you want to broadcast it, you don’t want to broadcast it. You can’t broadcast it twice a month, and it is the local tyrant who brushes tens of thousands of pieces. She is too lazy to manage others!”

“Today I can finally get the signature photo of Dream goddess, go back and send a circle of friends! Haha, those in the group will not come!”

“So exaggerated?” Lu Zixin said without words. “Don’t you have a signature photo?”

“Cut, what do you know? The signature of Dream goddess, I will buy some hundreds of pieces online!” The man said, “Brother, if you don’t want it, you will send the signature to me.”

“That’s it, I want to keep selling!” Lu Zixin said.

The two boys cast a contemptuous look at Lu Zixin and ignored him.

After lining up for a team, finally got to the two boys in front. The two excitedly took a signature photo of Su Xiaomeng game cosplay, and then they took a photo, and they stood on the sidelines and refused to leave.

Lu Zixin turn, he asked: “Little elder sister, can I have a photo with you?”

Su Xiaomeng saw him naturally. She showed a smile and said: “Yes!”

Said, Su Xiaomeng took the initiative to come over, next to Lu Zixin, posing a high-cold costume beauty pose, and he took a group photo.

“Little elder sister, you are so beautiful, can you go home with me?” Lu Zixin asked again.

The boys behind could not help but shouted: “Brother, hurry, we are still queuing!”

“This buddy wants more!”

Just when everyone did not agree, Su Xiaomeng was actually sweetly smiled and said: “Then I will go home with you, don’t bully me!”

“Wow, so cute!” The otaku behind saw her smile and his heart was gone.

“Dream Goddess, come back soon, I have to take a photo!”

However, Su Xiaomeng said to them: “I am sorry, I am going home with this little big brother. We will see you tomorrow.”

Saying, she ran over behind Lu Zixin, the boys who had to sign the photo before, and the queued audience were dumbfounded.

“What is this fuck? Is Dream goddess gone with him?”

“Dream Goddess, how can you go! I have been in the team for a long time!”

“Who is that guy? Is it Dream goddess boyfriend?”

“Impossible, Dreams have no boyfriend!” Several boys were murderous in their eyes.

However, even if they shouted, Su Xiaomeng did not return, but followed the young man disappeared in the hall, Su Xiaomeng’s original position have another staff member went up.

“Little big brother, where are we going back?” Su Xiaomeng shouted behind Lu Zixin.

“Okay, no one.” Lu Zixin pulled her to the background and said, “You will play, why didn’t you tell me when you came to cosplay here?”

“Hehe.” Su Xiaomeng smiled a few times and said: “This is not my own, it is your company invited me!”

“Advance declaration, Tencent game also invited me, but also promised to give me a very high appearance fee. But I still came to red letter game to help promote. How? Brother-in-law, I am enough to say, these days in Shanghai Is the meal for you?”

“Guarantee to eat you!” Lu Zixin said.

“Not afraid, I still have a group of cosplayer little elder sisters to help!” Su Xiaomeng said, “I just promised to invite them to dinner, let’s go together!”

“You still count it!” Lu Zixin said without words, “Your savvy and your elder sister are not in one place!”

“Because I am the only Su Xiaomeng in the world!” she said proudly. “My fans are much more than my older sister!”

“Okay, then you don’t have to advertise now?” Lu Zixin asked. “And, what is the role of your cosplay?”

“I haven’t played enough, how can I go to work?” Su Xiaomeng said with emotion, of course, “I’m tired of going, watching other people’s performances are more interesting, I have to play the little elder sisters!”

“As for the role of my cosplay, brother-in-law, I will perform, guess? If you guess wrong, how about sending me a virtual projection game console?”

“Well, you perform.” Lu Zixin promised to see how she performed.

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